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1) The GND doesn’t address the “climate crisis”.
2) No one owes you an alternative to a terrible idea.
3) You’re not in charge of anything. You’re an under-qualified and overpaid public employee whose only work “accomplishment” thus far is costing your constituents a ton of jobs.
Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Until then, we’re in charge - and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.

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Just a small reminder of how insane and ridiculous the GND is:
Her solution would make things WORSE! US emissions have been declined due to the change from coal to fracked Nat gas. Down 12% in last decade, at time when wind/solar wannabes like Germany saw emissions SPIKE. If she actually cared, she'd be pro fracking and nuclear. pic.twitter.com/oGAENiK3ui
Honestly, if someone wrote a proposal to invest in nuclear energy and that was the entire proposal, I would consider it better than the GND.
I wish I could like this several thousand times like some sort of bot farm.
$174,000 per year for this, folks.
Wow didn’t take long for her to forget she works for the people. Or maybe she never knew how it works.
She doesn’t know that words “in charge” are used by dictators and authoritarian rulers like Putin? She is supposed to serve people. She reminds me of a person who got accepted to a complicated job (like financial analyst), but without any knowledge on the matter. She pretends...
How Authoritarian, Dictatorial and Totalitarian of her. Signed. We the people.
I am continually amazed at how many people believe in this nonsense it is literally their God. Rule of thumb always question what any politician says from any party and find the real truth on your own. I trust no one
The legislation is drafted. Bring it to the floor for a vote. Let’s livestream @cspan on #ppv and use the proceeds to fund border security.
If you don't like our proposal of smashing our hands with hammers, what do you have as an alternative to this need? <raises hand> Trepanning as a DNC team building exercise? I like it!
I'm surprised she didn't include having citizens walk the board to produce energy for the collective, then be ever grateful for our daily food cube. Reference: "Agenda 21" By @glennbeck
There is no climate crisis.
This is a lie. We need to fix the racial wealth gap in order to combat the climate crises. I’m in charge. I’m in charge.
Same people incredulous that Feinstein used the "I'm in charge" speech to the kids are cheering for AOC's "I'm in charge" clapback to her horrendous bill.
Her name AOC, but her puppeteer is GEORGE SOROS! Alexandria is a natural born nincompoop.. all her media statements come directly from George Soros and his activist groups.
I got a good laugh at on-scale
She obviously believes there is no such thing as bad publicity
Actually I think we should all just wait the 12 years and if we’re all dead then I guess you weee right. If not....
Lmfao "we're in charge" and she hasn't even worked there 1 year 🤣🤣
I'd be curious to hear what you propose to address global warming.
Would love to see her debate someone on this brilliant proposal.
Well, @AOC has certainly gotten full of herself! 🙄
Truth be told, the biggest threat to this planet, is a big asteroid that we haven't detected yet with our name on it. Once it hits the planet, the climate will change.
There is no global climate crisis.
Don’t get your blood pressure up over her stupidity sweetheart 😘
Amazing, ain't it? If she only had sesos to match those cojones.
You earn your right to criticize if you create. Otherwise she is correct, stay in the cheap seats.
She is so clueless. Unfreaking believable that people elected her. Maybe they justwanted change like people with Trump but she cant grasp the concept of money.
She should stick to making appletinis. When she screws them up, no one gives a shit.
Someone is getting a little full of her self...she walks into a room like... pic.twitter.com/btEesgBVpM
Especially - she’s not in charge.who gave her the idea she is?
You really don’t get it - there is no global climate crisis!!!
Yes, you actually do have a responsibility to propose an alternative course action that quickly and effectively addresses the climate crisis.
How do we fight anthropogenic climate change right now?
I pray the Democrats keep her front and center. She is a goldmine of stupidity.
I'll bet you think this argument rebuts climate science
In other words, the new Obama?
What is she talking about, climate does change
One point. She is an elected representative. You are an anonymous Internet personality. Just pointing it out.
Well, for number 3, she also passed dirty money to her boyfriend under the table.
That clapback tho...
Don't forget the part about under scrutiny for multiple possible ethics violations in regards to her campaign finances, staffing and lobbyists
@AG_Conservative she did create a job for her boyfriend.
WOW. @AOC didn’t take long to become just like most politicians...condescending and arrogant.
@AOC You are not in charge. The President is in charge. Your Green Deal will never get his signature.
The clap back to the clap back
If I believed the earth will go belly up in 12 years I would run for Congress so I could get good tickets for plays and ball games.
Definitely someone who is engaging honestly with the problem of climate change. twitter.com/ag_conservativ…
First of all Government never creates anything the FREE market does look how much innovation has come out of Venezuela! If you like Socialism and misery so much go live in Venezuela
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