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Great stuff, Dianne Feinstein.

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The correct answer was "thank you for sharing. This is terrific. I love seeing young people involved and engaged" That is all.
But Emma, this is the kind of bipartisanship I’ve been told is so central to government being good /s/
The video makes me so upset and angry of how condescending & rude Feinstein is!😡 she’s making it all about herself! I can never imagine Bernie acting like that to anyone (especially those children)!!
I think that resistance to the Green New Deal is largely existential. It's not so much about policy specifics, but rather is about the notion that people like Feinstein can't tolerate political energy percolating upward from The People. She wants it to be top-down, per usual.
Why do they even run as democrats. They’re often indistinguishable from republicans.
Oh, don't worry, @SenFeinstein, you picked up some new fans with this one. Real quality gems, too.
If Ben Shapiro approves of your actions, @SenFeinstein, you might want to rethink your political approach.
When they finally starting to realize that Feinstein isn’t a leftist😂
Exclusive picture of Dianne Feinstein on her way to work this morning: pic.twitter.com/CBJKbSkTcr
Just had the chance to watch the video. Boy was that painful. There was a way for her to state the position she was trying to convey, even with a tough crowd of kids, without being so dismissive and condescending. Arrogance squared!
you know you're doing something wrong when @benshapiro agrees with you lol
Ilhan Omar was condemned by her own Party for a true but relatively innocuous tweet. What Dianne Feinstein said to these young activists is far more abhorrent. The Democrats should not only call for a formal apology, but for her resignation. They should, but they won't.
she must get mega $$$ from PG&E
More footage of Feinstein from today: pic.twitter.com/kjiYqprMue
2020 can't come soon enough. It's almost as if she really wants to be primaried.
Dude seriously, she needs to go. How can this woman be the Dem senator from California? Dot. blame me.I voted for @HartsonForCA
#TYTLive Of course Shapiro now loves her-he finally realized what progressives have known for 20 years. She's a Republican.
We need lawyers to work on helping to recall Dianne Feinstein. It need to go to the Supreme Court, but it'll be worth it. Related:
might need to rethink that primary challenge.
She'll be dead when the shit hits the fan so what does she care about it.
Politicians are supposed to be kissing, not killing babies, @SenFeinstein. Despicable.
What a gigantic asshole, no wonder the tiny man who pulls wings off flies in his spare time thought it was such an own
I honestly can’t stand that woman. 🙄 can’t wait till we get the chance to vote her replacement.
Watch the unedited video.
She shoed more respect and more grace while Bret Kavanaugh was interrupting her.
When you have Shapiro love what you are saying, it is time to reanalyze your message.
She folded her arms and talked about her election victory.
Where have seen this before?
So uninspiring and depressing. I didn't vote for that, I voted for De Leon, because I know she is an absolutely horrible person. Ugh, fuck these people who are out of touch! Smug outdated mind sets suck!
I muted him and I still have to see his face everywhere
“The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans born in this century“ John F Kennedy - Jan 20th, 1961 It is a time for women ... of all colours ... to save the country VOTE !! #VoteThemOut2020 #GoodnightNRA #WomenDisobey. @OurRevolution
A republican loving another republican...
Trash attracts more trash
This shit is the worst kind of cross-over...
Ugh. Man someone is going to primary the bajeezuz out of her now. I hope they do. That was gross DiFi
Ok I was wrong, this is the stupidest fucking thing today.
Today in “Friends You Make At Work”, were talking about Dianne Feinstein, the senior Fauxgressive senator from California.
Too bad u didn’t view actual unedited video.
We now know that video was edited. Fake news, indeed.
so he doesnt just get off on fantasies of abusing brown people and women.. he's into abusing the children too
Wasn't aware that in ben's list of things he hate are kids.
Wow the old guard democrats are losing their credibility. 😖
Libs will run with this and say "see! Centrism will win republican votes!"
It really was. Those kids had no idea what they were talking about
This was a manufactured video. Watch the full version: Shame on folks whose views I agree mostly to be so disgusting.. sad ..
Dianne Feinstein is paid to #Resist progressive agenda.
She's pure scum. The dems are going down hard in 2020.
More proof that centrist dems are just moderate Republicans
If your actions get propped up by Ben Shapiro.

You should have to automatically quit life and go into the woods.

Cause thats where you belong.
Look at @SenFeinstein, garnering support from other, like-minded #ClassWarfare supporters!!!

You go, Senator!
Oh look, a Nazi approved of DiFi.

As a constituent I’m not so proud....
Nice. Ben Shapiro is a fan.
“She profits off their early deaths just like me! This fact sure increases my happy feelings! Oh wait, it doesn’t care about that to begin with...😒”
Between Chelsea Clinton getting David Duke to join their attacks on Ilhan Omar, now this. Awesome stuff, democrats. Keep it up.
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