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The Mueller Report, which was written by 18 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters), should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax. That is, never forget, the crime.....

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This tweet is a big tip that Donald & Company know they are going to be accurately portrayed in the redacted Mueller Rpt, and it will not be pretty, so they are at work trying to undercut it.
kinda weird thing to say about a report that fully and indisputably exonerates you
I thought it “exonerated” you. What happened Mr. Dementia?
for a guy who has been COMPLETELY EXONERATED, you seem pretty rattled that the heavily-redacted report that's being censored by your hand-picked goon at the DOJ is going to be released. why are you so rattled, Mister Completely Exonerated President? what's in that report?
Trump has reportedly been briefed on the Mueller report. If it reflected favorably upon him, he would not be demeaning its authors.
So you hated Mueller, then you loved Mueller, now you hate Mueller again? You’re making us dizzy, homefry.
Shouldn’t you be busy paying your taxes today? Oh, that's right, you don’t pay your taxes.
Remember how Mueller is a Republican? Remember how Republicans actually started the investigation in the 1st place? I remember. Remember how it wasn't spying but just counter intelligence because your campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power? I remember....
No wonder Leftist want the President Suspended from Twitter. He shares actual footage from an actual event and he’s inciting violence? No he’s revealing the lies, crimes, treason and sedition committed by Barry Hildabeast and the Cabal they called an administration! LockThemAllUp
According to you puppet Attorney General, we’ll see more after we get the report, your taxes, & SDNY continue their work. You will not be president for long, by impeachment, resignation, or losing in 2020 so keep tweeting old man. @realDonaldTrump
We are looking forward to Thursday.
Trump seems a lot less confident that Barr is engaging in a “cover-up” than most of my Dem friends. Just saying.
Reminder: The corporate tax cuts were permanent. Yours were not. #TaxDay #TaxScam #GOPTaxScam pic.twitter.com/zrbAMONjlb
You are such a whiny loser, Donald. All your antics and nonsense are slowly being exposed. Everyone is going to learn what a fraud you are. Fake Billionaire. Not even a millionaire. You're in debt up to your implants to very bad ppl. Sad. You're going to prison, traitor.
Where’s the Report ScumBag? We wanna read it!
We Know You Know My Toes Knows We WANT JUSTICE Please....
Trump haters refuse to admit that Obama was too scared to run for a 3rd term!!!!!
12:30 in Washington D.C. on a Monday.

Too windy for golf.

Work no fun.

So, old man spends all day angrily shouting at clouds.
After the Barr letter came out, Trump was asked if Mueller acted honorably. “Yes, he did,” Trump said. cnn.com/2019/03/25/pol… Before the redacted report comes out, Trump now says —->
is a military hero who has been rail roaded. What a disgrace our justice system has become when a 33 year veteran who was a hero of the Iraq and Afghanistan war is still facing charges from a hoax witch hunt Rt if it’s time to Clear Flynn now! magamedia.org/2019/03/09/the…
Quite obviously, he's not nervous at all.
I’m old enough to remember when you said that you wanted to release the report publicly & that it completely exonerated you. pic.twitter.com/IFXjzCXX0L
I thought it totally exonerated you and you said Mueller did an honorable job.
okay bear with me, it seems remotely possible that even the redacted report may not be as exoneratey as he has been claiming.
Spying is what an enemy does. To use that verb is to imply an illegal act took place. FBI agents lawfully applied to the FISA court & were successful on multiple occasions for warrants, as they were concerned Ru was trying to compromise the Election

You mean the report that specifically DOES. NOT. EXONERATE (CLEAR). YOU? That one? The one that likely shows you are guilty of something? That one? The one that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WOMAN WHO KICKED YOUR ASS BY 3+ MILLION VOTES? That one? You are demented. Resign
oooh a two part Trump Tweet about the Mueller Report none of us have seen. So exciting.
You're clearly prepping your dumb voters for what you know is going to be DEVASTATINGLY clear evidence released in the #MuellerReport, that you're a massive fraud and a criminal of the most heinous kind.
Nervous much??? Mueller report to be released this Thursday!
Wow... looks like a certain GUILTY party's been watching TV & just saw the news about the #MuellerReport being released Thursday am. We both know how DEVASTATING it's gonna be for u. I guess we'll be seeing a BIGLY amped-up Twitter attack/discrediting campaign till then...#Trump
At least TRY to play it cool.
LOL - what happened to “complete and total exoneration”, Spanky?
✔️FISA Judges = Republican
✔️Rosenstein = Republican
✔️Mueller = Republican (& War hero)
✔️Sessions = Republican
✔️Whitaker = Republican
✔️Barr = Republican
But it completely EXONERATES you, right little buddy? Why are you hating on the ONE thing that says you’ve done nothing wrong?

Unless... 😳 #RuhRoh
When is this Orange idiot gonna shut the fuck up?
I thought there were 13? Now 18? Tomorrow it will be 21?
God Bless you & your family with all the hell they have put you through!!!

What a total waste of money, time and energy!

It’s time to open a can of you know what on all of them now! We The People want answers!

We will never forget!
Still waiting on @TheJusticeDept to charge the real criminals pic.twitter.com/7zfivHdO18
Weird, thought you were happy with the report
The reckoning has begun.

2019 is going to be AMAZING.
He sure sounds panic stricken and desperate over a report that supposedly totally exonerates him.
Someone seems VERY concerned about the release of the Report...😁
He repeats this lie so often people are probably used to it, but it’s still a lie. Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican, he was overseen by Rod Rosenstein, another Republican, and the law says they’re not allowed to ask their employees about their political beliefs, much...
Remember when the microwave spied on you?
We're back to angry Democrats. Just three weeks ago he was an honorable man.
Everyone not directly related to you is a Democrat. Remember that. pic.twitter.com/BpFZiqLyz2
Ah chess! 💯🇺🇸💯🇺🇸
"18 Angry Democrats" "Russia Hoax" All you do is try and brainwash people. You have nothing else.
トランプを嫌悪し、ヒラリーを支持する18人の怒った民主党の連中(モラーチーム)により作成されたモラー報告書よりも、2016年においてトランプ陣営をスパイした連中やロシア捏造疑惑を作り上げた連中にフォーカスするべきだ。続く。#トランプ大統領 訳
Mueller was great when he “exonerated” him.

Now we’re back to angry democrats and trump haters.

Yes, it is as bad and as incriminating as we think it is.
Wait are you no longer exonerated??
I’m totally exonerated!! Oh but the people who exonerated me can’t be trusted and are dirty!!!
I did a very detailed Thread on this Topic of HRC paying Foreign [Agents] to Spy on @realDonaldTrump & Barack Hussein Obama Weaponizing the FBI/Doj to Protect Hilary Clinton & the rest of the [DS] from Being held accountable for 'There' Treasonous Crimes:
You mean the report that, "totally exonorates" you? The one written by our dedicated men and women of the FBI and Dept of Justice? Career patriots who know a slimy lying traitor when they see one?
Just spitballing here, but I'm beginning to think the report isn't going to be the full exoneration he said it is.
Things an innocent man would tweet for $1,000, Alex.
💥AGREE .@POTUS! 💥NO DEALS 💥NO ONE WALKS AWAY 💥#RemoveIlhanOmar 💥WELCOME TO #Minnesota 💥LAND OF 10,000 LAKES 💥150,000 ISLAMIST SOMALIS 💥VIA THE STATE DEPT 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 💥#SendThemBack 💥#WeWereNeverAsked 💥#UNITEDNOTDIVIDED 💥#MAGA 💥#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE pic.twitter.com/rDWUy9O0Cj
I guess the report doesn't exonerate Trump.
Where’d the 18 angry Democrats come from? I thought you were pleased with the result and that you were exonerated.
Why didn’t Mueller investigate the DNC, Hillary, Obama administration? He had the power to go wherever his investigation led him... Yet he ignored the ones who actually created political crimes? Was Mueller protecting them or involved with them? Time will tell...TICK TOCK
Wait didnt this report totally and completely exonerate Trump? I dont understand. Also isnt Robert Mueller a Republican?
I read the Mueller report today it say the guy in the oval office is an idiot 😋
That wasn't the purpose of the investigation. The purpose was to investigate your shady ties to Russia. And the only reason it's taking 28 days for your admin to produce it, is because that's how long Barr needed to redact all the crimes. Pretty obvious.
we got a brand new we will never forget Mug! We still remember! teespring.com/en-GB/some-peo…
you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker you are a dumb motherfucker
由18名愤怒的民主党人(也恰好是川普仇恨者和克林顿支持者))撰写的穆勒报道,应该关注那些在我的2016年竞选活动中对我采取间谍行为的人,以及其他捏造整个俄罗斯骗局的人。 这是永远不会被忘记的犯罪.....
There needs to be an investigation into the number of Angry Democrats who worked with Mueller. The number has bounced around, from 13 to 17 to 13 to 18. Has it changed as as result of the hiring/firing of team members or as their level of Anger changed?
Big Boy seems awfully scared of those 18 Big Bad Angry Democrats and the Trump Haters and Hillary Lovers, Poor Little Thing. Many you should put on those Big Boy Pants and try and be a Man for once. Boo hoo.
You should be happy that a report that totally exonerates you is being released.
Go get’em Mr. President. We The People are with you🇺🇸 They hate the truth.
Looks like someone has given Individual-1 an actual summary.
Looks like someone has given Individual-1 an actual summary.
Robert Mueller has something you will never have. Integrity. The man is a veteran and lifelong servant to his country. How dare someone as despicable as you disparage him. You are a draft dodger, a serial adulterer, a lie, a cheat, a con man and all around gross human being.
Well it went from 13 to 18 angry Republicans LOL...I keep forgetting that Mueller is a Republican and why are you so unhinged this morning because the report is coming out on Thursday it paints a bad picture of you
Wait, Donald. First you acted like the Mueller Report exonerated you. Now, you're worried what the investigation says about you? Don't worry. I'm sure your fixer William Barr will redact the goriest details giving you time to finish your coup. Report or not, we know your crimes.
Mueller and his team quit digging when all tunnels led to Obama and Hillary
This is the equivalent of trying to beat your parents to the mailbox to get the letter or report card from school... if that letter/report card stated you are incredibly corrupt and trying to undermine the entire school.
Mueller is a Republican. You dumb bastard.
DECODE: IMO 18 and 2016 sums to 18 LOTS of 18's there.... SPIED gematria is 8➡️ = 44 BHO Translation? BHO SPIED! The Penalty for SPYING? 18 USC! #wwg1wga #qanon pic.twitter.com/vbtN9LZKUq
obama's apostles of treason: obama's full blown assault on freedom, coup d'etat, is the filthiest dirtiest slimiest cruelest corrosive caustic calloused betrayal of freedom in the history of worldom ... @nytimes @nypost @FoxNews @CNN @TrumpWarRoom @YahooNews @WSJ @ABC @NRO @KTLA pic.twitter.com/iqnz8G1rsY
Man, the report must be really bad for him.

Also, why can’t he keep the number of “Angry Democrats” straight?
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