I want the children from the Sunrise Movement to know they were heard loud and clear. I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation. pic.twitter.com/JLoIMDf26u
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lol k

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I try really hard not to buy into the hype around body language and politicians (a la 鈥渨hat does it mean that Trump crosses his legs differently when Putin was in the room!?!?!?鈥 nonsense)....yet the fact that she鈥檚 crossing her arms during this conversation is perhaps telling.
Wow this encapsulates the whole interaction and in a way that totally doesn't betray some sort of agenda.
The 2 minute video was heavily edited to paint a false narrative about the encounter with Feinstein. Here's the entire 15 minutes. facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise鈥
Kid:" I want to live" Finestein" Oh, so it has to be your way or the highway, hmm.."
My favorite part, the entire 15 minute video where she says yes I will consider voting for it, you want an internship, you got one and on and on. She was respectful while being badgered and yelled at.
She also said the bill would not pass because the Republicans WILL NOT support it. If anyone needs to be shamed, it鈥檚 the Republicans not Feinstein.
Jordan, why did you crop out the adult leader DF was speaking to here?
She didn't come off great in any version of the video, but this statement seems reasonable enough. Continuing to poke won't help.
"I've been doing this for 30 years." That's the problem!
All you do is crap on democrats. The children were used as props to drive the agenda of the Justice Dems who do nothing but protest democrats. She knows what she鈥檚 doing and was respectful and honest to this group, who was being extremely rude to her and talking over her.
Smearing and knee jerking by the Bros again. Go after the real culprits- the GOP.!
She comes off worse in the cringe-inducing 15-minute video. Gobsmackingly appalling.
The old democrats in Congress are pissed off that the scary young people are actually trying to do something rather than just being run over by Repubs. They鈥檙e so comfortable in their complacency.
But this is reality though. That bill won鈥檛 pass the Senate, so what鈥檚 the point. She has been doing this for 30 years. Let her work on it. It鈥檚 called politics for a reason.
During Feinstein鈥檚 tenure in the senate fossil fuel companies have received over $100 billion in subsidies. If this is her knowing what she鈥檚 doing, I would hate to see what happens when she doesn鈥檛.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 respond to that but you should when I鈥檓 speaking like that鈥
鈥渟unrise movement鈥 sounds like the name of the old folks home she should be in.
lol you have an agenda? Watch the whole video.
Non edited video stop with fake news and lies like you do she was perfect
Really dude?!?! 馃檮 I follow you for a reason...and this isn鈥檛 it
Tell them then, what does it take? What do you respond to.
You are being conned. The video was edited. Stop it. The enemy is @gop not @dems
You sure are doing your best to help the GOP. This is the worst way to get us to vote for Bernie. Bad stragedy dude!
"I'm gonna yell at some kids but then I'm gonna act respectable right after because my idiot racist spineless white voters will back me because I'm white" -@SenFeinstein
why are you spreading this shit? #blocked
You got the 鈥済arbage human鈥 correct. Ass.
Disappointed that even you fell for this BS.
The i don鈥檛 respond to that came from one of the adults telling her something like 鈥渂ut they have decades to live鈥 aka 鈥測ou鈥檙e dying soon and so you don鈥檛 care鈥. I think she was reasonable to say that.
Its almost lime a bunch of kids who dont know what they are talking about confront a senator who has been doing her research and job for a long time. What should the senator do? Roll over?
Tell me how this tweet from AOC is any different? She's talking to constituents by posting this on Twitter and says, " until then, we're in charge - you just shouting from the cheap seats" pic.twitter.com/gmThdH1qyj
There was apparently an edited video and an unedited one? Have you seen both? I have just seen the one, but my skepticism around these videos is increasing. Like what happened just before the camera was turned on? After? What is DiFi鈥檚 actual record on the environment?
Watch the whole video.
I鈥檓 a CA voter who voted for you, and I can guarantee this attitude and this kind of thinking is NOT among the reasons I, & many others, voted Dem. Instead of saying people need to 鈥渓isten a little bit,鈥 YOU need to LISTEN A LOT MORE.
Go vote for Bernie.. you Trump lover.
Welcome to democracy children, now stfu.
Must be the REAL reason why they have such a problem with Trump. Maybe the kids should take their letter to the president and see if he will make a deal.
is right. The GND is a NON-BINDING do nothing resolution.
I saw your comment, no one is going to to anything except vent on twitter
Oh and Jordan, she has also been a leading voice on gun control and safety. But I am certain that you knew that.
Heard she tried to fight the 16 year old outside.
Watch the entire recorded encounter. Not the brief clip or these short quotes. At the end of the full recording she鈥檚 setting up an internship for one of the 16 year old kids.
Your body language (arms crossed) says otherwise...
"We had a spirited discussion" 馃槃馃槀馃ぃ
"You say it has to be 'my way or the highway' but what you don't understand is it's MY way, now get the fukk out of my office"
Feinstein should resign
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