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If Alexandria Ocasio Cortez cared about her constituents, she wouldn’t be living in a luxury apartment while celebrating her district losing 25K Good Paying Jobs. Those like her with socialistic ideas are the ones eating high off the hog while everyone else nibbles at the toes.

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Exactly the dems want every American people too be poor or equal but them ... they wouldn’t give up they’re wealth so why would other hard workers ?
Hello, can you here us @AOC it’s called SOCIALISM! It’s what hard working Americans don’t want.
There's more air running through that head #OcasioCortez than an industrial air compressor running 24/7.
Well she is a good example of the dark side. Without people like her we might not fight for what is right and good about our beautiful country.
Such a pleasure meeting you both. Many continued blessings to you and keep up the work your doing. #majorformayor pic.twitter.com/8axX0qw1eT
I bet She's not willing to give up what she has to those who want or can't afford it.
same as Bernie , 3 water front houses
Why doesn't she take in some roommates? People who need a leg up?
She’s full of hot air. I keep thinking all this hot air will leave that big head of hers. Still waiting.
Truth! She wants to be a soudbite/identity career politician. She knows the financial gain long term. We need more folks like you to expose the lie that is AOC and others like her. It’s a damn shame, those jobs were good paying and could have helped so many in her district!
Everyone needs to read “Animal Farm “ again, before it’s too late 😐
Corrupt NY Needs Voter ID.
Bernie enjoying 3 houses. Good example.
She's out there earning a living trying to invoke change. You two are pathetically supporting a racist traitor illegitimate president to earn a few bucks with ur incessant babble & attempts at rapping #Deplorables #embarrassing
And this is what our lives would be like if she actually succeeds. She and her cronies would live well and the rest of us would be scavengers. Diamond and Silk have their finger on the pulse.
Well said my brilliant friends 😉
Shes a hypocrite just like Bernie sanders, owning 3 homes! 😂 they want to take away jobs (2500 in nyc )and spread everyones $$ around. The hypocrisy is real. Hey both need to go away now their 15 mins is up #DrainTheSwamp @realDonaldTrump
Yup, we are all in the cheap seats and we get to watch them do whatever they want to us poor folks. Isn't that what she just said in her last tweet?
Love these two women. They tell it like it is!
A.O.C has taken more from us already than she could ever give. People like her are trying to bring the working class people down while they make themselves richer.
I think that's how communistic leaders live.
That’s why they all want to run to Washington. Getting paid to vote in favor for themselves, their profit.
Wasnt she just complaining about the high cost of rent in DC she couldn't afford? She must have fallen into a Democrat windfall ... #LiberalHypocrisy
Steal from EVERYONE and Pretend it was all from the Rich so you can rationalize your theft!!
She cares about herself only. Socialist cow that she is.
She's been in office a month and is telling us what to eat. What more do you need to know.
Read George Orwell‘s animal Farm, it’s an old playbook coming back. These people think they’re on the cutting edge and they’re actually trying to relive 1968 through 1978 all over again. Meanwhile Trump is shifting the paradigm and the way the US government is meant to work.
AOC said she was running for Congress to become rich. Look at all the political hacks who are now millionaires. They did not become rich on Government salary. They are paid by someone to advance a cause. Pelosi calls our tax break crumbs while she became rich
She's the female version of that other phony (Do as I say not as I do) Bernie Sanders....
Look at Bernie Sanders tax returns and see how much that socialist makes.
I feel sorry for the people who were looking forward to having one of those jobs.
just discovered !She's on soros payroll!!!!!
Amen! That's why she's a socialist & reason she ran - to have that stuff & make herself rich off the backs of the poor & working people. That's what socialism is designed to do - it is theft from the poor & working class. Socialism is about greed - the greed of the socialists.
Or wearing $22 lipstick- no drugstore brands for AOC. Such a woman of the people.
Socialism only works for the person at the top. It’s basically a massive horrible pyramid scheme where only the people at the top do well, but everyone else waits for their bread to be passed out.
Lifestyles of the rich and Socialust
...you realize that the deal was going to give Amazon $3.4 billion in TAXPAYER money to open the NYC office? How the hell is it "conservative" to give taxpayer money to a private billionaire globalist corporation? AOC is an idiot, but she isn't wrong about this one.
Thank you ladies for saying it. Thank you.
That’s how socialism always works. Asking the people to sacrifice and give everything while those in power live high off the hog
HYPOCRISY! DEMS create hoaxes not jobs! SHE should go back to school! Some of the worst years in history were under Hussein & DEMS! Their idea of employment was part-time low paying jobs! AOC ruined the lives of 25K constituents Vote her out 2020 if she lasts that long!
She claims that “they” are in charge while “we” are yelling from the cheap seats. I’m changing her name to JULIO DAMN-FOOLIO. 🤣
I thought she couldn’t afford to live in DC. I guess her pay raise from the American people helped. Speaking of taxes...I’m wondering if she paid taxes on all the cash she made bartending.
Of course, why do you think they are fighting for socialism? Socialism=No trickle down economics, no term limits, higher taxes, no chance of rising above poverty, no freedom of speech, no individual thought. The list goes on.
follow the money. She will have plenty soon. That is how socialism works.
That’s what socialism looks like. They want the benefits of hard working citizens but not willing to sacrifice themselves.
Losing 25k jobs for her constituents but insisting that her office/staff make no less than 52k/yr. Isn't her boyfriend on her staff? Self serving Dems up to the same ishh, finding ways to funnel our taxes into their own pockets. When are people going to finally wake up??!
That is bad, but the jobs she helped derail were not going 2 her district in the 1st place. She intervened in a deal for another house members district & celebrated the 4 billion wage loss as a win? Maybe she hasn't setup office in her district as she is still learning boundaries
Yes, but she is giving a true representation of socialism. Few very rich people telling all the poor peons what to do, when to do and how to do.
That's the best thing about
being a Lib,
Other folks have to change.
They can do as they please,
Malevolence Disguised
As Virtue 😎
This has been seeping into our country for decades. Her goal is socialism and it stems from a society that coddles failure and rewards laziness This is the cost of a society that passes out participation trophies for failure False self esteem creates self entitlement pic.twitter.com/kQz5hYjBBO
Its like the movie : "animal farm" a must watch
Socialism where elite ruling class live in luxury while commoners starve
Bernie Sanders is another socialist/communist hypocrite. Lives like a king, owns 3 homes, drives nice cars while trashing capitalism and trying to sell the American people the socialism scourge that has never worked anywhere.
That is the Socialist agenda. A great system for the few with the power!
As all good Socialists and Commies do. Have her move to #Cuba or #Venezuela for 6 months as a regular citizen. #Hypocrite #MAGA
EXACTLY. If there was a way to get this into the heads of those who think these "leaders" of socialism "really" care about them and "truly" will work to "GIVE" everyone everything for free--so they can see how only those in POWER will HAVE and EVERYONE else will be the HAVE NOTS
I honestly do not understand why on earth she would not want that many good paying jobs. She is scary and dangerous because she appeals to the very young who do not understand the consequences of what she is proposing and ho will be voting in the future.
...you realize that the deal was going to give Amazon $3.4 billion in TAXPAYER money to open the NYC office?

How the hell is it "conservative" to give taxpayer money to a private billionaire globalist corporation?

AOC is an idiot, but she isn't wrong about this one.
Some are more equal than others, as always..
Or while unethically paying her boyto... boyfriend to be on her staff. To do nothing. Out of PAC money.
How is she living in luxury so soon??? Just before she went into office she was saying she didn’t have the money for an apartment. Where’d the money come from??? Hmmmm
Couldn't have said that better myself :)
Typical thee but not me socialist
She doesn’t care about anything or anyone but her self .
But let us not forget how senator scott swooped over and offered florida for those jobs. Love scott
Yes. This was the girl who said she couldnt afford a wash dc apartment. Obviously she is getting $ from somewhere!!!
Crumbs - that’s all we need!
Perfect example why everyone casting a vote should be required to pass and IQ test, a real one, not something created by the left for the left. #Disgraceful when a voter has no damned clue about anything involving reality...! #VoteAgainstSocialism for they want to control your $$
The Truth Be Told. All Commie leaders through out history live high off the hog
She could buy a lot of TEEPEES FOR Pocahontas
The President donates his salary, why doesn't live up to what she preaches and donate 90% of HERS??
The Dems only want socialism for the rest of us not themselves so we'll be eating out of dumpsters like they do in Venezuela. Using money for TP because it's cheaper than TP. Yeah socialism is fantastic for the lazy.
Excellent points!!! How dare she state that the "people" spoke and did not want Amazon in NY! Sounds like her agendas, only...
After finding out today she’s funded by George Soros watching her will be like watching Hitler’s brown shirts
in other words AOC: Lead by example.
I’m missing the “link” between housing and constituent care. Are you saying that when Trump goes to Mar a Lago that he is rubbing 99% of the populations face in the dirt?
Well said ladies.
Ladies ladies, she's in government now. She's on the side of the takers so she'll be on the top. She's no longer on the side of the being taken froms.
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