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Mueller, and the A.G. based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction. These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!

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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
.@realDonaldTrump is a crime victim. @JudicialWatch has been investigating and suing to exposes the Obama-Clinton-Deep State spying abuses since Day One. 40 plus lawsuits! pic.twitter.com/aDJL0yNOMo
We haven't seen "Mueller's findings."

We haven't seen that "great intelligence."

And as Attorney General Barr testified *under oath* last week, neither has the President.

Enough. #ReleaseTheReport
Once again, why do you want to 鈥渋nvestigate the investigators鈥 if they 鈥渢otally exonerated鈥 you?

You sound like a guilty man. Oh wait, you must have already been briefed on the contents of the Mueller report. (I was going to say 鈥渁lready read the Mueller report鈥 but then, well you know...)
Somebody is pretty chill as the week the world sees the Mueller report kicks off.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
INDEED, Mr President! They can鈥檛 be given a free pass on their crimes! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
no one is allowed to read the report that totally exonerates you, probably because we'll all be jealous of how exonerated you are, just like no one is allowed to see your medical report because we'll all be jealous of how you're a svelte adonis
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
The fact you won鈥檛 release the report means you are guilty of a crime. If you were exonerated you would have it printed everywhere. So keep tweeting. We know you鈥檙e guilty.
Looking forward to reading the section of the report where Mueller blames Hillary for Trump campaign contacts with Russia & Trump鈥檚 efforts to lie to the American people about them while keeping the FBI from investigating. Didn鈥檛 see that coming.
The hunters are now the hunted...
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
I love drinking my coffee while listening to you panic. Keep it coming, homefry.
President Trump hasn't read the Mueller report. His lawyers have not read the Mueller report. But since he seems pretty sure that it absolves him, he shouldn't have a problem making the full report public.
I mean what the fuck. He鈥檚 got an experienced cover-up artist handling this for him and he鈥檚 still worried? Is it possible it鈥檚 so ugly that even Barr can鈥檛 bury it?
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Right, no justification for investigations... 鉁 Trump Tower 鈥渁doption鈥 lie 鉁 Trump Advisor Roger Stone Indicted 鉁 Trump Chair Paul Manafort Convicted 鉁 Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Pled Guilty 鉁 Trump Aide Rick Gates Pled Guilty 鉁 Trump NSA Advisor Michael Flynn Pled Guilty
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
This is false. Mueller laid out the evidence but did not come to a conclusion on obstruction. Barr took it upon himself to clear Trump on obstruction. Mueller found no criminal conspiracy, but his team reportedly found 鈥渃ompelling鈥 evidence of collusion. rantt.com/you-were-right鈥
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Um, not exactly Trump. But you already knew that, just choosing to again provide "alternative facts." I forget where I originally heard that phrase, I think someone who works for you.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
He sounds like the raggedy old man Jafar pretends to be at the start of Aladdin
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
[Their] dream is collapsing. The eyes of the World are upon [them]. WE are everywhere.馃鈿★笍馃敟 pic.twitter.com/VAVASGcl2b"
Trump wants an investigation of the investigators that he claims totally exonerated him. Got it.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
The report specifically said you were NOT exonerated
He knows he is out of his league. He knows he is utterly unfit for the Presidency. We are seeing a raging old bully of compromised intellect, helped through his day by Stephen Miller, the Kushners and his hair dresser.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
I鈥檒l take 鈥淭hings a Guilty Man Would Tweet鈥 for a thousand.
Is he saying that Barr used additional intel that was not in Mueller鈥檚 findings to reach his conclusion there was no collusion or obstruction?
Do it!! Drop the hammer..
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
If you are anti-Trump and following me and you want me to follow back, let me know. We can do this together. Sorry, I do not follow Trump supporters. #MuellerTime
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Release! The Mueller Report unedited & in full! Same with your taxes! You delusional Treasonous pathological liar fucking moron conman rancid fishlips incompetent corrupt clueless ASSHOLE! Dirty & scamming is your M.O! Your home State NY is gonna get you & yours! #JailTimeSoon pic.twitter.com/GwY6UZ5QDt
That's right. Hunt the hunters!!!
Investigate the investigators - the same investigators who you say fully exonerated you and found no collusion and no obstruction? Those investigators. Investigate them? OK, let鈥檚 start with releasing the full Mueller report. We鈥檒l get to the bottom of this!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Only those who fear the truth try to hide it. You are LYING AS USUAL. If you weren鈥檛 guilty, you wouldn鈥檛 be trying to gaslight the American People; get your AG to hide the report; or create distraction tactics to inundate news cycles. Mark my words. The truth will come out.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Then release the full report, big man.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
It鈥檚 time to unravel this spider web of lies and collusion, starting with the origin of the infamous Dossier. It began as opposition research from the Clinton campaign. Texts from the FBI lovebirds prove that knowledge went to the very top. Release FISA now! Release it all! pic.twitter.com/gJtRRR6I9v
鈥淲hile this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.鈥
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Trump 2020! Who is with me?!
You appointed someone who is well known for and experienced at covering up crimes and you鈥檙e still sounding frightened? Says a lot.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Could somebody just release the full report . I鈥檓 not picking sides or anything but i feel like we have the right to judge for ourselves.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Release the report with your taxes!!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Propaganda is alive & well. 93% owned Lib Media works with the Radical Dems to spread the biggest Lie in History. Sadly, many Americans refuse to get a clue that the Russia Hoax was exactly that. The Dems & Media are the gravest Danger to our Republic. pic.twitter.com/ZfEPeWv89y
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Americans with any common sense have always known this was a scam from the start. Now it is time to investigate the true crime. It is time to investigate the investigators!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
So, you鈥檝e seen the report and can confirm that鈥檚 what it says, sir? Why can鈥檛 Congress and all Americans see it, then?
Stop whining. The dogs are howling.

Mueller has not said anything. The AG is a hack who is your lapdog.

Pretty sure Hillary did not collude with the Russians to hand you the election.

Keep smoking that skunk weed.

In reply to @realDonaldTrump
鈥淭he goal is to intimidate anyone investigating Trump鈥檚 vast portfolio of corruption & obstruction of justice, both before & after he took office. It goes far beyond the Russia probe; it鈥檚 an investigation that aims to terrify all future witnesses & whistleblowers into silence.鈥 pic.twitter.com/O2RGMU2A1j
Sounds like you鈥檝e got nothing to worry about on Thursday Sparky
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Barr is the Most Dangerous Man in America 鈥淏arr is the attorney general of the Trump regime, and protection of the maximum leader is his sole mission. He is a weapon, not a servant...鈥 thedailybeast.com/william-barr-i鈥
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
'Fake News CNN鈥檚 Don Lemon, who was identified by President Trump as the dumbest man on TV, strikes again. 聽In addition to being dumb, he is also stupid. 聽I鈥檓 sure Lemon wears both titles with pride.' Don Lemon is fake news聽 magamedia.org/2019/02/15/stu鈥
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
You want to investigate investigators for doing their job and following the constitution while you twist and break laws to suit your idiotic impulses. #JusticeWillPrevail #ForThePeople pic.twitter.com/TlOf63roJZ
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
So you're exonerated but you want political retaliation against your exonerators. Sounds legit.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Yes, they should. They created a hoax and tried to run you out of office. For 2 years the Democrat-led media accused you and all your supporters of being Nazis. They have inflicted an tremendous amount of anguish, anxiety, and emotional strain on well over 53% of Americans.
绌嗗嫆鍜屽徃娉曢儴闀匡紝鍩轰簬绌嗗嫆鐨勫彂鐜帮紙浠ュ強澶ч噺鐨勬儏鎶ヤ俊鎭級锛屽凡缁忓垽鍐充簡娌℃湁鍕剧粨锛屾病鏈夊Θ纰嶅徃娉曞叕姝c 杩欎簺鏄敱鐙¤瘓鐨勫笇鎷夐噷锛屾皯涓诲厷鍏ㄥ浗濮斿憳浼氾紝鑵愯触鐨勮瀵燂紝鍜屽叾浠栦汉鐘笅鐨勭姜琛岋紒 璋冩煡閭d簺璋冩煡杩欎欢浜嬫儏鐨勪汉锛
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
When is good enough, NEVER good enough? When their Democrat attack dog and his pack of hand picked liberals, who investigate for over 2 years, can't find a single shred of evidence to bring an indictment. #RussianCollusion #MuellersReport #MondayMotivation
Investigate the investigators of the investigation.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
The President doth protest too much, methinks.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Absolutely. Investigate the investigators. Agree completely.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Redacted Mueller report coming soon. #ExcitedNotSorry
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Sounds like you know that the #MuellerReport is DEVASTATING to you and the corrupt kids. Your consciousness of guilt is consuming you... #Trump
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
400 pages of not exonerating you has absolutely nothing to do with the winner of the popular vote by 3 million plus more votes, You are demented. RESIGN!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Now that we know there was NO COLLUSION It's time to expose SPYGATE!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
You鈥檙e freaking out early today. Mueller report forthcoming, could that be what has you in such a tizzy?
Alors que la publication du rapport #Mueller doit survenir d'1 jour 脿 l'autre, #Trump pousse son avantage avec 1 projet clair en 3 points vers la pr茅sidentialisation accrue:
1) mise au pas du FBI
2) justice utilis茅e contre l'opposition politique
3) d茅l茅gitimation de la presse
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
The Coup collaborators were trying to condemn you to #Death for #Treason. Colluding with a foreign hostile actor, to change the outcome of our presidential elections. Now they鈥檙e lying, cheating, posturing. Obama with Merkel. Swalwell, Schiff, Lieu and Pelosi. #The200 #VoterID pic.twitter.com/tQz4qiYGGx
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
I know you don't read much, so.......Mueller did not say whether you did/did not obstruct, you are not exonerated....AND....if these are the best 42 words out of 300+ pages, you are in for a world of hurt
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Barr is 鈥..openly weaponizing the DOJ to potentially sully the future public, private & legal testimony of members of the DOJ, FBI & intelligence community who have seen the damning data on Trump.鈥 thedailybeast.com/william-barr-i鈥
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
No, that's not what they "ruled." They didn't "rule" anything.
Just the fact that you want to 馃攷 the investigators proves you arent cleared and if u were u wouldn't attack those that cleared you.
Panic trump cuz its coming
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
You are running scared or, I guess in your situation, waddling in fear. AG Barr was your handpicked fixer. He wasn鈥檛 elected. Americans will draw our conclusions based on the report we paid for. You already know all about your guilt but please don鈥檛 spoil it for the rest of us!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Mueller, and the A.G. based on Mueller findings (and great intelligence), have already ruled No Collusion, No Obstruction. These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS! pic.twitter.com/iGuM7OBdGf
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
This is utterly hilarious. If you wrote this into a comedy script, it would be too unbelievable. No one, literally no rational adult human being in the entire universe, has ever been this impotent, this pathetic, ever in the history of mankind. SAD!
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Barr's own letter says that the Mueller report,聽鈥渄oes not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him鈥 on obstruction. Barr, who you picked solely on the basis that he says a sitting president can't commit obstruction made that decision.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Get em Boss....Unleash Barr on them Mr President....
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Investigate Crooked Hillary, Comey and Slick Talking Barack NOW!
绌嗗嫆銆佷互鍙婂徃娉曢儴闀垮熀浜庣﹩鍕掔殑鍙戠幇锛堝拰浼熷ぇ鐨勬儏鎶ワ級锛屽凡缁忓緱鍑 娌℃湁閫氫縿銆佹病鏈夐樆纰嶈皟鏌ョ殑缁撹銆傝繖浜涳紙鎸囬氫縿鍜岄樆纰嶅徃娉曪級鏄敱鎵洸鐨勫笇鎷夐噷銆佹皯涓诲厷鍥藉濮斿憳浼氥佽偖鑴忕殑璀﹀療銆佷互鍙婂叾浠栦汉鐘笅鐨勭姜琛岋紒 璋冩煡閭d簺璋冩煡鑰呬滑锛
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Absolutely!!! Let鈥檚 go!! Get them!! We鈥檙e watching! Were waiting! Lock them all up!! Staring with that stain at the top! @BarackObama #maga #Trump2020
Last Tuesday, Barr told Congress that report would be out 鈥渨ithin a week.鈥 Did he mean it?
The #Democrats are desperate to win in 2020. It鈥檚 their last chance to eliminate any serious investigations into their spying, collusion, obstruction and criminal activity over the past few years. @realDonaldTrump must be re-elected to #KAG and #MAGA
Grandpa Ramblepants is so convinced the Mueller Report totally exonerates him he is . . . still ranting about it and doing everything he can to block its release. Par.
He鈥檚 such a bitch.
In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Another lie. Mueller and Barr did not rule there was no obstruction! Let us read the entire unredacted report!!!!!!!
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