Can't help but notice that the President of the United States friends all seem to be criminals, racists & pedophiles & I'm not just talking hearsay here, a lot of them have been indicted, charged, arrested or jailed.

What kind of person keeps just one of those kinds of friends?

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Compare: The many people, like me, who have far fewer “friends” in 2019 than they did pre-Trump because they’ve since shown their true colors.
The timing of this, so soon after the Acosta / Epstein findings is interesting. We know Kraft and Epstein traveled in the same orbit with our president. The lack of morals on display from the super wealthy is disgusting, especially when they put themselves on pedestals.
A rapist, pedophile, & criminal.
We are the company we keep
Whoever walks with wise becomes wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed Proverbs
Add R Kraft to the lists of criminals now... FREAKIN HILARIOUS!
I'm curious, why aren't American hackers helping the US expose trump's corruption? The russians are going after our people all over the place. Surely we have some home grown hackers that could expose all of trump's russia ties, and how in debt he is to Saudi Arabia.
What kind of United States Senators continue to support, defend, and run interference for a @POTUS who not only has criminal, racist, and pedophile friends but is himself all of those things, @SenJoniErnst and @ChuckGrassley?

#YouAreTheCompanyYouKeep #DefeatJoniErnst2020
Criminals attract criminals.
How many times did I hear evangelicals vote for Trump and say, " I don't like Trump as a person, but I pray he will surround himself with good people." These are the same people who know that you don't marry someone you hope is going to change with marriage. Trump was/is garbage.
And the entire cabinet and the quid pro quo ambassadors
Thank Goodness he hires the best of the best! Imagine if that was not the case?
He controls them via blackmail.
one that does the same thing as his "friends".
Because no one else will be friends with him?
What do they say about the company you keep? Birds of a feather?
Two adages come to mind: 1)Birds of a feather flock together. 2) You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.
Money and power corrupt. They are all proof of that. It’s truly sad some of them have been elected to represent us.
What type of person keeps just one of those kinds? Not someone as well rounded as Donald Trump!
All the best people...
Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.
Do you remember what Fox News & Right Wing Radio was able to do with just one Reverend Wright? Everything and Everyone around Trump, to include his own language and tactics, supports every negative thought you have about this guy. If Trump was a Democrat...whew Boy 🤷‍♂️
Don't you wish one person in the press pool would ask trump or any GOP WHY he is surrounded by criminals, racists and pedophiles? Just once! Most days I wish I had a press pass. @Acosta @kwelkernbc @KellyO @autumnsgrammy
A bird of the same feather.
Just chatting with my hubby ‘bout that ... did you see this?…
What kind of person does not immediately disavow?
Let alone an entourage... amirite?
The sort of guy who says. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
It's like the Qonspiracy, except switching the Democrats and the Trumpers.
All the President’ men and all the women standing beside him
A criminal, racist and pedophile.
People tend to keep stick to their own groups
Friends of a feather flock together!
Not to mention the charlatan Evangelist Mega Church "Christians". This whole Administration is a comic written by Garth Ennis, brought to life I swear to God.
he only hangs out with the best people
Someone whose personal Venn diagram is a series of concentric circles? *sniff, sniff* I think I smell Kompromat.
A criminal, racist & pedophile.
A crime syndicate.
Takes one to know one, and he knows them all.
Birds of a feather flock together.
The Rick James song Super Freak just springs to mind... also old entitled white guys who dont think they will get caught...
Wealthy, “win at all costs” types. People who think they are “bending” the rules, but not breaking them. Our laws have been usurped by the rich and entitled for so long that they can’t identify when they’re running afoul of them.
Quite the pattern, eh? Ya think he could be shady crook/gangster too? @3L3V3NTH @CraigCo62 @MollyJongFast @Top_Sergeant @votevets @Luminosity66 @MikeHoelscher2
That’s cause criminals like Donald Trump hang out with other criminals & sorted crooked people. #CrookedTrump #CriminalTrump #America
Birds of a feather...,
I'll bet my left nut that Trump attended at least 1 of those pedophile parties.
A person who is just like them...a sicko.
That is the sick circles of the rich and powerful
Birds of a feather flock together.
#evangelicals are the reason 45 is in office.... #facts im just saying
Walk like Talk like Ped Criminal
You’re no better than the company you keep 😳
If one is judged by the company one keeps, Trump is toast!
Reading @soychicka ‘s pinned tweet, all these people are reptileans; completely moral vacant.
Everything Trump Touches dies #ETTD @TheRickWilson
Personally I shitlist people for much less.
The Clintons. This is fun. What’s your next question?
My old grandma used to say, “you are the company you keep”. My old grandma was very wise.
A career criminal/serial sexual predator
The criminal in charge
My mom told me many years ago, you are who you associate with.
A person shows who they are by the friends they keep
I had a discussion with Trump supporters who took offense with me calling them Trumpeteers & asking me to see there r people who like his policies but not the person so that's why they support him. My point was exactly that they overlook his lack of moral code because of policy.
Birds of a feather......... They hang around with each other because they all share the same proclivities.
Just try and put your mind in that place. Doesn't it just get repulsed like a reverse polarity magnet? Can't do it.
You can judge a person by their friends.
like seeks out like
You must remember what decent person would WANT to be friends with this bloated bag of protoplasm
A racist, pedophile, criminal.
You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with...
Birds of a feather...
Interesting that Granpa Ranty’s Wall diatribes have that emphasis on vans with women tied up with blue tape over their mouths....🤔
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