How dirty is your house that this is frowned upon?
Y’all walk around the house barefoot?
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crissy t. 🇬🇾🇮🇳🇨🇳
@LudeyxLu @RobynLaReina House slippers or socks, my floors are COLD, but they are also clean😂😂
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@LudeyxLu @KingTrott32 As someone who lived in a carpeted house for years, I was barefoot. Then when I got my apartment that had wood floors, I learned that A. They're really hard to keep clean, especially when you have a dog and B. It's cold as shit. In conclusion, barefeet for carpet. Socks for wood
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🧘🏾‍♀️♥️JASMiN ✊🏾🔮
@LudeyxLu @MrGee54 It’s not the dirt it’s the feeling lol....especially in the kitchen 🤮🤢
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@LudeyxLu @CLavishdoll I thought everyone walks around their house barefoot...
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@LudeyxLu @LoveBeingFeltOn Wood and tile floors cold as shit.
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@LudeyxLu If you can’t walk around yo own house barefoot then where can you?
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@LudeyxLu @AllyiahsFace Right! I don’t walk in other people house barefoot but mine? Where I vaccuum, sweep, and mop once sometimes twice a week? I can walk in mine barefoot lol
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@LudeyxLu It aint dirty i just want some socks or flip flops on 🤷🏽‍♂️
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@LudeyxLu @briaaaaaaaal Yo shoes off at the doe in my house anyway...y’all step on the ground out side and think you about to walk through my fresh clean crib..hell yeah you gotta walk around with socks on...
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@LudeyxLu Who has carpet in their kitchen ??
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@LudeyxLu Not in my home. We wear house shoes or socks 🤷🏾‍♀️ Don’t give a damn if we just cleaned the floors 3x. You better have on one or the other
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@LudeyxLu Exactly! I can walk around my crib with white socks on and they’ll still be white when I take them off
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@LudeyxLu I don't even think people really realize how dirty their floors are in this thread. If you're wearing outside shoes in the house, you're tracking in dirt (most of which you can't immediately see). Unless you are *cleaning* (not vacuuming) your carpets every day...
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It’s impossible to keep your floors clean unless you do extensive micro cleaning every single day. And if you’re Latino you’re always hearing “por andar descalzo en la casa” when something goes wrong. Ponte sandalias smh patas chucos.
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Real Mexican parents don’t let you do it because you’ll get sick LOL
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@LudeyxLu @_NofCkstogive House is clean I just hate the feeling. Hate being barefoot. Always have socks or slippers on.
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@LudeyxLu You WANT to wear shoes all day? How you supposed to curl up on the couch?
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I always have my shoes on I’m always ready for the loud knock and search warrant sounds
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@LudeyxLu Hell Nah! no house is 100% clean & plus floors are cold! not walking barefoot period unless you have carpet
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@LudeyxLu @CherryB_Sheree Can’t lie I fully understand. My house is clean but I can’t walk around without flip flops. It feels weird.
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Y’all don’t be black for real lol. You get cussed out for walking around barefoot
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Idgaf if my floor hypoallergenic and doused with fabuloso, I AM NOT WALKING AROUND BAREFOOT!!!
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some of y’all didn’t grow up with Hispanic parents who yelled at you to put some socks/chanclas on bc if not you’d get hella sick from the cold tile and it shows
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Rien à voir. Mon sol il peut être le plus propre du monde, je marche toujours en claquette/pantoufle
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If only y’all could see the carpet at the G house 😂😂😂
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@LudeyxLu @JeonRenne y'all have some hyper sensitive feet my house is all tile and wood and my whole family walks around barefoot it feels fine
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@LudeyxLu @1BANKSLY You wouldnt have this issue if you made people take they shoes off before they come in ya crib
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I always got yelled at as a kid for not wearing slippers in the house, my parents/ grandparents told me it was to avoid getting sick, never bc of cleanliness
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Student accommodation though ... 👀
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it’s called being foreign and ur parents telling u you’ll catch a mf cold if u do this
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If you’re Latinx walking around barefoot is a sin
2 7
It’s not even about dirty my mom told me I could die from pneumonia if I did this shit or “una pulmonía” bc the floor was wood so it got cold
2 7
@LudeyxLu I’m Hispanic you get yelled at for being barefoot 😂
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Y'all really act like humans were meant to wear shoes🤦🏽‍♀️ tbh when we lived in el rancho we'd be barefoot through pebbles and dirt all the time. My mom won all her track titles running barefoot! All you mfs be sucking this and eating that but this you're grossed out about🤣CLOWNS
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hispanic parents b telling you that you’re gonna catch a cold if u walk around barefoot
1 7
Aren’t you supposed to walk around barefoot????? Wtf ???
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Right? Who wallks around in the mud, orstreets where people & animals defecate, urinate & throw trash around then comes home to walk that filth around their house? Couldn't be me.
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@LudeyxLu @__jaduhhhh Fr you dirty if you walk in your house with shoes on . All that dirt from outside going on your floors
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my house is pretty clean, i just don’t like feeling cold flooring on my feet what’s the issue ?
2 4
it’s not about it being dirty it’s about getting SICK
1 5
@LudeyxLu @Glowy_chocolate It ain’t that my house is dirty. My grandma preaches about wearing slippers or slides around the house, and has been since I was a child. I just do it out of habit now.
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Not frowned upon b/c it was dirty, but b/c if we walking around barefoot and the floor is cold mama would smack the fuck outta me, she didn't want us to get sick
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@LudeyxLu @HeyPariss It’s not that’s it’s dirty it’s that if you walk around barefoot it naturally over time makes your feet rougher and drier and I can’t handle that - that’s why I always have lotion and socks on my I think it’s also a sensation thing I don’t want to feel the floor 😫
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my house is clean im just tryna keep my feet from getting rough do i look like i can afford a pumice stone
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THANK YOU. I had a past roommate ask me why I don’t wear shoes (IN MY OWN PLACE OF LIVING) after I stepped in a GLOB OF MAYONNAISE barefoot in the kitchen.....

PS I don’t even eat mayonnaise so we all know who did that 😐
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It’s not about being dirty. The floor is cold lol
2 3
My family keeps our house SPOTLESS and you still won’t catch me walking barefoot . My parents still never liked any of us walking barefoot anywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️
1 4
Idc how clean my house is.... i will never walk around barefoot.
1 4
@LudeyxLu @anjuhletee_ People can wear socks but I make everyone take their shoes off when they come in the door.
No debate. Don't track that bad energy, and the dirt, into my house.
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@LudeyxLu @YTexas2 I’m Mexican, I’ll get sick
0 5
@LudeyxLu most people just think it’s cold & will make you sick lol
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yall never had your mom yell at you to put socks on because walking around barefoot on cold tile is gonna make you sick?
0 5
Lmao at English/Americans acting so edgy as if they don't have disgusting carpets in their houses. And yeah we don't walk barefoot at home, we have slippers for inside and shoes for outside, it really ain't that hard man🥵
0 5
Unpopular opinion: Haitian edition; walking around barefoot gets you sick, makes period cramps worse, gives you the inability to function, you name it 🤦🏾‍♀️
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it don’t got nothing to do w being dirty, i just don’t like walking around barefoot
2 2
Sometimes it’s just a cultural thing. My West Indian parents were always on me about putting on slippers. Still are, lol
2 2
If you wear shoes in your house... And not house shoes, but the SHOES YOU WEAR OUTSIDE, IN THE MUD, ON THE NASTY SIDEWALK, don't invite me to your house cause I don't keep dutty friends.
1 3
It’s not about dirt. I just don’t like being barefoot
1 3
If you wear your shoes in my house I will rip your feet off.
1 3
it’s not that the house is dirty. living in a dorm puts a fear of germs in you. I can’t walk around anyone’s house barefoot (even my own) because wearing slippers is ingrained in me.
0 4
My house is clean pero mi mama me grita que me va dar gripa ):
0 4
Nahh I just grew up Mexican and if we didn’t wear shoes around the house my mom was convinced we’d get sick 🌝
0 4
steph is gonna eat my toes 🤤
ummmmm, im mexican so i cant be bearfoot, period. my mom always makes us wear chanclas or pantuflas
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(っ◔◡◔)っ 𝒶𝓇𝒶𝒸𝑒𝓁𝒾 ☂︎ #saveODAAT
my house ain't dirty the floor is just fucking cold and my mexican mom never lets me be barefoot bc it "makes you sick"
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@LudeyxLu Asian homes know. You better take off them shoes from the dirty world you’ve been stomping around in all day
1 2
If I had carpet I would but walking barefoot on hardwood floors I just can’t need my slides
1 2
No, but my grandma Hispanic and would flip out if she sees anyone walking around barefoot 😂
1 2
@LudeyxLu @EgyptElizabeth My house ain’t dirty but imma still wear my socks 🤷🏾‍♀️
1 2
@LudeyxLu @ant_600 I just think it’s nasty because whatever is on the floor is in your bed and anywhere else you put your feet. Idc how clean you think your floor is it’s still a floor and it’s still gross .🤷🏽‍♀️
1 2
My floors would dead asss be spotless that you can eat off it but my mom still wouldn’t let us walk barefoot
1 2
Hispanics don’t let you walk barefoot cause you’ll “get sick” 😂
1 2
That’s not even the point. Not everybody likes to walk around barefoot.
0 3
This cracked me up 😂😂😂
“Frowned upon”
0 3
It’s not about being dirty, it’s about the floor being cold
0 3
Unless you don’t wear shoes in your house at all you should not walk around the house barefoot
0 3
It’s not even about being dirty gram tells me to wear slippers cause the cold floor will make me sick lol
0 3
You clearly ain’t lived in student accommodation
0 3
Imaging thinking your house has to be dirty before you walk around with socks/slippers. Yikes.
0 3
I get PTSD from the frat house and put on slippers even in my boujee ass apt
0 3
Right!! Like what’s wrong with walking barefoot? I don’t wear shoes in the house period they stay at the front
2 0
Y’all ain’t grow up in a house hearing “put some socks on your damn feet” and it shows
1 1
@LudeyxLu Its just uncomfortable but das just me
1 1
doesn’t matter how clean the house is, walking barefoot is disgusting 🤮🤢 can’t be me!
1 1
For real... please take your shoes off when you enter my house. I don’t need you tracking dirt inside my damn house. Y’all lucky I’m even letting you sit on my furniture with your outside clothes.
1 1
Slippers are comfy AF, quiet yourself
1 1
It’s not even about that. House can be spotless and imma still need some slippers.
1 1
Could never be my house!!! My mom is a cleaning queen!!
1 1
Idc if you deep clean that mf I'm still wearing slippers 😷
1 1
@LudeyxLu @ittolex My house is clean n I can’t walk no where withought putting my slides on first but not saying walking around barefoot is bad
1 1
@LudeyxLu Not dirty.. Growing up with an old school mom I still get a sandal thrown at me for walking around barefoot.
1 1
house ain't gotta be dirty ,, get some slippers or socks on 💯
1 1
My house clean and we always wears socks or sandals🤔 We was told that’s how u get sick
1 1
Shoes in a house is just weird.
Also, sweaters. Why the fuck you gotta wear clothes in your own home? Turn the heater on.
0 2
My Nana will throw a chancla at me if I walk barefoot in my house because she says people who walk barefoot will die early lol... I always wear house shoes/slippers/slipper socks to this day...
0 2
@LudeyxLu @JVST4KICKS @tarasmithhhh u could have the cleanest house and I still will have socks on
0 2
@LudeyxLu @shegs__ My downstairs all wood n tiles n shoes r left in the hallway brush n mop everyday so barefoot for me n yea hopefully clean enough I should add.
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I've been in a house i was told to take my shoes off in, my socks stuck to the fucking floor
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