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Watching the hard Left go after Dianne Feinstein for speaking basic truth about the Green New Deal like

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I never thought I'd see the day when I believed Feinstein & Pelosi were the sane ones in a room.
Watching the hard right deny even the most basic climate science like pic.twitter.com/xfczBl2qp9
After watching what she said, I have a new found respect for her. Those kids have no idea what they鈥檙e talking about. I believe in clean energy and climate change but in 10 years nothing will change. In a 100 years nothing will change. It鈥檚 a slow process that isn鈥檛 an emergency.
bapiro thinks he knows what basic truth is 馃槒
I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. I don鈥檛 have kids but if they鈥檙e going to be force fed that information it鈥檚 either private school or homeschooled for my kids. Thoughts?
Shocking: Dianne Feinstein has more in common with @benshapiro than someone like @AOC
Tell us, Mr. Shapiro, in your extensive studies of climate science, how your data refutes the current 95% of scientists who have peer reviewed data about the damages done to our planet? Inquiring minds want to know.
Ben, use #nuclear power as a litmus test for actual #climate mitigation to call a bluff on these crazy #environnementalists. pic.twitter.com/TZT0TlWl8L
Her response was basically 鈥 I hear you, but I hear my donors money louder, and if I betray them then they will be mad, wait a few years and then we can talk about it鈥
I love how the teacher spoke real softly and said, 鈥渨e need you to be brave,鈥 as if she was helping Feinstein poop in the potty for the first time or something.
congratulations, @TheDemocrats, you've gotten ben shapiro to like you while 80+% of the country still hates you. hope yer proud.
How funny would it be to stuff this lil shit into a locker?
#Kavanaugh #Karma is hitting @SenFeinstein hard and fast 馃槀 Keep up the good work @AOC! You鈥檙e president Trump鈥檚 best ally 馃憤馃徎 #feinsteinresign
What one truth did she speak about the Green New Deal. All she did was condescend to them with word salad and appeals to authority. Which now that I think about it explains why you liked it so much. Very emotional response.
When I was the age of those kids I was playing Pokemon, or soccer. Tell me what normal kid not being indoctrinated, is talking about climate change. NORMAL KIDS DO NOT DO THAT.
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
BUT unless the US reduces our ~14% share of global carbon emissions the whole world is going to end in 12 years! Presumably the other 86% is not a big deal... besides we need 'free' stuff sooo.... The sky is falling!! Give me your money!
The far left is now devouring the left. The only thing better will be when the inevitable far, far left emerges to denounce both groups as poseurs. This trend of course continues until there is a far, far, far x 100 left.
Dems are going down like the Titanic did: it split into two pieces on the way down. pic.twitter.com/jBkX5eBwAV
The parents using middle schoolers as political pawns do not deserve to be parents.
It's going to get ugly, screaming in hallways, elevator encounters, wailing children 'shame, shame, shame, "please don't let us die"
When Dianne Feinstein absolutely owns the left, there is an issue.
I鈥檓 starting to feel that this election for the D鈥檚 is like when R鈥檚 ran McCain or Dole because they knew they had no chance and didn鈥檛 want to use up a good candidate. It鈥檚 like a race to see how extreme they can get. Can鈥檛 wait for the debates!
Are you prepared for who they鈥檒l replace her with?
Liberal climate change activists dragging around kids they likely fought for the right to abort 12-years earlier, is sort of like a serial adulterer convincing the wife he repeatedly cheated on to assist him in furthering the idea that marital fidelity has merit.
Look, Feinstein came off as, and in fact is a disagreeable person, but anyone with any decency would take fifty of her for one of you.
Well, @shaunking is RTing it, so I鈥檓 gonna just wait it out and see if it actually happened.
The thing I saw was those young kids sounded like 鈥渢rue believers鈥 and were very passionate and well brainwashed. Unnerving.
Taking a group of kids who don't understand much about the world, teaching them the the GND is life, that the world has 12 years left, using them to make a statement and then shouting her down in front of said kids w/out actually processing what she's saying? #soundsprettyleftist
It鈥檚 a little late for me but I鈥檓 guessing the field of clinical psychology is gonna be a frigging gold mine in a decade
my question to you Ben- real discussion, Why would our government Not want to transition to a renewable future?We鈥檙e already in the transition, but what do we get out of slowing it only to pad the pockets of fossil fuel companies and continue to risk our Health??
Kinda like the hard right going after Ilhan Omar speaking basic truth about AIPAC
I'm standing up for Dianne. Good for her. These kids need to hear reality. We have come so far on green & these kids coached.
Notice how they hate the truth, like a vampire in front of a cross. Or a sensible man watching Communists.
She's a crazy right-winger for not supporting our plan to provide free happiness and prevent all boo boos!
Watching the CANT DO Conservatives explain to Americans what they CANT do pic.twitter.com/WROXNZdXWY
The fact that you agree with Feinstein on this issue just confirms how deluded and strikingly similar neo-cons and neo-Libs are.
Hell, the soft left will go after her. These were engaged kids she was arrogantly dismissing. Soon they will give up hope, become cynical, and join what鈥檚 left of the conservative movement.
These kids seemed brainwashed by her teacher. Who has no clue
Why are you like a shittier, more boring version of Alex Jones?
The Left eating their own at this point
I was raised to begin from the HARD assumption that my elders knew things I hadn鈥檛 even considered yet. This charming group missed that lesson. The teacher, at age 26, missed it too.
It is warming to the heart to see them eat eachother...
Newfound relative prominence of the progressive movement in the US has finally enlightened some of these far right idiots just how helpful most Democrats are to achieving their policy goals
She literally spoke no basic truth, she rudely lectured kids and implied they don鈥檛 know what they鈥檙e talking while bragging about her voting record and using the 鈥渋f you think you鈥檙e smart, you try it鈥 logic.

She didn鈥檛 even address the politics or proposal of the GND.
The Green New Deal is a waste of time anyway. I want to live my life without people telling me to drive a expensive electric car or grow a costly garden cause it could 'save' the planet. The Earth will keep spinning in 12 years, whether humanity goes extinct or not.
They鈥檙e destroying themselves - they learned from Jussie Smollett 馃槀
Grey new deal. We nuke the sun. Sky goes grey. No more global warming. It will be ez.
When using your children as a ploy backfires....
How many times can they shoot themselves on the foot before the shoot thiernleg off.....oh the internet will gettum come 2020.
Feinsteins don't care about your feelings
Okay, This is epic.
You're hilarious tonight lmao
You need a step stool to watch.
If someone told me 5 years ago that Dianne Feinstein would be one of the most moderate people in the Democratic Party I would have laughed. Now I more want to cry.
Every day there鈥檚 new left on left action. Glorious.
Never interrupt your enemies when they are destroying themselves.
Let them eat each other.
Awww... did the mean Senator hurt der wittle fee-wings? Little libs want to bully the Senator on camera into supporting the GND which she clearly does not support. Feinstein presented an alternative bill. They didn't want to hear it.
What truth, that she is old? The EPA was Nixon's, not Obama's. Doubt he wanted Trump to sabotage it. What a joke, this guy was on Bill Maher, 'No one is tougher on Russia than Trump'...........how so? Name a president who has kissed Russia's behind and gave secrets like Trump. pic.twitter.com/EifKEU0n9E
So I ate mainly vegan for a month last year and had the worst gas of my life. Now that I am back eating meat I have had no issues. The #GreenNewDeal will cause the amount of farting vegans to increase ten-fold. An environmental travesty waiting to happen...
Every child in the world : Ben Shitiro hates all kids! He doesn't want them to have a future! pic.twitter.com/CWCcv8HNyR
They have being going after themselves more and more lately. Maybe this is what the zombie apocalypse looks like?
The fact that you guys like what she has to say about climate change speaks volumes. This is a party realignment in action. Dems who think like Republicans can get up and leave as far as we're concerned.
They dont like borders but the Green New Deal only talk about US territory. Nothing about China and others heavy emitters. The US is 14% of the world co2 emissions. If it is so important to reduce why not talk about China that is 25%.
Ben, where is the MSM鈥檚 outrage and horror that smirking youngsters threateningly surrounded a US Senator in an intimidating fashion and refused to let her get by?
Imagine if those kids had approached Klobuchar, it would've looked like Anakin returning to the Jedi temple.
If your kid really thinks we're all going to be dead from climate change in 12 years, I've got some bad news for you...
You must鈥檝e been busy making popcorn. I didn鈥檛 see you make any comments on the Lieutenant in the coast guard planning an attack on US Soil? pic.twitter.com/kaobr4isJG
Not so much the "truth" about the Green New Deal but a lesson in civil discourse.
Did not the famous Al Gore say that we would meet our demise in so many years?. Show those children that movie then break out the calculators ( pencils & paper are so lame).
okay, now this is epic
Watching you try to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge.
I don't know what's more entertaining, Feinstein ripping the NGD, or the fact that she is the voice of reason...
I understand this, but shouldn鈥檛 we be defending her if she鈥檚 willing to stand up against them even though we disagree? Maybe trying to stop a radical leftist will help?
Word. I saw that and thought she made sense for a bit of that time, but knew her 鈥渞esponsible鈥 plan will suck worse since it has a better chance than NGD: ZERO.
And yet you despise Feinstein. What a fraud.
"basic truth" lol please explain economics to us, person who spends all day on Twitter
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