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Stop using plastic, ghosts are getting caught in them :/// save the ghosts
168,536 530,637
This must be what Katy Perry was talkin about
7,725 25,208
why’s this plastic bag hotter than me
610 4,731
Everyone gangsta until the plastic bag starts walking
1,052 3,902
น้องงงงง น้องข้ามถนนนน
2,108 211
this bag lowkey thick as fuck tho
196 2,105
A ludzie nadal gadają, że duchy nie istnieją
548 1,607
ghosts are really out there getting caught in plastic bags wow end pollution and stop endangering ghosts assholes
387 1,619
el monstruo de birdbox no se quiere ensuciar los tenis
745 1,253
33 1,842
New cryptid™️
397 1,139
@FLICTERIA That plastic bag is a paid actor
34 1,462
@FLICTERIA Everyone gansta until the bags start walkin
83 1,116
@FLICTERIA Yes Katy...this is exactly how I feel.
31 1,014
Everybody gangsta till the bag starts walking
202 761
omg it's the bag from american beauty all grown up, cute
87 676
This is the newest SCP Euclid entry if I ever saw one
132 477
"BOLSAS" de Pixar (2019)

"Bolsín se ha separado de sus cien hermanos en el supermercado y va en busca de su mamá que vive en el continente de plástico del Pacífico, durante el camino vivirá mil aventuras y llegará a comprender el verdadero significado de la palabra amistad"
134 328
Now i know what katy perry meant when she said “do you ever feel like a plastic bag”
119 329
Ghost Tae sadly walking around the neighbourhood after Jimin threw him out coz he scared his date off
59 366
Some people are worried about robots taking over, we're worried about plastic. #4ocean
86 288
what’s her @ though
18 300
Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag
160 108
Everybody gangsta till Jah crosses the street 😳
56 188
now that i think about it i do feel like this sometimes
29 196
Damn girl u just gonna walk away from me like that?
22 201
Al mercadona que me cierran
56 150
kendall jenner could learn a thing or two from her
25 181
do you ever feel
like a plastic bag
40 161
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
18 172
This plastic bag has a better runway walk than Kendall Jenner.
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22 163
@FLICTERIA diy child ghost overalls
5 180
@FLICTERIA @castrojackie51 When the trash has to throw itself out cause people won't
14 149
Someone trapped John Cena in a plastic bag
20 134
coconut grove so dead they got ghost bags walking around
41 106
Scp has broken containment this is not a drill
21 118
Someone get Katy Perry head ass
24 112
That’s bitch walking wtf
38 97
Sanji de Stealth Black atravessando a rua.
20 108
32 83
Eu me sentindo vazia por dentro mas tentando manter a pose.
26 89
Wanna feel old? This is the bag from American Beauty now.
11 102
Everybody gangsta until the bag start walking
19 87
ben hargreeves is that you
17 86
22 77
wtf is this and how does it exist. I’m not gonna sleep tonight 😳
6 91
Everyone chilling until the plastic bags start walking
12 81
seasonal affective danny 🌨
This plastic bag has a better walk than Kendall Jenner
15 77
do you ever feel
like a plastic bag
walking down the street
why is it walking down the street
18 73
Is this the grove??
19 70
Gasparzinho respeita a faixa
15 74
algo así me imagino cuando ustedes dicen que son las "plásticas"
8 80
me walking around manhattan high:
19 67
oh this plastic bag got cake...
20 64
this plastic bag got a better walk than kendall jenner
6 75
This is what Katy perry meant when she said “do you ever feel like a plastic bag?”
13 67
Is this what Katy Perry was talking about
13 66
Djurdjic påväg hem efter AIKs guldfest.
8 71
how fucking high am i
13 65
Doctor Strange makes my heart go boom boom whoosh
Ben Hargreeves going to get his stupid ass brother Klaus from some stupid shit he's doing
16 59
이게 도대체 어쩐일인지 아시는분
뭐임 도대체....왜봉지가 걸어다님....
44 24
20 46
do you ever feel like a plastic drifting through the wind.....
6 59
bolsitas de las más caras bien entumida la cara
when you look like trash pero tienes que ir al oxxo
5 60
I wish the bag would come to me like dis?
12 52
18 45
caso os humanos continuem poluindo o planeta cenas como essa serão comuns
11 52
everybody gangsta til the bag start walkin
12 50
No one:

Me as a ghost thinking "I'm bout to fuck em up with this one":
18 43
rt @katyperry do you ever feel like a plastic bag
12 49
Esta bolsa tiene más ganas de vivir que yo.
12 49
Everybody gangsta till the mf bag start walkin
10 50
This is what Katy Perry meant when she said “do you ever feel like a plastic bag”
9 49
This is why places outlaw plastic bags... before they gain sentience... and sassily jaywalk in high rent districts
17 40
14 42
El plástico contamina tanto que ya está empezando a afectar a los fantasmas.
11 44
Ohhh this is what Katy perry was talking about
6 49
Do u ever feel
9 45
Who let Katy Perry cross on a red light
41 12
do you ever feel like a plastic bag
11 41
Is that my “friend” ????
3 49
do u ever feel
like a plastic bag
drifting thru the wind
wanting to start again
8 42
“Do you ever feel.... like a plastic bag”
16 33
Ghost 1: Wanna see me fw these humans?

Ghost 2: Nigga stop you gon expose us.... lol you so bad
13 36
in Soviet Russia, the bag chases you, you do not chase the bag.
11 35
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