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I don’t know how to do threads, here is a Brody story #RIPBrodyStevens
#Redemption #Yes #Positivity

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This is great and sad.
Brody Stevens was such a kind, hilarious and perfectly weird person. This story is so specifically him. ❤️
This is fucking beautiful and I am so, so incredibly sorry for your loss. What a wonderful human.
I love you, man. Thank you for this story. Please don’t die anytime soon.
Incredible. Fuck, what a loss.
In full stage voice was the best part.
So happy you shared this Auggie. Thank you.
This is the best thing I'll read all day. And I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.
This is so beautiful.
This might be my favorite story yet.
This means everything. 😢❤️
The brightest stars are carrying the greatest loads; may his memories be a blessing. Spread love like he did and his memory will live in every act of kindness he inspired.
quite positive this is my favorite Brody Stevens story I’ve come across...every story could be a favorite though.
I hope that anyone who was inspired by his actions or friendship will post stories like this so folks will know the goodness in his heart. I do not know his work but will search for it and appreciate his efforts to make us laugh. Thanks for the story!
This is a great story and one that should be shared.
What choice did Theresa have? Of course she had to accept it.
What a beautiful story!
I can hear him prefacing this by reminding everyone in the store that He, Steven, Brody Stevens has been Hollywood's leading opener for over 1000 shows, star of hangover II, a former aspiring major league pitcher
This is my favorite one yet, what a awesome guy. I hope he is at peace now
seems like a rad dude :(
Everybody be more like Brody.
I have loved reading all the stories about truly beautiful human & incredible comic Brody Stevens. This one is by far my favorite. He will be missed.
Dude if this doesn’t break your heart, you have no soul. Brody Stevens was the nicest asshole to ever exist and everyone knows it. #RIPBrodyStevens
Hahahahahahaha thank you for sharing that. ♥️♥️
Been up since 5am (UK!) reading stories like these, thanks for the laugh!
I never saw Brody perform but this story alone would make me a huge fan! Thanks for sharing. From all Ive read he seemed like an amazing friend and comic.
This story makes me LOVE this man. What an incredible loss, not for comedy, but for humanity
This is the perfect Brody Stevens Story. Read the whole thing in his cadence, which in turn, made it so funny. RIP.
@BrodyismeFriend seemed like a great fuckin’ guy & i’m jealous i never knew him. condolences to all those that did. @TheTimJennings
Thank you. Just numb tonight. 💔
That's a great story and he sounds like a genuinely awesome person. Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like an attention seeker 🤷‍♂️
I love that so much. Thank you.
Classic Brody. Always a #GoodGuy
Love love love! Miss Brody big time. 😥
I'd never heard of him until the sad news. I recognised his face when I saw some pictures... I've watched some stuff now and I've seen how many people knew him and loved him. Thanks for this lovely story and RIP to your friend.
Damn that is a great short story, i pictured him standing on the counter yelling that haha May he be at peace.
this is awesome. I love people like Brody
I like this story because you could have just told us a funny Brody story, but instead you told a story that puts you as the antagonist to show us what a kind heart he had. Condolences to you.
Thank you for sharing this story.
This is phenomenal. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
I love that he was like this all the time, on or off stage. Love you Brody 💔
This is where heaven exists. The stories we tell and the way we remember people keeps them alive forever, as long as we remember. This is exactly the way I always thought he was just based on his stand up. Thanks for sharing.
I keep reading stories like this, and Lord, I wish I had gotten a chance to meet and know Brody Stevens. Sounds like such the loss, well beyond his comedy. #DepressionSucks #RIPBrodyStevens
I love this so much and hate that it took Brody leaving us for me to hear it.
Brody was the best.
I need to learn about Brody Stevens
RIP Brody. A legend of comedy & being a good man.
I don’t know about this...
Perfect story about Brody. I'm really sad about his passing. His positivity and openness was refreshing and special. As a podcast listener I always loved seeing his name pop up as a guest, especially on @whocharted. I hope you're at peace, Brody.
@shamsharry oh man this one got me. Can picture him doing all of this
This reminds me:

A few months ago a high school coach called a family, that he coached 2 years previously, to apologize for the nepotism 🏀 that he was a part of that hurt the kid.

He expected to be cursed at & yelled at. Instead, the father said "Thanks for being a man."
I laughed out loud sitting alone in my apartment and immediately proceeded to break into tears, and then shortly after started rewatching "Enjoy it!" on Netflix. If you are interested in documentaries + mental health + comedy, watch it!
Help me! I'm an artist. I'm in trouble. I discovered a Cannibalism Restaurant here in Brazil. Now, there's an agency of espionage torturing me. Can you save me? Please, I'm suffering.
That made me tear up. Thanks for this gem. A day in the Life of SBS amazing
I love this story 💛
That's a good one. Crying all over again. Thank you.
This is such an excellent story.
I loved Brody and don’t mean to be a cunt, but that sounds annoying as hell to all involved. The quiet apology should be fine. I would not be amused if I was a patron enjoying my Big Breakfast.
Holy shit I love this. What a person Brody was.
That’s awesome! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
That is fucking good story. An amazing lesson.
This makes me wish I had gotten to meet Brody Stevens
This one has me tearing up. ✌❤ #yes #PositiveEnergy #YesS
No conocía a este Brody Stevens antes de su muerte, pero he leído todo el día historias como estas, un refrescante aire de positivismo
I keep reading #Brody stories and this one made me laugh cry. He was so kind despite his own struggles. I hope I never forget his voice of aggression and rage, screaming and demanding people to be positive. It was maybe the funniest thing in live performance I’ve ever witnessed.
Such a funny dude
#Brody’s the Champ. Rip, man.
Lol that’s a hell of a story
This made me cry laugh which is a new thing
This just made me cry
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