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WTF I love Dianne Feinstein now
This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution -- with smugness + disrespect.

This is a fight for our generation's survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress. pic.twitter.com/0zAkaxruMI

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How did they get their hands on the original copy of the Green New Deal? Shouldn鈥檛 it be in the Smithsonian behind 10 inches of bulletproof glass? pic.twitter.com/0gfdpbcQES
Two responses to global warming: 1) turn it into a moral panic that terrorizes children to push through a socialist agenda 2) actually solve it with nuclear power and geoengineering
"Some scientist have said that we have 12 years to turn this around"... Sorry to break it to you, but AOC isn't a scientist!
If this doesn鈥檛 say it all. You sure you wanna roll with this crew @SenFeinstein?
"We're the ones who voted for you!" "How old are you?" "I'm 16 years old." "Well you didn't vote for me." Lmao I'm dead.
Not to mention the disrespect toward a Senator. I鈥檓 not at all a fan of Feinstein but I respect the office she holds. The kids and the teacher kept interrupting and talking over her. Obnoxious.
Wow. Someone who actually tells children they don't have all the answers. If Feinstein scolds AOC like this I'll be her biggest fan.
Ben will champion anyone who stands up to people who tower over him
Not so fast Ben it's probably just talking points from the Chinese government moles on her staff.
Is that a teacher on the (ahem) far left?
That. Was. Awesome.
Corporate dems have everything in common with the GOP and Koch brother funded goons like Ben Shapiro.

Our party is crawling with GOP grifters now: David Frum, Bill Kristol, Amy Siskind, and the list goes on.

When Ben Shapiro is cheering us on, it's time for real Revolution.
Exploiting kids is child abuse. Change my mind.
鈥淲e demand an answer TODAY because my parents and I are flying to Disneyland in the morning!鈥
Good advertisement for home schooling
The world won鈥檛 end in 12 years
Sadly, those kids don't have a clue as to what they're talking about. But it was great to see Senator Fienstein smacking down the Green New Deal 馃槅
馃槀 Kids got some real hometown schoolin' today.
That was hard to watch. Who the hell let those kids and robot teacher in?
This says more about the brainwashing of the children than anything else
Feinstein lecturing AOC鈥檚 classmates was a surprise pleasure to watch
This isn鈥檛 just brainwashing - this is child abuse. Stop lying to children. End government schools.
I never thought I would say this but I agree with Dianne Feinstein 馃槺
do children scare you because they鈥檙e taller than you?
鉂わ笍 DiFi. Be appalled. A room full of children and the children they brought as props for manipulation and public coercion met someone with a spine. A unicorn in the Dem party. Welcome to the jungle, Baby.
This is exactly how you handle people like this. None of what the kids or the adults said is based on truth. Also, those kids have been brainwashed so CPS better look into that group
Something tells me these kids aren鈥檛 getting exposed to opposing viewpoints. 馃榿
These kids better be glad they didn't waylay Amy Klobuchar or they'd be eating the combs.....
I feel bad for the children being taught this nonsense.
Good answer by Feinstein. But how painful and cringeworthy and horrendous for our nation鈥檚 future is the brainwashing of those children?
Lol I agree! She handled this like a boss!
Lol. That one lady was about to burst into tears
Wow this is amazing and sad at the exact same time. I love how she responded, but am saddened by how liberals use the children who have NO idea how BAD the Green New Deal is for America鈥檚 future to push an agenda. I really hope these type of people find true reality quickly!
A teacher and her politically indoctrinated school kids. I don't see much difference between this and a teacher preaching his or her religion to school children. This isn't what our public schools are for.
The only thing that would have been better is if she asked the little girls who disrespected her, "what do the five fingers say to the face?" pic.twitter.com/weFeJPFkCx
"We're the ones who voted you in" "how old are you?" "I'm 16" "You didn't vote for me" 馃槀
good to know that people are still using children to further their own political standpoints. really shows they have no other way to debate the issue. children that age are very easy to mold into whatever you teach them, so in essence, this is just studied in nonsense
"we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly." -Bill Ivey to John Podesta, re: 2016
More importantly, why is this teacher pushing her views this way on elementary school kids? smh
This is the funniest thing since Elizabeth Warren's DNA results.
Socialists always use children to promote their crazy agendas. pic.twitter.com/BoIqIFeNhM
I don't. They're children. There are far better ways to handle it. Thank them for their hard work. Say you'll certainly read it. Whatever. THEY'RE KIDS. I think the green new deal is absolutely laughable -- so was FEINSTEIN's failure to talk to children!
This is what teachers are doing to the kids. Even constantly interrupted her. Shame on the teacher for using kids to push her agenda!
What school do these kids go too? No wonder many young people think socialism is the best answer
I may be having an aneurysm. I want to hug Feinstein. How can this be? Does not compute.
They鈥檙e all sheep! I love that they鈥檙e just repeating the cliche party lines of the far left - and love even more that Feinstein is having none of it. Good for her.
Best part of video might be where Feinstein shuts down the 16 year old for not being old enough to vote.
None of them have even read The Green New Deal...
I find it hilarious when the people who say 鈥渨e voted you in鈥 are always the one who didn鈥檛 vote for the person and voted for the opposition instead or just didn鈥檛 vote.
That letter was written on an unusually large piece of paper. That's going to end up in a landfill. Totally irresponsible!! 2019 people...an email, a text, a VIDEO CHAT would have decreased their carbon footprint. Total hypocrites!! OUTLAW PAPER BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!
鈥淚鈥檓 16鈥 Well, you didn鈥檛 vote for me馃槀馃槀
Wow, that woman earned my respect.
These poor kids and the people with them are in a panic after being brainwashed by an irresponsible statement by someone who could have a starring role in Idiocracy II.
I love it when Feinstein LARPs as a responsible politician.
Ben your kids and my kids and their kids will suffer immensely because of the shortsighted ignorance that you and many in our society possess on this issue. If you actually care about the future of our kids you would wake up and advocate for helping our planet
Shame they don't understand we are not the problem. China and India need a new deal, not us.
"I voted for you" "How old are you?" 16
I would be willing to bet the woman accompanying the children wants pay increases for teachers but would then complain if her taxes went up to cover costs.
Its scary to watch what they're stuffing in children's heads. Creating children of the corn who are *certain* we'll all die in 12 years. This tweet will age well, come reread it in 12 years. I'll look like a genius.
Senator @SenFeinstein has a point: These highly educated seven year old scientists will all be dead in 12 years and will never grow up to vote in 2032. There is a name for what these teachers/Zelots are doing: It's called - #ChildAbuse!
I love the part where she asks the girl how old she is. When she responds 16 she says 鈥淲ell, you didn鈥檛 vote for me then鈥. Lol.
You love Dianne Feinstein for this. I would love to see Dianne Feinstein take that knuckleheaded teacher aside & give her what for for putting those kids up to that.
Of course Soy Boy Ben suddenly loves a fucking traitor now just because she gave a little pushback against a 16 year old. 馃檮
Theyre starting to eat their own...
wtf neoliberals on Twitter love Ben Shapiro now
After what she did with that pitiful Christine Blasey Ford hoax? Trying to slander Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh??? I'll pass. @SenFeinstein is a despicable person. Oh.... Ask her about her Chinese spy driver.
Kid (with PASSION): We voted for you. Feinstein: How old are you? Kid (with sincerity and did I hear a touch of arrogance?): 16. Feistein: You did not vote for me. 馃槀 Beautiful! pic.twitter.com/kzl62aFgcP
If that's the future of America, God help us. Mini-Socialists.
If any kid tries to warn you of dangerous climate change tell them this: The adult who told you this is lying. If they believed it they鈥檇 quit their job, quit driving their car and shut off their electricity. Until they do that you know they are lying.
Well centrists, this should be you everything you need to know.
Look how twitter portrays this: "Feinstein lectures children who are campaigning for the Green New Deal" It should say: "Children being used as props and pawns by people who will do anything to push their power grabbing agenda" Can Q trade her to China? #QAnon pic.twitter.com/rH6WmSQkkW
What upsets me Is these teachers filling these young kids head full crap about the climate. It's all bogus. The government grants money to scientist but only the ones that support the claim. It's affecting us all in a very negative way.
This is child abuse by all the adults who are using fear-mongering tactics and lies to scare these poor kids. Worse than the nuclear war drills the cold war forced a generation of kids to live in fear which was more real than all this fakery and political hoax.
Any one of those kids would bully the shit out of Ben

Y'all like being on the same side as this little POS and Trump? Your Lady Feinstein is.


Politically weaponizing children is a desperate play. I see that AOC is behind the attacks on her fellow Democrats. Between this and her destruction of Amazon deal makes it nearly 100% chance that her district will be eliminated in NY census redistricting. youtu.be/khVNhXVZIu8
Sad how they brainwash kids
This is how they are dumbing down our children! Maybe someone should give them the good news that our Global Temperature has actually dropped, contrary to what the climate change models say. Could the scientists be wrong? That would mess up their fear mongering agenda for sure!
OMG, this is fantastic.
Well the progs have done a great job brainwashing the young.....
The woman who used those children as props is shameful...when those kids ask for everything, does she give it to them?
This is why I鈥檝e lost respect for most teachers. They鈥檙e garbage as a whole. That鈥檚 what needs change, our education system.
thewealthrecord.com/celebs-bio-wik鈥 Someone with $110 million and power with big ties to Oil and Gas industry will never care about #GreenNewDeal or job that creates to average Americans that will directly threaten them on old carbon base economy. #CorperateDems Sucks. #resignFeinstein
That teacher should be fired. She is scaring all these children. Clearly these children are living in fear.
First time in her career @SenFeinstein told the truth to the INDOCTRINATED CHILDREN who have no idea what they鈥檙e talking about & repeating the baseless talking points their stupid parents are spewing to them. It鈥檚 sad to see these kids believing lies from #AOC & #fakenewsmedia
Using children as pawns to advance a political agenda is tantamount to child abuse.
How did they get to her office? Where are they from?
馃槀She was great! The anxiety levels of those kids though... not good. Disturbing actually.
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