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Brody Stevens. Some insight. RIP youtube.com/watch?v=Q1ZswN…

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He was always so nice to me. For no reason at all @TheComedyStore I’m sorry for everyone who was close to Brody.
Here's a mirror for those blocked outside of the US. streamable.com/cbrp5
Had my hand on his shoulder less than 48 hrs ago saying Hi and Bye.
Another illustration to prove that when people talk about mental health it's important to understand how important it is to listen to take in all they say. They often don't want answers or solutions, but to be heard and connect about something that dominates so much of everyday.
At the end of the day he was such a sweet dude. So bummed.
jesus that's terrifying that your own mind can do that to you
My first wife was bi-polar, she passed away 8 years ago. She was the sweetest woman in the world or the meanest woman in the world; in between she was a blank stare. It’s a horrible, misunderstood disease, and there’s no magic pill; just be compassionate people. All you can do.
This is so sad. I just saw Brody at @HollywoodImprov and he was so funny.
Big RIP to one of my favorite comedians growing up :/ sucks knowing someone that could put a smile on your face so easily was constantly stuck in such a profound darkness.

depression sucks. talk to me. talk to anyone. people want you on this planet
A friend dared me to wear a puffy shirt to a rap concert. I put the dick shit underneath just to be safe(??)Brody was working 1 door down & we should have seen him instead. But we bumped into him & he was kind & gracious. Even took a dumb photo with us and didn’t complain #RIP pic.twitter.com/NDjCeSzBfn
its always the good dudes...
And he made it nearly 6 years. What a tough guy. I wish the best for his family, mental health is so important.
He would love that he is trending at Number 1. He was very open about depression and medication, things which I also struggle with and have talked to him about. Sometimes he would just yell out about the meds, it always surprised me he did. For me, just writing about it is hard.
Thanks Doug. The videos are blocked for Canadians, but I went and found tons of other stuff I could watch, like these 2 mins at the Laugh Factory... youtu.be/E9jjSpWcoEg
I was doing an open mic in Milwaukee and he popped in an did a set. I saw him host oddball in Chicago and heard him on podcasts so this was so cool. Amazed how he would kill like that with no "jokes" I told him as much and talked to him for a while about baseball. Cool dude. RIP
Goddamnit, that was rough to watch. To anyone dealing with depression and having thoughts of leaving, please reach out. Don't leave.
God he was so naturally funny. #BrodyStevens
I loved seeing Brody Steven perform. I didn't know he struggled the way he did. I wish more public figures were this honest.
February is a goddamn depressing month.
Insightful. Unfortunately the majority of people who say we need to erase the stigma of mental illness are the people who cut you out of their life when they find out you have it. People really really seem to come out and care when the person is already dead. Rip #bipolar ❤️
I seen your benefit show in Tucson in 2012 I tried to be a groupie and hang with you guys after. Me and Brody ended up talking Albuquerque dukes LA dodger baseball all night. I’ll never forget that I didn’t know of him at the time but could just tell he was a genuine cool dude
I dont think very many people are funny. I thought he was funny. R.I.P.
Hard to watch
did you try to help him?
Heartbreaking. What a burden mental illness is
😭major loss , rip Brody you are loved by many
God damn it. This one hurts
Doug, I lost my baby sister to suicide. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't know the man but had heard him talk about his struggles before. My heart hurts and I cried for him. I am teary as I write this. Fuck you, Suicide!
I'm conflicted. Part of me thinks it's a good thing exposing his privacy this way. And, the other part feels like this betrays his privacy. RIP.
one of the best comics out there! Thanks for sharing doug
Who had him in the pool?
damn, that's hard to watch, especially because I suffer from depression and when I get in that dark funk it's hard to crawl out of and I'm afraid one day I won't be able to crawl out, scary shit
I suffer from anxiety and depression. Watching that video is so deeply personal. The thing that hit home for me was the inability to feel happiness. Man my heart breaks watching that. May he rest easy now.
The funniest among us are often the darkest. #RIPBrodyStevens
Worth a watch. Hopefully this will inspire someone that’s on the brink of despair to take a step back and reach out for help. Understanding and compassion are everything to someone in the grip of extreme depression. #RIPBrodyStevens
Haven’t seen this noted recently, so I’ll put it up: This video mentions Stevens “adjusting to his medication.” It is a documented side-effect of antidepressants that new meds can cause *increased* suicide. Seems paradoxical, right? Like, “screw meds!” But: 1/2
First met Brody around 20 years ago. He was funny, and always nice to me. But he was also always visibly fighting something. Awfully sad news today...
........................who didn't see this coming. He was in turmoil for many years. Love ya Brody.
Sorry for your loss, Doug.
Wish he could of calmed the carnival so sad
What is this from? They just did this today?
So aad. Is there a way to help someone like him? I wonder.
RIP. F**king Comedy Central won’t let me view the clip.
Fucking tragic. I've been there myself. I know other people, alive and dead, who have been there. Mental health is no joke, and sometimes that sickness is strong enough that it wins, and takes good people from us. RIP Brody.
Rest In Peace to him underrated funny
Just another anecdote on society... How can people/persons who makes people laugh for a living can be the most tortured? I just have to say the pressure of being a man is next to insurmountable! Brethren I say stay true the course. Love each other.
Where was he on your list?
Damn Doug...Brutal. I hope I never understand that level of misery....Thanks for all the laughs Brody.
God damn it. Sorry, Brody.
Shit, this hits close to home. Brody’s living situation in West Hollywood was exactly like my own in NYC.
i’m so tired of finding new, amazing artists only after hearing of their untimely passing 😔
This terrifies me 😔
This is crushingly sad. The brightest light In the room sometimes casts the darkest shadow. #RIPBrodyStevens
So much sadness lately. And now one of the kindest funniest guys is gone.

Dammit all to hell.
The struggle behind the mask.
This breaks my fucking heart dude
Some of us just don't recover.
Another amazing voice from the world of comedy has left us. RIP Brody Stevens.
This is heartbreaking
Sad! No one should ever feel like giving up is a choice! #rip #RIPBrodyStevens
This was one of the most honest, powerful shows ever made about what it's like to live with depression and the constant grind of being a working comic. Rest and find peace now, Brody, you've earned it. #PositiveEnergy #Push #RIPBrodyStevens
Brody you were 1 in a million.......
It kind of terrifies me how much I relate to this, I just hope Brody is at peace now

I got dragged (deservedly so) at the Comedy Store one night about 5 years ago by this guy.

So sorry to see him go.

Depression is a rough mindset to have in showbiz and if you ever feel like he did, I'm begging you to get some help.

Depression sucks. 😞
Depression lies. Bipolar lies. They eat people alive. You were a thing of beauty, Brody. RIP
RIP Brody Stevens. It's an awful ride trying to find a medication that works for depression. I tried a couple, and they made me feel even worse. Finding something natural #kratom has been a godsend. It's not 100% all the time, but is a hell of a lot better than anything I tried.
I am not familiar with this man or his work but this is another picture of what depression looks like. So many suffer $ is often the case, it's the people who make us laugh. I don't know what the answer is, but as a country I believe we can do more re: mental illness.
Depression kills. So tragic. So sad.
I remember feeling concerned for his future at the end of this series. Mental illness deserves more attention in this world. #RIPBrodyStevens
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