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I swear, PETA, you choose the weirdest hills to die on. Great job using the death of a beloved icon to promote your agenda. Super gross

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Irwin family: *raises immense attention to nature conservation efforts in Australia and worldwide* Peta: we sleep Irwin family: interacts with animal to educate masses Peta: pic.twitter.com/bQMtIAgB93
鈥淔or the truth on us, here鈥檚 a very reliable source: us!鈥 pic.twitter.com/QKdpDvFcvt
Finally an unironic jacksfilms tweet
Watching you say something serious is weird.
Steve Irwin did more for animal conservation and welfare than PETA has ever. How are they even still around? What an absolute joke of an organisation
1 like=1 ticket to the John vs PETA fight
Peta has killed way more animals than Steve Irwin would've ever dreamed of doing.
every time jacksfilms makes a tweet that isnt a joke, I get chills
I'm australian and really pissed off about this. I moved to america as a kid when I was 8 and lived there for three years, watching him on tv felt like a connection to back home and the animals and wilderness i loved as a child.
I honestly believe Peta is a controlled opposition group designed to make vegetarians and vegans look insane
He died bc he surprised a ray and it stung his heart in reaction????? He never abused animals and always wanted people to love them??? And only playfully wrestled with Crocs?????
Especially since he loved animals 馃檮 oh PETA!
as a vegan, i don鈥檛 claim peta
Maybe they can boost their popularity by attacking Mr Rogers for wearing wool sweaters next. That'll get donations up after the whole murdered chihuahua fiasco for sure.
As an Australian, that pisses me off so much, PETA you have no right to use him as your cause, he is a sacred icon to Australians and you do not use him
Peta kills literal hundreds of animals every year. And with irrefutable evidence to boot.
yo twitter for android tho hahhahaha
I actually hate PETA. I鈥檝e hated them as a kid bc they鈥檙e games scared the crap out of me, and as a teen I just hear all the shit they do and I hate them more. This is just gross
Steve Irwin taught me more about loving and caring for animals than any low life organization like this
He removed wild animal from peoples property and relocated them saving both in the process
When Jacksfilms is serious about something, you know you fucked up
peta should stop killing animals themselves before speaking one more word about how much they care about animals
Weird how PETA says to leave wild animals alone, but will steal a 9 year old girl's dog and kill it.
I hate PETA so much. They give vegetarians like me and vegans a shitty image. Steve Irwin died while swimming, filming for his daughter Bindi's show. He startled the ray when he floated over with his shadow and it reacted. Tragic but an accident. He was a great man for animals
It's a wonder why PETA hasn't died in a fire by now.
"while harassing a ray" No. He died so the Ray could live. Rays die when the stinger is removed, and he could've lived, but he told them to let him die, and let the animal live on by surgically removing it from him. Funny how he was just. So fuckin amazing til the end.
Can we pretty please stop supporting #peta finally? Can we make this the very last straw of many last straws? I want to be around to watch them crash and burn.
He only promoted conservation and taught everyone to love every single animal but go off @peta
Poods be like 'pETA DID AN OPSIE'
I occasionally used to respect PETA for at least their morales, not their activities. however, to attack the memory of an ACTUAL animal rights activist! I鈥檓 done.
Oh neat, is this clearance for the Irwins to sue for defamation?
Daily reminder that PETA will kill your pets and is in general a terrible organisation. Fuck peta.
Thanks, have a good day!
And they wanna kill all pitbulls for no reason but a man who genuinely loves animals and shows them to the world is bad.....okay I can't believe people still support them
I know it鈥檚 almost like PETA wants people to hate them
New idea: Put Peta in a gladiatorial ring with ants, and see if they care enough about the poor critters to just lay there and take it.
They def didn't bring the bagels home with that play.
PETA is to what animal rights advocacy as to what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity. They're both radical movements with narcissistic followers that give both animal lovers and Christians a bad name respectively.
makes money off animal abuse
Can we all agree to cancel PETA?
There are still not enough people talking about this, they were so disrespectful.
Hes literally an advocate for wildlife???? Its like peta are fighting the people they should be partnering with to raise awareness. I hope that instead of wearing their ass as a hat all the time they work with some organisations to CALMLY promote their agenda
PETA is the worst. Just stop this shut please.
Yeh it鈥檚 still fuck PETA
So does this mean Peta won't be sponsoring future videos?
Nope can't deal with that. I watched Steve Irwin as a child, along with many other shows like The Crocodile Hunter, and he is one of the big reason why I love animals. I want to study biology and veterinary medicine bc of him. PETA can leave bye bye
PETA is an evil organization that doesn't care about anyone, especially the animals they claim to protect. I'm not surprised they'd pull this.
That's because PETA is a false flag. They go for and make rediculous claims. All the while killing more rescues than anyone else. They basically live on outrage culture
As someone whose career it is to give medical treatment to animals, I can say PETA has no idea WTF they are talking about. Steve Irwin was an animal conservationist and an avid animal lover. PETA is full of a bunch of vegan psychopaths who steal people's pets and euthanize them
Peta probably would've liked him more if he went around slaughtering puppies
Oh @peta, if only you practised what you preach
Yeah PETA doesn鈥檛 seem to have any reverence or respect for anybody or anything that they deem disagreeable and it really makes them look bad.
Hey, stop tweeting actual, relevant things. You're making me actually want to read your tweets.
I was hoping this was a joke. I'm frankly disgusted.
When will people learn that PETA is a despicable, cruel, hypocritical, straw-grasping cancer that only stays relevant due to controversy and that no animal lover should ever support or follow?
PETA can eat shit, crocodile hunter was my childhood. He didn鈥檛 harass animals, he captured and released for science. Steve Irwin always preached sustainability, and now you guys dance on his grave. Super gross does not even fit the bill...
Steve was my childhood idol, i remember being super excited to sit down and watch the show with my dad, and seing @peta just insult a dead man is beyond disrespectful, what the hell is the matter with you people? he rescued and helped so many animals.
Why would Peta Griffin do this
when even most vegans hate peta you know its a sinking ship.
When jacksfilms, the lord of memes, unironically calls you out on your bs, you know you鈥檝e f*cked up.
PETA has never been any better than the people they are trying to villianize. Gross business tactics, and an even worse organization. This is awful, and shows other companies and twitters how NOT to act.
i'm glad you used ur 1 serious tweet per year for this
I've said it before and I'll say it again. @peta is an absolute joke of an organization.
You are nothing but subhuman filth
Let鈥檚 talk about it...
That's a yikes from me WOW
with all your sarcastic and meme-ish tweets, im glad you pointed this out (which i dont see anyone else done it). call 'em out!
peta is the absolute worst company i have ever seen. the irwin鈥檚 are the kindest, most helpful people in the world and you are saying that steve was the bad guy? no, you are the bad guy.
This is truly disgusting!!! I grew up watching Steve Irwin and I learned to respect animals. He had an undying passion for every animal he came across. He passed down this love to EVERY CHILD that watched him on tv. PETA needs to back off!
The fact that peta is pro kill shelter as "better dead than a pet" shows how terrible and hypocritical they are
PETA going after the icon that is Steve Irwin is peak 2019, and it鈥檚 only February
PETA really gonna disrespects a legend like that sheesh
its literally disgusting.
and this is why im a proud carnivore
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