Pt. 2: DiFi tells them she may end up voting "yes" on their resolution, but it's still a bad resolution. After another minute, it takes a turn.

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Feinstein took the time to explain processes in detail. She treated them respectfully until they escalated the situation. But they were able to craft their 2 minute GOTCHA video so they could take down another 'Establishment Dem.' People elected her because they TRUST HER.… If you watch the unedited version, DiFi handled the situation well. They came for blood and weren’t leaving without it so they kept pushing. In the first 49 seconds she even says she may end up voting for the bill.… Here’s the one with the few edited seconds at the beginning where she says she may indeed vote for the bill even though she doesn’t think it will go through.
Before Diane Fienstien interrupted the little girl, she was going to say "Government works for the people, by the people." You're suppose to listen to them Diane, not the other way around.… UNEDITED version of the video. A few seconds at the beginning were cut out to inflict max damage to DiFi. Who by the way has the highest voting record on the environment
Yeah! All those young activist need to shut up and listen to their elders! They have to learn patience! Like Diane! She'll be long dead before irreversible climate change effects the planet. And that's the way legislation is suppose to work! Amiright?!
THE UNEDITED VERSION. Shame on whoever tried to make DiFi look bad.
This seriously sounds so cultish. Like, I get that we need to move the ball waaay forward, but this is like, creepy.
*Disclaimer: Non political

Leaders choosing to assert their own experience and posturing the "I know more than you rather than listening to ideas. It happens in the workforce too. Remember CULTURE LIVES WITHIN PEOPLE®
#Feinstein #leadership #Listen #grow
This video has been edited with AT LEAST 4 edits. Yet @_waleedshahid would like you to believe that it hasn't been. This is character assassination in its lowest form. This makes Trump look angelic and he's not.
Feinstein sounded responsible in the face of activists using children as human shields. To condition children to say the world will be devastated in 12 yrs if radical policies aren’t put into place is reckless to the point of abuse. Let the 24yr old adult activist make the case.
The kids and their chaperones came there to try and force Feinstein to say she'd vote for the GND and refused to have a real dialogue.…
Since he won't do it, here's the whole video. She said she might vote yes, but the resolution needs work.… Now watch the entire video including the almost entire minute they cut out. She responds to them clearly and truthfully. Even says she may vote for the GND even though she thought it didn’t stand a chance.
Parker, please watch the whole thing. It was nowhere near as bad as they're saying with their edited video.
A good chunk of the whole video is here. You're overreacting.
You've done yourselves and your movement a great disservice by posting this heavily edited video. Anyone who wants to can watch the entire exchange here:
Yeah, she’s 80+ and doesn’t really care what happens after her, especially for kids demanding the extreme end of drastic action right now. But, she’s open to falling in line if the consequences don’t hurt her too much. Why this is news is beyond me.
I am not over reacting, she is very condescending at the end even in the non edited version.
The full version is no better. Same problem: She blew the kids and the imperative of immediate and drastic action off. Like I said, it's not like this is a new issue. She's been briefed on it for 30 YEARS & done NADA. She's a lazy dilletante.
Whenever politicians tell you, "It has no chance of passage in the Senate," it means they're lazy, worthless entitled plutocrats who don't want to see whatever it is passed. Because NOTHING get passed unless & until you try, until you keep at it, chipping away at any opposition.
Feinstein & all corporate Dems have been true plutocrats on climate change for 40 YEARS! Nothing happens if you don't hammer away at it, & they've done NOTHING! They knew what was coming. Look who else knew & has been trying to do something about it:
Oh no she didn't ... where are the parents outrage.… Watch this unedited version. Then let me know if you still think the same. They edited the video for maximum impact. She literally said she may vote for the bill even though she doesn’t think it will pass. But they came for blood.
Here's the full video. You're blocking before you get all of the facts.
Watch the whole thing. You folks are overreacting to a heavily edited video.
She said a lot more than what's in the video you're talking about. They edited it to put her in bad context. You can watch the whole video here:
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