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I sincerely apologise if my last Instagram video offended anyone. I had no idea the symbolic reference of the T-Shirt I was wearing. I am a lover, not a hater and I thoroughly regret buying it now knowing what it represents. My ignorance is no excuse but I’m deeply sorry x

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You are a sincere person. However, the Rising Sun mark is used in the world. It is using by the Pacific U.S. troops . This is just a harassing Japan by some crazy Koreans. You do not have to apologize. pic.twitter.com/XSn75kMHeF
Dear Tom (My little Draco) You did nothing you had to apologize for, but just didn't know what's going on in the world. Your tweet may have made someone sad who loves you, too. This article shows why they are after the flag. Love japan-forward.com/why-the-uproar…
Dear Tom (My little Draco) You did nothing you had to apologize for, but just didn't know what's going on in the world. Your tweet may have made someone sad who loves you, too. This article shows why they are after the flag. Love japan-forward.com/why-the-uproar…
The symbol you were wearing in the video, Rising sun, presents not only the Japan itself but also Japan's pride. It is being used as current Japan's Navy flag.

You shouldn't have apologized to those who promulgate Anti-Japan Propaganda based on fake history.
okay first of all i don't know which t-shirt are we talking about but the fact that you came here to apologize is really really really nice & thank you for that you're an amazing person and you care so much about your fans, the respect is real love you lots dude💙
You can’t know everything especially in the world that finds everything offensive
I think now we need you to model all of your clothes for us so we can verify there are no political concerns & prevent any future incident. Shall we start with swimwear?
That, sir, is the essence of a sincere apology. You should teach a class. I can think of several people here in the US who might benefit from your wisdom and honesty.
Tom, you don't need to apologies for this. Anti-rising-sun-flag movement is a propaganda of China and Korea. It's obvious because they didn't claim before 2012 (see the graph.) They don't claim these Leader's pictures to China and N Korea. pic.twitter.com/Yir4FxqsGQ
Wait til my father hears about this!
Dear Sir. You don't need to be sorry.The Rising Sun Flag is the hornord flag of Japan. Rising Sun Flag represent "Happiness" "Celebration" etc. Rising Sun Flag is really loving flag for Japan and Japanese. Plz love Rising Sun Flag. From Japan(๑•ᴗ•๑)ノ🇯🇵
for those who don’t understand, this was the t-shirt pic.twitter.com/ZvK7lUU86X
พี่ทอมออกมาขอโทษค่ะ ตอนนี้พี่เขาอยู่ญี่ปุ่นแล้วอัดคลิปลงไอจี เสื้อที่เค้าใส่เป็นสัญลักษณ์ธงญี่ปุ่นในช่วงสงครามโลกครั้งที่สองและมันเชื่อมกับการยึดอำนาจของญี่ปุ่นกับเยอรมัน พี่ทอมบอกว่าเขาไม่รู้จริงๆว่าเสื้อที่ใส่หมายถึงอะไรแต่ถึงจะไม่รู้ เขาก็ยังผิดอยู่ดี
also let me just say ITS SO GOOD TO STAN SOMEONE WHO TRULY CARES AND SHOWS REGRET WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING WRONG!!! we are all here to learn from each other and become better people, and i am so happy to see you standing up for your mistakes ♥️
Were you wearing a Nickelback shirt?
U shouldn’t apologize as you did nothing wrong. Only Korean activists are resentful about. They insist the flag is offensive to all Asian countries but it is not. The flag is officially used by Japan’s defense force and accepted by the world. It’s not like what Koreans claim.
This thread is possibly the nicest I have seen in response to a celebrity apologizing for something. Y’all are warm hearted people.
I’m from Asia myself and I didn’t know that t-shirt was offensive. I mean I’ve heard talks from mom and grandparents about being under Japanese occupation but I’ve never heard negative comments about images like that
The design of the T shirt you wear is a sign of Japanese celebration. There is no need to apologize to those who complain because they do not like the design of T - shirts. That is freedom for you to wear
And you don’t know your apology offended some people. Your apology means you bowed to pressure from Japan haters, racists who have been harassing and stalking Japan all over the world. The Rising Sun flag is our pride of our ancestors. It’s not as same as Nazi swastika at all.
Edward VIII visited Japan in April 1922. Prince was deeply appreciated Japanese culture and tradition. It was contributed to friendship between the two countries. The prince is respected, not despising Rising Sun Flag. pic.twitter.com/7P4IGZNpgW
You don’t need to apologize! If you apologize that the Rising Sun flag is bad, people around the world will understand that the Rising Sun flag is bad. This is anti Japanese propaganda of Korean.
It's navy flag! Good symbol in Japan! pic.twitter.com/onRyq0ncE3
This is stuff they don't teach us in schools and we don't know of as an issue to look up ourselves. 20 minutes ago I thought the Rising Sun was a house in New Orleans, now I have something to research and learn about. Don't hate, educate ✌️👍✌️
don't feel bad, you're incredible.
You don't need to apologize. The Rising Sun flag is the symbol of celebration in Japan. There is no sense of discrimination. We know that you are lover. Please continue to like Japan as well. From Japan.
Honestly i had no idea what it represented either. At least we come out of this experience less ignorant, which is no small feat.
Well I am living in Japan for 7 years and I didn’t know about the bad image. They still use this flag for the military.
The symbol you were wearing in the video, Rising sun, presents not only the Japan itself but also Japan's pride. It is being used as current Japan's Navy flag. You shouldn't have apologized to those who promulgate Anti-Japan Propaganda based on fake history. pic.twitter.com/T8wjA9Tqn7
It is not necessary for you to apologize. It is just the sun. Anyone has the freedom to wear the T-shirt of the solar design.
You don't have to any apologies. It is just a propaganda of the rasists that they hate Japan. That story is a factless fact. They won't tell the truth. And they tell many lies about Japan. If they are right,We will not be able to wear clothes inspired from flags of any country!
Tom Feltonの外国人のコメント見てると本当に恐ろしい。 韓国人のなりすましがいたとしても、無知な外国人がこのコメント欄を見たら「旭日旗ってナチの旗なんだ」って思ってしまうと思う。。
Rising Sun flag has issued suddenly by South Korean develop a hatred of Japan since 2011. Additionally only in South Korea. As intelligent you know, the images of Japanese army as nazi are iincorrect. Disgusting. You don’t need to apologise.
Rising Sun flag is used as a flag of the Army Japan from around 1870, it is a flag that has been formally registered in the International Maritime Organization. Korea is suddenly starting to complain about this flag from about 2010. Korea are simply harassing Japan.A liar country
In the Japanese, the Asahi flag is called a big catch flag, it is a flag with a symbol that is said to be auspicious. It is also used by the Maritime Self - Defense Force and the US Armed Forces in Japan, and nothing is said in countries other than Korea pic.twitter.com/Ot6vA5xrCP
Dear sir, if your apology was made not after you checked about #risingsun, let me tell you this is Anti-Japanese Rising Sun eradication campaign by S.Koreans. They've made the same complaints to NAVY KEITA's tattoo & DUMBO's design even though they were nothing to do with Japan. pic.twitter.com/esqFW1Fidd
Koreans will protest when they see the RISING SUN flag. This is a malicious propaganda. Koreans will brainwash by using ignorance of Americans and Europeans. It's all a lie. There is no evidence.
Thanks for your sincerity. I however wish you spent a little time learning before you offered apologies. By your apology you've villainized the Japanese flag and fueled the baseless lies. Do you hear US Military apologize for using the design to symbolize US-Japan Alliance? pic.twitter.com/psn3qoWnUK
Dear Mr. Felton, I have nothing to say to you if you judged that the design is bad from what you learned, but this is a propaganda of Japanese #RisingSun hunting that is newly created by S.Koreans with incorrect information. You don't have to be sorry🐰 twitter.com/i/moments/1101…
貴方は謝る必要ないよ! You don't have to apologize. The US Army also uses the rising sun flag. pic.twitter.com/qw9HmAjsOt
I didn’t know what the T shirt meant , and a lot of people didn’t too .. but today we learned about it and it’s okay that we didn’t know .. now we are all informed... We learn from our mistakes , right!? Love you 💜💜
The United Nations is acquired by Korea. This tweet is a Korean agent. twitter.com/RM__myPresiden…
Malfoy! Please do not apologize! The Asahi flag is not a bad thing. It is an important symbol of our country! The Asahi flag is still being used in the SDF. It is not a war criminal flag!
Amo a los ídolos que cuando se equivocan bajan a tierra, piden disculpas y reconocen su error prometiendo mejorar e informarse. Sos un ángel.
No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and it's good that you have offered that apology. Honestly, I didn't know what it meant either, but we're here to learn and rectify the mistakes we make.
It’s ok Tom, no worries
it's very nice you came here to apologize and show you're sorry!! you're such a good person and we're proud of you. nobody is perfect and you can't know everything, but the fact that you acknowledge it and sincerely apologized and learned shows how kindhearted you are 💞
I am Asian and I didn't even know . We learn something new every day. At least now we know what it means.
Jamais vu un tweet d’excuse aussi humble et sincère. On le mérite pas 😭🙏
その謝罪によってまた傷つく人もいます。 mod.go.jp/msdf/
At least you said sorry all is forgiven❤
eu tento odiar todos os homens mas o tom felton não deixa
We Japanese feel sympathy for you. You must have felt quite terrible after you learned false story from anti-Japanese activists. It is true that your comment hurt Japanese feelings, but we will not blame you. You are one of many victims who was attacked by the activists.
I didn't even notice the shirt. Was to distracted by your singing and guitar playing. You are an amazing person. Your smile, singing and guitar bring a light to my hard times. Hugs.
Hello sir, I respect your view toward the design If you reached this apology after you looked through what the symbol represents, but if you're apologizing for it just because some are criticizing you, you really don't have to be sorry for this propaganda. twitter.com/i/moments/1101…
Dunno what Shirt you had on.. But if you didn't know, what it meant, I think no one will be really mad with you. You are human. Nod god. You can't know everything. Have a great day. 🤗
Oh bless you Tom. I had no idea it had offensive meanings either. It must have shocked you as the last thing you ever want to do is upset anyone! Lover not a hater for sure!! I said that on the last instagram... but now I certainly mean it 😂🙈❤ love n HugS to you X X 🤗
Your really an amazing person tom , and we love you❤❤❤🌵
I didn’t see it but it shows just how strong of a person you are that you apologize to those it offended. That’s the definition of class. ❤️
マルフォイが旭日旗のTシャツ着た写真をInstagramにupし韓国人にAliana Grandeの時と同じように炎上。謝罪に追い込まれました。
There's nothing Tom's mistake.
พี่ทอมลบคลิปใน ig แล้วนะคะ โดนโจมตีเรื่องลายเสื้อธงญี่ปุ่นสมัยสงคราม โถ่ ไม่เป็นไรน้าาาาาา #TomFelton #ทอมเฟลตัน #มัลฟอย
Hi Tom... Tom could you follow your fan potterhead @poesietoallyb please? She loves you so much and it's her dream. It means a lot. I hope you see this. Her birthday is on March, 15th and it would be a wonderful gift. Thank you so much Tom.
this is how you apologise!!! take note, everyone
You don’t have to apologize.😃 People who attack you are those who believe in distorted history education about Japan. Because many people believe it, I will also be condemned. But historical facts can not be changed.Please wear the RisingSun Tshirt and get drunk!🍻
In my opinion, it is a lie by Koreans to make Japan feel bad. The Koreans are ethnic groups who are lying at ease in national units. You do not have to apologize to such people.
If it makes you feel better, I have no idea what shirt you're talking about.. there's no articles on it..and it sounds like a sincere apology! Just keep doing you! ❤️
Tom, we love you! Thank you for your transparency and sincerity. No worries~ I am glad you are informed about the meaning now and are not ignoring it~ Continue to shine and bless others with your presence 💛
We need this energy
Your apologie is not right. You hurt many Japanese people by your apologizing. RISING SUN is the official of the Japanese army now. It is also recognized worldwide. In the world, only Koreans are protesting the RISING SUN. Their protest is unfair. Do not accept their protest.
映画「ハリーポッター」のマルフォイ役、3.11では多くの支援を頂いた英国人俳優のトム・フェルトン氏が、旭日柄のTシャツを着たという理由で謝罪する羽目に。 過去にも同様の事があり、親日家の方が被害を受けています。 旭日旗の正しい情報発信を政府へ働きかけて下さい! twitter.com/tomfelton/stat…
Hi, As a Japanese, your comment mede me very sad. The Rising Sun Flag is not a symbol of hate. Your apology was satisfying to anti-Japanese activists. Although I am sure it wasn't your intention, such comments are hurtful to the pride of many Japanese people. 🇯🇵
There's no need for you to apologize and there is nothing wrong with the Rising-Sun flag. pic.twitter.com/BiyEP9Egba
The Rising Sun Flag is Japan's pride. In the Korean War, Korean troops from the Imperial army fought with the Rising sun flag. In the Korean War, Japanease are not competing. These things are proof that the troops were proud of the Rising sun flag. That unit was most brave.
Some Japanese in the comment are really shameless. They need to face their evil history and acknowledge that their ancestors have done horrible things to so many Asian countries. Sex slaves, force labor, torture... The list goes on. Japan's rising sun symbol should never be used. pic.twitter.com/Ci4GQAJ729
Please know the truth of the rising sun flag. The rising sun flag is Japanese Naval Ensgih, not war criminal flag. Suddenly Koreans began to hate the rising sun flag since 2012. I think South and North koreans are abnormal. pic.twitter.com/f8IPrB2TVz
You are nothing bad Do not be deceived by the lies of Korea The Asahi flag is a celebration flag in Japan It is not a flag of war crime I will also use the alliance's United States now pic.twitter.com/hwzcqZLCba
Don't worry too much. I want you to enjoy Japan.
I dont understand why these people are forgiving him, it us that he is apologizing to. And That japan flag symbol is called rising sun. Alot of celebrity, people used that flag without knowing the history, the background story. Learn history please.
Please don’t apologize to anyone about this. You just wear anything you want. No one can complain about what you wear. Please proud yourselves. Anyway, I like the video and your T-shirt was cool, that’s all. I’m sorry about you got this. It is so annoying isn’t it?
You should not bow to unfair pressure from Korean supremacists and revisionists. They have faked history concerning rising sun flag of Japan and have insulted Japan. twitter.com/tomfelton/stat…
You should not bow to unfair pressure from Korean supremacists and revisionists. They have faked history concerning rising sun flag of Japan and have insulted Japan. twitter.com/tomfelton/stat…
you are so brave and kind,love u 😘😘
I didn't see the Instagram video
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