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In this video, @SenFeinstein was rude, dismissive, and out of touch. Instead of talking down to her constituents who’ll deal with consequences of climate change their whole lives, she should start supporting real climate solutions in line with what’s needed to address the crisis.
This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution -- with smugness + disrespect.

This is a fight for our generation's survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress. pic.twitter.com/0zAkaxruMI

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Were you in on the con, or did you get played? DiFi is perfectly fine on the FULL video. Looking forward to your retraction.
This is the kind of reaction that caused me to drop all support for MoveOn three years ago. Yes, they do some good things, but so do many other orgs that need my $$ more.
Geez ... just asked that my name be removed from your list How ridiculous
Yes she was. She owes those children a respectful, full hearing. crooksandliars.com/2019/02/watch-…
We know a resolution she could co-sponsor.
Video was edited. And Feinstein was constantly interrupted by the crowd. I’m not passing judgment on this, it’s not black and white.
I was right to not have anything to do with you, you got played by hacks from Justice Democrats , watch the whole video
It’s an edited hit job. She does support environmental legislation. Just not the green new deal. This is not helpful.
Shame on you Move On! If you really cared you’d have fought for HRC instead of sycophantly pushing bernie
This video is edited. I hope you apologize to Senator Feinstein.
I love the kids passion& hope they stay involved as they get older but @SenFeinstein is honest, direct & supports climate action, she is an ally, she knows what she's doing. the green new deal is not the only option, don't promote attacking allies when we don't have enough seats
Move on decided to push the lies against Senator #DianneFeinstein , why I am not surprised, they spent 12 million dollars on advertising against @HillaryClinton pic.twitter.com/1a85bVvcwK
I know that the Senator has done much for the environment. I’m in California where we constantly have to fight for the welfare of our resources. Especially where I live. We’ve had to fight Trump’s idiotic attempt at land grabs in sensitive areas. Thank you @SenFeinstein
You should link to the FULL VIDEO, not a heavily edited splice job. Trust MoveOn activists and supporters to make up their own minds about the nearly 15 min interaction. @benwikler bit.ly/2V8KAdQ
This is why I’ve moved on from Move On. This video was edited - by Justice Dems that only want to attack Democrats - @SenFeinstein gave the kids time and the respect of truth on how things get done. The adult chaperones filled these kids heads with unicorns and magic wands.
This is disappointing, @MoveOn The entire video needs to be released. Please do better. Also, twitter.com/hoarsewisperer…
Shame on you, endorsing a distortion of the discussion. So much more to this. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
i'm so done with @MoveOn . you either got played or are in on the whole scam.... do better.
And yet despite the bullshit gotcha tactics of the idiots @sunrisemvmt, the people of California elected her to get things done, not promise ponies and cupcakes pic.twitter.com/Y1i4Xhberc
The video was heavily edited - Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1 pic.twitter.com/30RxzugB7R
You need to see the unedited video where she's quite respectful to them. Take this down.
You just lost my support again. You're sharing an EDITED short clip. Waleed is a James O'Keefe stan... foul.
Fail @MoveOn See the entire video
Unfollowed and no more donations until there's an apology. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Did you watch the whole video? Including the part where she offered the teen an internship? And where she handed out copies of alternate legislation that has an actual chance of passing the senate and getting funded?
No she was not rude or dismissive. She acted appropriately. Good on the kids for being involved but the chaperones need to take a seat. They were very disrespectful.
How pathetic @MoveOn sharing a video created by an organization w no transparency, dark money, and attacking a senator that is working to fight climate change, in a state leading the way. It’s appalling how low you and others will go to spread disinformation. pic.twitter.com/2faIO2O5KC
I used to think move on was an organization worthy of my support.
MoveOn has become so irrelevant even opining on this video.
Did you see the whole video? How irresponsible Unsubscribing to everything
I agree with the position the kids were forced to present. Can we agree that it is creepy to put your child up to this?
You're full of crap. You dummies got rick rolled by a heavily-edited video done by justicedems _waleedshahid .How dare you speak to @SenFeinstein like this. Feinstein has new legislation, there is no Green New Deal bill to sign. Fucking idiots , falling for this bs!.
Bad move, on your part. Try the WHOLE VIDEO.
it’s not like Diane doesn’t fight for climate solutions, she does it’s not like Dems could get any legislation passed for the last 8 years, they couldn’t give Dems a chance and maybe don’t treat her like she’s a trumpist... she’s not
This is why I enjoy being a new democrat and not a progressive.

Liberals working my nerves.
You are being dishonest and it makes me 😔
this was a setup by the adults, then the video was highly edited. When the Mueller report is released, it will feature Sanders campaign manager. Do not trust Sanders and Justice Dems. Or are you part of this charade?
So doctored. Watch the whole clip. Stopping donations to @MoveOn — if they lie about this, what else are they lying about?
Please view the unedited video and reconsider your support of this .@justicedems / .@sunrisemvmt Hatchet job twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
MoveOn: I have heard that the video you shared was edited to make Sen Feinstein look bad. The unedited version shows a few differences. Also, her record on environmental issues is very good. #TruthMatters
wtf @moveon? This is a hit job. If Dems are spending time smearing Feinstein, we are all screwed before 2020 even starts.
Time for Move On to move on.
Congratulations, you played yourself. Watch the entire video, consider the source, and the intention: to create a hit piece on Senator Feinstein. They played on kids fears to further their anti-Dem agenda. Climate change advocacy? Not even close.
Why didn’t they visit Republicans. Or do they only target Dems, who actually are on their side? This was a set up.
No - please watch th unedited video. Seriously redo this tweet or I am out.
She was speaking to them as adults talking about the complexity of politics in the current state it is in. If you're causing divisiveness in the Democratic party, he might as well be a Russian plant. You might be falling for disinformation warfare right now.
This video looks spliced
The communist left is really going hard on DiFi.
Let’s replace her with a @justicedems recruit!
This is why I dumped MoveOn in 2016. Pushing a divisive narrative -especially when it is based on deception - is exactly NOT what our country needs. Keep it up and we will Trump will win again in 2020. #Unfollowing #CutTheCrap
MoveOn is a bro channel remember. Found that out a little late.
I believe you did not see the whole video.
Here's the whole video. You're about to lose this supporter @MoveOn . Do better. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Unfollowed-y’all jumped the shark with this one.
Dear @MoveOn, this reminds me of Fox News. You may have reached a different conclusion had you watched the entire video. The decision to edit the video was unwise, especially for an Org that relies on donors. It was equally unwise for MoveOn to promote.
There is unedited video about 12 minutes of it that contradicts the impression this edited video was designed to portray. Delete the tweet and apologize.
I’m disappointed in @MoveOn. @SenFeinstein was respectful-granted she did not coddle them and shouldn’t have. Their parents & chaperones inserted them into an adult environment & allowed them to constantly interrupt. View entire video. A child is offered an internship. Do better!
You are pushing a highly edited version. This is causing division among Dems. Russia is watching our every move... think before you RT, please. rt.com/usa/452216-fei…
These children are being manipulated by adults.
Omg!! Noooooo not moveon. Please watch the 15 min unedited version. @sunrisemvmt really misled us. Take this down!
You are fueling the wrong fire. Please watch the whole event, and come back with a more measured response.
Be sure to watch the full version and not the edited version produced by @_waleedshahid before making a judgement 🦅🇺🇸🙏
Moveon-please educate yourself regarding news-just like the Jussie smollet case, this VIDEO HAS BEEN HIGHLY EDITED FOR THE VERY IMPACT RESPONSE YOU JUST GAVE
Stop it. You all are blowing this up way out of proportion. The adult with the kids kept talking over Sen. Feinstein also. The Senator could have handled it better, but that “rude” adjective applies to several there.
I never thought it possible that I would respect Senator Feinstein but there you go
I don’t think so, why she has to “obey” whether we like it or not she’s representing the people who voted for her. Why these people have to get so argumentative when they’re there to ask for her vote?!
Waleed edited version. At least watch the whole thing.
Move on - will never ever again send you any money. #ImWithDianne
... and edited/spliced! Take it down and apologies.
Move On helped divide Dems for 2016 by endorsing too early among other things. Here we go again. Perhaps @KatrinaNation’s Russian leaning husband wants Dems to lose again. This is incredibly deceptive and destructive.Feinstein has been strong on guns and other issues.Stop this!
This is the edited version. You must show people the entire video or you are guilty of spreading this hit job to divide the left.
That video is edited. The Senator offered an internship to the young girl. This is a bad take, do better.
So over you and your slamming Democrats. I thought Move On was part of the Resistance, but it seems that instead of bashing Republicans you found a lot more time to bash the real Democrats. Get out of town! Go home! YOU DON'T REPRESENT US!!!!
Im Unfollowing @MoveOn & stopping donations til full,unedited video is posted & deleted w/ apology. Edited video=propaganda. Sad!
She should START? Good God who is doing your fucking content over there? Take a look at the unedited video!! What a crock you landed in a pile of crap! Take a look at her record. Issue your retraction as soon as possible. Don't be idiots - 2020 is here.
Threads on this encounter are overflowing with misrepresentation. Watch the unedited, un-propagandized video here and *judge for yourself*:
This is why I’ll never ever support @MoveOn ever again!!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
this video is idiotic. go along with my environmental goals or you want the planet to die. maybe the teachers should have better prepared their students. environmentalism is not a new trend led by millennials, i'm pretty sure
Children as political props, nice
I was surprised by this. The children were excited to show her how hard they had worked and sharing their well presented opinions and ideaa. She could have handled that far better, imo.
Don’t mess with DiFi, children.
Edited propaganda video.
This was a setup. Look closer.
Well this is an eye-opener. I had no idea MoveOn was part of the whole fake Sunrise world. Very disappointing.
How many times will this heavily edited untrue version be pushed by the right?
She was not rude nor dismissive. She was direct and honest. These kids and the teacher couldn't explain the Green New Deal. Keep taking the Democratic Party too left and you'll get 4 more years of President Sideshow. I won't click another Move-On link again.
Shame on you MoveOn for boosting this Project Veritas style video. This is a right wing style smear job that you need to walk back. It will damage your cred than DiFi #ImWithHer
Also did anyone notice that she also swept under the rug and didn’t care because the one little girl who is only 16 said that since you can’t vote It didn’t matter what she was saying
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