Wow. Pt 5. The mom says "this resolution isn't aimed at passing," just like DiFi said. Then, at the end of this part, one of the kids asks about an internship, and DiFi offers her one on the spot.

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WAIT A MINUTE...they ADMIT the resolution has no chance of passing and is purely symbolic?? Did they bother telling THE KIDS that?鈥
Yeah... Dianne Feinstein is a real hard one. (sarc) She offered the kid an internship and this whole exchange was pleasant. Yet Waleed Shahid circulates a 2 minute interaction out of context, so Justice Dems can prove.... JUST HOW 'horrible' 'Establishment Dems' are. JFC 馃檮
Democrats need to question those who attempted to make DiFi look bad. DiFi was gracious and respectful. If you are someone who called for her to be fired (@davidhogg111 @MuslimIQ) and dont correct your mistake, we should all question you and your motives.
What a cruel woman. Giving them copies of her bill and offering an internship. Why don鈥檛 we incarcerate her?
What Shadid,Sunrise Movement &Justice Dems did was right out of the Putin Playbook attack using social media. I looked at the TLs of those attacking Sen Feinstein and many were Berners.Res Ipsa Loquitur- The thing speaks for itself.A hit job on a Senator with a great envi record
amzaing how much respect she shows them, she doesn't talk down, doesn't sugar-coat, doesn't pander, doesn't lie. Honestly, kids need more of this. You think the kid would have wanted an internship if they felt abused? Nope, saw something to be a part of that's real.
I am with Feinstein. She is the best.
So these Sunrise people and Justice Dems were basically LYING on Senator Feinstein.
Philosophically I don't agree with Sen. Feinstein but I agree with all the things she said during the entire interaction with these young people. Wow, offering an internship on the spot - those are few and much coveted. I hope that young woman appreciates what the Senator did.
If I hadn鈥檛 watched the video for myself, I鈥檇 have missed this moment.
WAY more to this.....These far left groups tried to do a hitjob on Senator Feinstein but that shit bout to backfire spectacularly.
Y鈥檏now, seriously, @SenFeinstein is pretty unimpeachable in this part of the encounter. This should not have been edited to make her seem villainous. One can disagree with her on either process or policy without unfairly distorting what happened.
Just amazing.....everyone is so keyed up right now on Twitter they鈥檙e ready to pounce on anything not pure pc.
I have disagreed with Feinstein on a number of issues over the years, but I鈥檝e always had respect for her. The senator鈥檚 conduct here is very impressive 馃憤 @SenFeinstein
That was unreal...the young woman was rude then asks for a manners at all...
So, here鈥檚 what really happened.
I jumped to a horrible conclusion about DiFi based on an unflattering edited video . I feel foolish...Yep, I for the okeydoke..
Yup. The Green New Deal is aspirational like when President Kennedy talked of going to the moon in the beginning of his term. It's what we are working towards.
Very nice of Dianne Feinstein to offer her an internship :)
Wow - that heavily edited #DiFi video definitely does MOT show the whole story. Much admiration for this woman鈥檚 graciousness and forthrightness to educate and engage politically interested youth. #respect #DianneFeinstein @SenFeinstein
Has anyone showed BernieBro-in-Chief @chrislhayes 鈥 I mean he couldn鈥檛 be arsed to look for the whole video earlier when he freaked out
When opportunity presents itself, take it! May not get another chance. She took it!
Happy you are a former FBI agent because you are no longer up to the task.鈥
They are. Drafting legislation that can actually pass is smart strategy.鈥 Demanding fealty to slogans, deceptively editing videos, manipulating emotions & triggering outrage mobs on Twitter, are tactics used by the RW. Let's not go there.
Tho you should be embarrassed & ashamed. Watch this to the end, youth spokesman guy. Think you're doing more for them than she is?鈥
The rest of the story.
Whenever politicians tell you, "It has no chance of passage in the Senate," it means they're lazy, worthless entitled plutocrats who don't want to see whatever it is passed. Because NOTHING get passed unless & until you try, until you keep at it, chipping away at any opposition.
Sounds like some child and her mother want attention
Climate change is of course very important. However every elected Democrat has worked their asses off since 2016 dealing with the most corrupt Republican government that we have ever had. And to think that you morons are criticizing her for something Republicans don't believe in.
I can only hope that the young woman just offered an internship by #DianneFeinstein takes it and learns from her - and engages in trying to make our country better through her efforts - just as @SenFeinstein has.
Watch the thread that shows the whole sitch. DiFi didn鈥檛 botch anything. The edit did.鈥
And the Sunrise Movement said that the entire video wouldn't change anyone's mind about Feinstein's attitude. This whole incident has been disgusting and divisive and premeditated.

I've said this several times already, Senator Feinstein deserves a sincere apology.
Feinstein & all corporate Dems have been true plutocrats on climate change for 40 YEARS! Nothing happens if you don't hammer away at it, & they've done NOTHING! They knew what was coming. Look who else knew & has been trying to do something about it:
When I brought my kid to meet our representative, I let the kids ask the questions. That was the point. It wasn't so that I could ask questions. It was generous of him to meet with the kids, and I feel it would have been underhanded on my part to jump in with my own arguments
As Feinstein said, you could spend hours in a futile pursuit or do what is possible.
Fuckers still want to criticize? 馃 Feinstein handled this like a gotdamn boss.
There's way more video, thanks to @tommyxtopher. It's worth watching all the clips he's got posted.
Hug it out everyone.
The full version is no better. Same problem: She blew the kids and the imperative of immediate and drastic action off. Like I said, it's not like this is a new issue. She's been briefed on it for 30 YEARS & done NADA. She's a lazy dilletante.
Lol? Not pickin up too many followers by shilling for the corporate democrats are you. Whitewashing complerely corrupt politicians must be psychologically taxing
So who does Diane Feinstein get to sue for $250 mil now?
So she gave them tough facts, committed to consider a yes vote on their issue, showed them her own work at passing climate change legislation and then offered one of the teens an immediate internship.
What a bitch! 馃檮
Can we not attack our own allies please people?
Here's the part in the UNCUT video where Feinstein sets one of the kids up with an internship.猬囷笍
Watch the thread that gives the whole picture. You of all people know how things get misconstrued.鈥
The dividers riding our party coattails won't be mentioning this. Right? ...fuck.
WOW! You mean the clip was heavily edited to make Feinstein look as bad as possible? Why, who would do such a thing?! 馃
If they were worried, they'd be supporting policy that can pass rather than something that they themselves acknowledge won't work. Now is the time for productive work, not attention-grabbing stunts
Strange that they didn't include this in the edited 2 minute hit job. #DianneFeinstein
Here have an internship just get the f*ck out of my office 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ
Do you have to be 18 to be a intern?
These responses are why we Dems are fucked.
Have you seen this?
Why are we freaking out again?
Omfg! This happened? And ... what is Sunrise Moment running with???
Well the "Feinstein and the kids" video is so much more interesting if you actually watch more of what went on beyond that one confrontation when they first descended on her (I know she was not at her best..) Thanks to @tommyxtopher for finding and posting the rest of the story.
Goddamn left wing trolls attacking Feinstein please watch this.
In fairness, Part 5 has a happy ending.
I love Dianne. This is a bunch of AOC Green new deal bs. These folks don鈥檛 know how to use the system. Dianne and Nancy do.
"Oh wow鈥einstein offered a woman begging for her kid's life an opportunity to give Feinstein political cover by working for her for free."
@davidhogg111 still think she鈥檚 a monster? Just like you were edited and slandered so is she being. You鈥檙e better than that.
THIS is a lot more believable than the edited hit piece being retweeted everywhere.
Yeh @sunrisemvmt seems super sketchy (actually sketchier) after seeing this.
Why is SunRise attempting to pull a James O鈥橩eefe?
So she should vote yes on a resolution she knows won鈥檛 pass....that鈥檚 the plan and we are supposed to be mad at #Feinstein...#Smh鈥 She sure as hell should be representing Democrats. And if you aren鈥檛 sure about the video you should do your homework before commenting. Oh! And this!鈥 We should shoot the people who edited this video into space!
For all of you who JUMPED on #DianneFeinstein because of the #SunriseMovement dishonest edited video of their exchange, here is truth. Disappointing to see media personalities jump on without full knowledge, the damage and division you created is huge.
This doesn鈥檛 change how cringeworthy other moments were but leaving this out in the edited video does a real disservice to the party
Then watch the rest of the story.
Lol. DiFi gave one of those kids an internship?! They sure left THAT one out of the edited viral clip.
Beware! When you only see a small portion of video slanted to someone else's agenda. Not saying she couldn't have been more gracious at some of the exchanges.
You wonder who edited that other video.
This whole thing was meant to be a gotcha moment...
Yeesh, Sen Feinstein could have handled some of this better, but the original edited video is heavily biased. This part makes that clear. Shame on the people who did it, you're not helping the GND get enacted.
Prediction: she won't pass a background check (No moles allowed).
Everyone should wait for context after seeing something like this, thus endeth the lesson.
Watch the entire video, (or at least read this tweet and watch this part of it), before jumping on the Feinstein-bashing wagon.
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