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President Trump’s plan to gut Planned Parenthood funding is outrageous. A woman’s health care decisions must remain between her and her doctor. Washington politicians have no place in the exam room. politi.co/2GXTTt3

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Yes, a woman’s healthcare decisions must remain between her and her doctor. And the bill for her decisions should be paid by her, not American taxpayers.
You want government out of women’s uteruses, fine. Stay out of my fucking wallet.
No @RepBera, what is outrageous is your depiction of the murder of an unborn child as a "health care decision." Some doctor.

Oh, and you don't have the right to use MY money.

Stop hiding behind code words & call it what it is: MURDER

Neither does government funding for abortions...
Planned Parenthood is a money laundering scheme by the Liberal Socialist Democrats. They take federal funding and then donate millions to the DNC. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. They need to stand 100% on their own financially and end ALL federal/state funding.

Abortion is not care.
Our federal tax dollars have no place in the exam room either. Our taxes have nothing to do with womens health care decisions. Those remain btween her & her doctor w/o our tax dollars💵 being used by Planned Parenthood. Suck it up buttercups.
You are right make it private using private funds. Do not use my tax dollars to fund abortion clinics You need a name change -- Planned Unparenthood
Neither does Washington tax dollars.
It’s none of the government’s business to know what it’s forced to subsidize. Don’t want gov’t in your exam room? Don’t bring government’s wallet in there.
They are perfectly capable to get the funding they need through donations. No need for government funding. Granted, they won't have quite the capability to donate to politicians, but I am absolutely fine with that.
Ami You are compromised They have something on you Hippocratic Oath remember After 24 weeks the baby is viable Mothers health is a distraction so you can harvest organs. God will judge you Oh that’s right. You have to believe in him. Lake of Fire this way comes Turn to liht
Outrageous that it has taken this long. Perhaps the next celebration will be that of @PPFA’s bankruptcy.
There are at least two people involved. What about the rights of the unborn? It's wrong to kill an innocent for the mother's convenience.
Then the federal government should not fund anything that happens between a woman and her doctor. 👍🏻
Taxpayer's dollars have no place in a Abortion industry. Period
Maybe PP can look for funding elsewhere instead of depending on the government to pay for their death squads.
Your logic is so flawed that you’re unwittingly making Trump’s argument for him. If Washington politicians have no place in the exam room, then by that logic they also have no place funding their bank account. So thanks, you’re right, even though you don’t mean to be!
Hey @RepMcClintock, since you slavishly support everything your ‘exemplary leader’ decrees, I expect you to call your #CA07 MofC & complain that he’s making you look bad by standing up for his constituents. It’s something #CA04 knows better than to expect from you. #NoGagRule
Couldn't agree more! Let's keep the American people's money out of the exam room too.
It will. But tax payers will no longer be the front man for infanticide.
Then neither does government funding.
If it’s none of my business then stay out of my wallet😤
Agreed so long as all aspects are between the woman & "doctor" including the payment for the "services" provided. Meaning if the American taxpayers have no say in it our tax dollars should not be involved either. 🤔🤔🤔
$500M per year — that wasn’t touched. We WILL demand our taxpayer money doesn’t go to PP or the congressional sexual assault era slush fund, either.
Do no harm Dr. No harm. Especially to the innocent. It’s not outrageous, it’s the right thing to protect life. #BABYLIVESMATTER
Yes, decisions are between a woman and her doctor, but then that woman is not entitled to the taxpayers paying for abortions You want an abortion you pay for it
Abortion IS NOT healthcare.
I'm not sure the phrase "Gutting" is a great one to try and defend taxpayers money supporting killing babys.
You are right! Washington politicians (and tax payer money) have no place in the exam room! Thank you, President Trump, for bringing this country to its senses!
Which is why the government's not going to pay them tax money.
Umm.. you're asking them to be there by wanting funding. 🤦🏼‍♀️ JFC you're a moron.
Wait. You are mad ab not getting money from Washington while simultaneously saying washington has no place in this??? That makes sense.
And so their choices will be between the women and their doctors. They will just have to pay the full price for their choices! Isn't that part of choosing?
No more taxpayer money for murder.
I can't possibly understand why people are so hung up on other people's lives and whether or not they are allowed to get an abortion. Are you going to provide financial support for the baby after it's born? No? So what say do you have for other peoples' choices.
Tax dollars have no place in the abortion industry.
They are not reducing the amount of my money that goes for non-abortion family planning. Amount is the same. Just not giving it to organizations that do or promote abortion. Maybe PP can stop giving millions to politicians who support their agenda. #SavetheBabies
They make plenty of $ on baby parts
Her, her doctor and the taxpayers, right?
Trump didn't cut a penny of funding for women's health care.

He only required that funding be isolated from abortion provision.
What does defunding PP have to do w/women’s health care decisions? “Healthcare” decisions would still remain between women & their doctors... just WITHOUT taxpayer monies. Using MY hard-earned 💵 for murdering babies IS actually Washington in the exam room. 🙄
Haven't you heard if contraception?
How do you reconcile your “Do No Harm” oath with your government promotion and funding of baby killing? #AbortionIsMurder
I don’t want tax money going toward abortions
Thank you. It’s not just about abortions. It’s everything ranging from tiny hormones to critical diagnoses.
No. Thos is a wonderful decision! Kudos to our great President!
I agree, a woman’s abortion should remain between her and her doctor AND she, as the patient, should pay for her abortion out of her own pocket!
Planned Parenthood can still receive funding. However, they must completely separate their abortion operations. Why is this such a problem?
Planned Parenthood is not healthcare! There is no impact on women’s health.
" A woman’s health care decisions must remain between her and her doctor." Right. Nowhere should the TAXPAYER be involved.
What's outrageous about saving babies???
Trump and all his followers disagree with you! And Trump is President!
Fair enough. And putting the ethical question aside, it should remain between her and her doctor...as should who PAYS for that transaction, namely her...not my tax dollars.
Our tax dollars should NOT fund abortions.
Which is exactly why DC politicians have no business giving planned parenthood taxpayer money. At all. You’re a doctor, make a donation. Better yet, go work there for free.
President Trump’s plan to revamp Planned Parenthood funding is STUPENDOUS! A woman’s health care decisions must remain between her and her doctor. Washington politicians have no place using TAX PAYER DOLLARS for her decision. TAX PAYERS DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH HER. pic.twitter.com/3PWfsQeZcM
I agree!! So then why does the exam room donate $30 million a year to the politicians?!?!? If they have that much money to kickback I mean donate, why fund them with my male tax dollar??
Please explain how YOUR “private” decision becomes a public responsibility??

I’m not obligated to pay for YOUR decisions.

Grow a Principle.
You’re an American legislator for God sake.
Agreed. So keep DC out. Don't ask me to pay either. Should be enough support for private funding.
Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay to murder children. You guys should have left well enough alone; full term and partial birth abortion went too far. You’re a doctor, did you not take an oath to preserve life. What is wrong with you!
Planned Parenthood is murder factory for baby’s that sells their body parts
My tax money doesn’t belong in abortion clinics
Washington money has no place in the exam room, either.
Forcing working tax paying citizens to give Planned Parenthood over half a billion dollars each year, when they are a profit making company, with a CEO who makes more than any of us dream of, who then donates millions to democrat candidate campaigns, is CRIMINAL.
Fine. Then that women & her doctor can pay for her own abortion. 58% of Americans are tired of OUR 💰paying for abortions. Abortions aren’t illegal. Me paying 4 them should be, “Doc”
And my tax dollars should pay for abortion for birth control. Condoms are much cheaper.
If it saves just one child's life....
Totally agree with you as long as you consult with the baby as well. If you can get agreement from the baby... go for it. Oh wait, that would be suicide isn't that still illegal??
And neither does taxpayers money that funds this slaughter!
Now do my health care. Can I keep my doctor?
Then you will have no issue of me not paying for it. Pull the funds @realDonaldTrump!
Exactly! And payment for such decisions should ALSO remain between her and her doctor not me and other taxpayers!
My tax dollars don't belong there either.
I agree. Taxpayers and politicians have no place in an abortion clinic. #DefundInfanticide.
But but but... muh T_WASH, what will we do without muh T_WASH #TWASH #QAnon #MAGA @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/lx8k7LNy7G
Then the bill should be between her and the doc, too.
Bullshit and Lies. They can still provide all the other care they claim to offer. They just can't support their abortion services.
Nor does our tax money.
I hurt for women who aren’t as fortunate as I am to have employer sponsored health coverage.
You want them to stay out of the exam room but write the check to pay for it?
Stop killing babies! It’s murder
Abortion isn’t “healthcare” pal, and taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize ANY abortion.
Now do ObamaCare and single payer!!! 🤔
and she has no right to my tax dollars because she couldn't keep her legs closed
So, defunding it takes Washington politics out of it! Yay!
Gut? Curious choice of words
What will his circle of friends do because they have been involved in disgusting against the law activities that have included underage girls.
It is not! Thank god l am not paying for someone's abortion through taxes. You want one l pay for it yourself!
Your endorsement of abortion and infanticide at taxpayer expense is outrageous.
60 million innocent babies have been murdered by US doctors that took the hippocratic oath pledging,”first do no harm”. 3000 innocent children are cruelly and violently slaughtered daily in the US under the auspices of physicians practicing “women’s healthcare”. Let that sink in.
No one's saying they can't do it, WE just don't have to pay for it!!!!!!!
Not really a women's healthcare decision when you're talking about murdering the baby inside of her, is it. #infantcide
Let the patient use their insurance to choose a provider. Taxpayers should not support the providers. As a physician you should know that.Our taxes weren’t directed to your office were they?
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