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Man... I’ve never seen this website mobilize across cultural and political barriers before... until PETA came at Steve Irwin.... that dude really could’ve saved the world. Uniting twitter posthumously is God like.

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People you don’t come at - Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, Fred Rogers.
posthumous. what a word. what a fucking word. pic.twitter.com/38iVMUyXXZ
Twitters simultaneous reaction when a group throws shade at the great Steve Irwin! pic.twitter.com/HwPmtweBY9
My whole family adored him. His death had a big effect on my 3 kids and me. I still think of my son’s grief. My daughter’s’ confusion. My oldest’s anger. We all grieved together and IT WAS REAL. God bless Steve Irwin.
The Holy Trinity is Steve Irwin, Fred Rogers, and Bob Ross.
Rest of Twitter showing up to defend Steve Irwin like pic.twitter.com/4gXYg4GQMA
I hate PETA so much and even so more for this!!! pic.twitter.com/IlfTYVkDag
- agreed. I can let a lot of the shit here slide due to difference of opinion, but, you don’t come for Steve Irwin. Ever.
PETA... the other white meat
He is like the Guy Fieri we take seriously
Not to mention what he could have done for the khaki shorts industry
Steve did more for conservation in a single day, than peta has ever done in their pitiful existence
Steve was helping us build a better knowledge of the wildlife that WE disturb from living the lives they are supposed to be living. Studying them, breaking myths about certain species or even confirm them for our safety and theirs. There will always be someone negative..always.
All from a Google doodle - Steve Irwin was the John Madden of the animal world. PETA should look at the results of his activism that still exist years after his death.
Doesnt hurt that PETA is terrible. They are notoriously anti pit bull and the president has even done an editorial on why they should all be out done upon entry into shelters. Horrible people.
I didn’t know it was possible but @peta lost Twitter
These the same fools that said drinking milk causes Autism. PETA shouldn't have a word to say about Irwin
Got blocked by them for this one pic.twitter.com/4x06rZ8psI
PETA Spends less than 1% of the money they collect on helping and saving animals. The rest they spend on commercials and paying celebrities and their executive officers. This organization is a joke. Now the ASPCA they actually help an animal
If you don’t love Steve Irwin then you don’t love yourself. Fact. He exemplified all that is positive and good. pic.twitter.com/pC9cteZHSu
There was not a bad bone in that dudes body.
Agreeded. He could have saved the world. His foundation still carrying in his legacy. Donate here: wildlifewarriors.org.au
One of the great all time ESPN commercials. Miss him.
If PETA had their way we would all eat tofu and vegetables and get mauled my grizzly bears as opposed to hunting or defending ourselves.
PETA has the unique ability to take a message that is generally well received by the public and bungle it so fucking badly that the even the most divided groups can come together to dunk on their dumbasses
And he died on my birthday. I remember him every year. PETA came for the wrong one this time. pic.twitter.com/3vDAUG0yfW
It's hilarious that @peta has gone back and deleted all the tweets about Steve Irwin from yesterday, as well as the re-tweets of those same tweets today. Guess they were too busy killing more animals in their shelters.
I'd forgotten all about peta. Wow, they're just as awful as ever, I see.
Report peta. We can do this, world.
"We the People" united together weild tremendous power.
Long live Steve Irvin
PETA gives me Scientology vibes.
PETA’s twitter account is like a social experiment on whether playing a heel on social media is a good strategy or not.
Fuck @peta throwing shade at a legend
First time I have ever liked an eagles players tweet. Congrats
One thing we all can agree on, we hate PETA
Almost makes you think that we aren't as different as some would like us to believe...
That man was a legend Chris!
Nobody messes with Steve Irwin
I've seen football players, politicians, Youtubers, pro wrestlers and more unite to smackdown @peta for this. It is amazing how united we can be.
Steve Irwin still got shooters outchea 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’ll put in that work if need be
PETA going at Steve Irwin was hilariously dumb. It’s like they bit their tongues for 30 years and decided to unload randomly today. Only problem - everyone loves and loved the guy.
PETA is the exact opposite of a Russian bot. Keep tweeting, @peta. You will unite America!
That dude loved animals.
I’ve never seen 5:1 ratio get that high before. It’s truly magical!
There are few people who are genuinely good and universally loved. Steve Irwin was one of those people.

I will throw down with anyone coming at Steve.
That’s right...nobody messes with Steve Irwin and his memory. He was taken from us way too soon.
A Good name goes a long way and they are assholes
He was an amazing man
I’d wager ‘fuck PETA’ also factors in
PETA really are the worst.
are a bunch of fuking idiots and they owe the irwin family an apology
Lol when you speak up they try to attack you too bro! Their newest post clearly intended to divide.... twitter.com/peta/status/10…
PETA needs to be federally recognized as a domestic terrorist group.
I really miss him. What an incredible human being.
He was a good guy. PETA is somewhat evil and fanatical!!!
What’s crazy is he would have survived if he had suntan lotion on
PETA totally sucks. They think pit bulls should all be killed. I rescued a pit bull last year and she is the sweetest dog ever! She is great with other dogs and people!
Irwin was fun and loving. That org is neither.
Loved Steve Irwin! PETA needs to realize what all Steve Irwin did for conservation!
What a cancer of an organization
WOW someone was coming at my man. That’s some BS
Who is Steve Irwin
speakin truth on tha twitter machine!
has factions that have moved into domestic terrorism 13newsnow.com/mobile/article…
They achieved troll - God level
can go F themselves and enjoy eternal karma.
Chris, I told a non-profit organization to S my D today. There are certain lines you just don’t cross.
You have probably forgotten this, but you said positive things about Dinesh D’Souza’s Clinton Cash ridiculous movie back in 2016. You definitely helped Trump.
Did you ever read God’s Debris?
Fuck all yall that don't respect and love animals #fuckallya
Damn right... Not Steve. Don't come for Steve 💪🏿💪🏿
You complaining about Twitter is just as annoying as the crazy people who fight on it. Jus sayin
Seemed to be “god” sightings, miracles witnessed pretty often 2000 years ago? Not too much lately? Tired? Ambivalent? Imaginary? #god
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