I have deep respect for @SenFeinstein and her long service to her state and the nation.

However, her behavior toward these young people is disrespectful and very disappointing.

They deserve an apology — and we ALL deserve for climate change to be treated as the crisis it is.
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Look, let’s be real: •Senator Feinstein handled this situation badly. AND •This is an edited video. •This was a set up to try and produce exactly this kind of “gotcha” moment. •If anything, Feinstein was TOO honest about the political realities. AND THIS 👇🏼 IS RIDICULOUS

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There is NO doubting the righteous sincerity of these children. However, the video is cut at 00:21 — right when Feinstein starts to talk about the version of the New Green Deal she is championing. Then the chaperone talks over the Senator, getting her points in for the camera.
Or perhaps these kids genuinely don't want to inherit a Hell Planet and not everything in life is a political gotcha moment?
the kids are being real. "political realities" fuck off
The planet is on fire, Leah.
Not the least bit surprised to see one of the most vapid and consistently wrong people on this website defending Dianne Feinstein here. Keep up the great work!
love too doom humanity because of 'political realites'
How do you edit it to make her say classics like; “I got elected by a plurality OF 1 MILLION VOTES” “How old are you? You didn’t vote for me” “Maybe you should run for senate” 🙄🙄🙄🙄
She was ambushed by the parents and by people who are not acting in good faith. It was way too obvious. They tried the shame shit with Hillary and I’m not letting them slide this time. I’m speaking my mind and I’m not hiding this time.
With due respect, she is PART OF the political reality. If you can't be bold on climate in your last term, when you don't have to run again, when can you be?! Again, I am her constituent and a mother of a young kid, and this is a complete letdown.
Edited, yes, and the constant interrupting of Feinstein was very disrespectful. However... What we saw on display here was the gargantuan ego of a longtime public servant. She was more interested in boasting about her status and election than she was in discussing the issues.
I don't care what young people believe they can achieve. As a friend and neighbor of the Senator for well over 30 years. She knows exactly what she is doing. Sometimes the young believe they are invincible and have all the answers. They're not and don't.
No, no, no, no — I usually agree with you Leah, but not on this one. Those kids don’t have time for “political realities” They need to grow up thinking they can change them to literally save their lives. Feinstein had an inappropriate ego fit, full stop.
The real video... Feinstein did nothing wrong... twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Generally I agree, however, if after 30 years this is how you treat constituents, it IS time to go.
Either she's willing to work for the future or she's not. And if she's not. she should retire and let an actual Democrat with a spine do the job. The fact that she was rude to kids about it is just the cherry on top.
Glad to see danny devito is back to work
it's not ridiculous to think that the people shaping our climate policy should be people who will still be alive in 30 years
Nice bad opinion you have, there. It would be a real shame if someone were to................... disregard it
No shit. These kids would have never made it into the office of a Republican. Not with those signs or a camera. Yeah, she is a dinosaur, but C’mon. So sick and tired of this BS. Grassley looks and acts like her dad
Thank you ... for enlightening us ... that this is an edited video ... BUT if Senator Feinstein ... didn't have a very awkward communication style ... and somewhat authoritarian ... this kind of video ... could not have been edited ...
That's the problem I have with blaming Feinstein and not those using this as a gotcha. I don't want politicians to tell lies to appease others. Facts matter.
She's not lovable, but she is powerful and has represented Ca well for decades. Maybe she has a little WC fields in her. 🤣
oldest sitting senator, just won another 6 yr term and won’t run again, i guess she just really dgaf about being nice anymore. no more campaigning
If she had been able to push incremental reform 20 years ago maybe she'd have a leg to stand on, now it's just putting her soon-to-be-dying head in the sand and seeking common cause with climate deniers.
It shows their ignorance of how govt works.. should have spent more time in a civics class..
I don't doubt the earnestness and sincerity of these kids. But they deserve better from the people hyping this video, too. They're being used to incite targeted hatred, not to promote awareness of their cause.
Using kids is the lowest form of politics.
Can you provide the unedited video? That would be really helpful.
I will block anyone or group attacking the Dem party. We can all improve and get better, but even in our worst moments we still care about the world and the people in it. We not the Nazi's we are the people fighting them. I support @SenFeinstein
The Green New Deal has been around for what? A week? We do have to do something drastic, yesterday, but trying to shame the senator with children isn't the way to get it done.
I respect her greatly but this was just a terrible way to talk to these kids and parents. Does she really feel that way about her constituents? Makes me wonder.
And no one talks about the moment when the teacher interrupts Senator Feinstein. Sure as a politician you should have some more tact, but I can't blame her for reacting to someone being rude to her.
I think this is right. We *have* to get smarter about this gotcha approach to everything. It’s absurd, and we fall for it every time. Look what else we are NOT talking about rn.
The both sides flavor of boot licking
Nobody wants to seen in the same light as Project Veritas, using ambush tactics & edited videos. Show the whole tape if you want to be taken seriously.
The ruling class will be the last to be affected by climate change.
"Look kids, some of you are gonna die from climate change. That's just the political reality. But with my plan, there's a chance some of you won't"
this is such a bad take and shows me you haven’t followed feinstein’s career closely or attempted to work with her on anything as a constituent.
But, but...they say they’re not sexist. 🙄 pic.twitter.com/64KlC30C0v
She needs to resign immediately it is obvious not only is she out of touch with her constituents but that she doesn't care about them anymore, either if she was a republican we would be demanding her resignation, too
Don't Dem reactionary peeps ever get a clue? This is an edited video to engineer a gotcha moment.
yeah Im sure the timing IRT the growing "Amy is mean to her staff" kerfluffle is entirely coincidental ...
Also not a good look when you have far right lunatics praising her for this billshit
The senator is getting up there in age, works hard and gets cranky sometimes. Nothing deeply malevolent of insensitive about her reaction. There does seem to be a bit of a superficial rift between the old and the new guard. It is healthy, in the balance will find our direction.
This piled on today. I'm sorry but it's pretty far down my list....and she's my senator. It's a shitty moment but this is Fox & CNN fodder.
If she cares about her grandchildren why does she want the Earth to be on fire
great take as always leah! Feinstein sure stuck it to those darn meddling kids.
this would not be the hill i would pick to die on
Leah, this isn’t how you talk to kids concerned for their future. “I won by a million vote plurality.” Nonsense.
Respectfully Leah, you really missed the mark here. Climate change is a matter of organic chemistry. It's not a political or economic issue. Organic chemistry - plain and simple.
I watched & thought it was a set up. It was unfair of them to corner Diane Feinstein. I was also disturbed when one of the little girls referred to Senator Feinstein as simply "Feinstein." In their indoctrination of these children they left out the part about R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
This is a bad hill to die on
deceptively edited video
Until you know everything that happened and how the video was edited, you are unable to judge whether she “behaved badly.” Take a breath people and ask why she’s being attacked on the environment, on which she has an excellent record. Why?

and now just CALM DOWN and try to get rid of Susan Collins. Feinstein is THE LEAST of our worries.
One of these smart, brave young girls is the next @AOC. Keep speaking up! Don’t be denied in this crusade!
It’s young people venting after being disrespected. The frying pan is hot!
You’re correct. I don’t like how Feinstein handled it but those Justice Dems knew exactly how to get the reaction they wanted and what they were doing with this. I feel bad for the children.
No lie, I probably would have been scared on approach knowing these kids need so many things to happen to rollback 45s rollbacks.Then figure out what Green new deal means,by the time they can vote Marijuana could be currency at the rate 45 is emptying US treasury. Respect goes⛖
that's fascinating, but have you considered: pic.twitter.com/HgzH8tltmC
Yeah I'd like to see the whole video. I am disappointed in Feinstein's response overall. Thanks. I'm gonna do more work on this. 💙
How are your calves feeling lately, Leah?
We're literally all going to die from climate change soon but at least you'll know you were nice to a lady who used to fly the Confederate flag on CA before the on rushing flood waters swallow you up, so you've got that I guess.
Where is Feinstein on the calf cramps scale?
Yeah man it's really a "gotcha" question to ask whether a long time Senator will use her immense power to try and make the planet survivable for children.
Jesus. If this is her honest opinion / honestly stated beliefs, then *it doesn't matter if the video was edited or not.* It forced her to come out and say that she doesn't care if these children will suffer and die because of her inaction.
With ten years to cut emissions in half, not supporting the GND, which you are doing by defending this washed up empty shell of a human, is tantamount to climate denial.
Look, she’s really old. Little girls are frightening.
Thank you Leah. Pre internet this stuff would have been recognised for what it was but now it's fodder for all the major broadcasters.
SOUNDS LIKE a setup by GOP funded by RUS
actually, those posts are good.
The whole thing feels like the stunt the same group pulled in Pelosi’s office with AOC. I didn’t like their tactics then and I don’t like them now.
She's establishment as they come right of center, way to conservative for Cali and the youth who will pay the price for her corporate policy's.
log the fuck off and stick to the ludicrous beto penthouse letters
Virtually any garden-variety elected Democrat would not be gotcha-d by a standard visit from a bunch of kids who don't want their entire adult lives taken up by climate catastrophe.
Exactly and I am amazed at all the people who have been "got" esp. the media personalities that are jumping on the bandwagon. Feinstein is a Jewel! Here is further video of the exchange. facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise…
Yes above tweets ridiculous. @senfeinstein Senate pwr. is important RN; agree w/ your other points about how she could have handled it a little better. Thanks for posting the full video; always important to not distort. @senatemajldr will also get a visit from @sunrisemvmt
I'm sorry, but Diane is getting off easy. Choosing *now* to rush to her defense says everything that needs to be said about your garbage politics.
no it's not ridiculous you psycho
I watched the full version and I thought she was confrontational from the very beginning. There was no attempt on her part to find common ground; she flatly said she doesn't support GND basically because other things are more important.
She handled it just fine Grow up This ain’t bean bag This is deadly serious and no action is happening
I know how sometimes kids can be very direct and ask the most uncomfortable questions – but trying to find an answer to a kid's question can be quite enlightening for us adults. She blew that chance by not treating them seriously and respectfully.
She looked into these children's eyes and saw Jill Stein
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