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God bless the people of France!

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Sending prayers from the United States - such a tragic day.
But you refuse to offer blessings for the thousands of actual victims of last year's California fires?
Nice try. You couldn't seem presidential if your life depended on it. The people of France despise you & everything you stand for. It's time for you to sit down & STFU up before you embarrass us any further. This is not about you. pic.twitter.com/uTosJDIKmU
🚨BREAKING: No workers present at the time that the Notre Dame Cathedral fire started......So who is this guy dressed in Muslim garb?? #The200 pic.twitter.com/cHYlJCcsQr
notice how Obama hasn't said anything like this. Trump > Obama.
So if Trump was in charge of the Parisian fire brigade they would have used an airtanker to drops a few thousand pounds of water on the Notre Dame Cathedral which would have definitely collapsed the whole thing........ That's our President folks 🤦‍♂️
The group celebrating this horrific burning are sick! 800 years of history.. Still a lot left to come out.. pic.twitter.com/T3FqnEJzko
All he said said was God bless France and y'all get angry about it?
You are a international pariah and a stupid SOB pic.twitter.com/2Innr7pG1t
Must have missed the church's burned in your own country a few weeks ago.
Thank you President Trump!!! Best POTUS EVER!!!❤❤❤❤❤
Prayers for the people of France indeed Scary attacks on churches in France are up 25% this year with 47 in February alone.. France needs to fix its broken immigration problem before they are victim to any more tragedys! 🙏🙏 magamedia.org/2019/04/15/cat…
The last thing anyone ever wants is a fake blessing coming from the likes of you! Why bother as not one decent individual believes a thing you utter? It’s documented there’s never been a sincere word that has spewed from your lying mouth! You sad, horrid,putrid being. Just STFU!
You should have run into the cathedral and saved it like you did with the school shootings!
And their firefighters (who know enough not to seek or take your advice).
Do you rally know where France is? I doubt it
God bless the people of France and god bless president Trump and the Unites States.
Why doesn’t the media talk about how the monster who threw a 5-yr-old from the 3rd floor of the Mall of America... ...is a Muslim, Somali immigrant who changed his name from Abdisaid Mohamed to Emmanuel Aranda? @CNN?? @MSNBC?? @ShepNewsTeam?? #The200 pic.twitter.com/6hbV1J6nnT
#NotreDame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost — but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can—@BarackObama
The people of France should have our prayers and blessings. The #NotreDameCathedral fire is absolutely horrible. But I noticed you didn’t tweet about the #WhiteSupremacist who was setting Black Churches on fire in Louisiana #SelectiveBlessings #SelectivePrayers
France is on its way of being no more..
God Bless the people that BELONG there.. not the animals burning it down.
O mesmo Deus que deixou a sua casa pegar fogo?
WTF... a guy that took money from a charity meant for children with cancer said ‘God and bless’ in the same sentence. That is the definition of being ‘fake as fuck.
Surprised you didn't send a rake along with thoughts and prayers.
At 425.pm Obama tweeted! A sincere compassionate tweet! You read it & tried topping him! France is in mourning! They've lost, a piece of their history! Your crocodile tears! will not comfort them! You are! incapable of compassion & sincerity! pic.twitter.com/rLWkTTW11a
America is with you! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
The people of France should have our prayers and blessings. The #NotreDameCathedral fire is absolutely horrible. But I noticed you didn’t tweet about the #WhiteSupremacist who was setting Black Churches on fire in Louisiana
God Blessed America the day you were elected President.
America grieve’s with France at this sad, sad loss, of such an historic land mark, gone within a few hours. God Bless France 🇫🇷
You're what the French call "les incompetent".
"Make America Great again with real leadership & intelligence to run America like Obama did for 8yrs!" pic.twitter.com/mehX2Vz4kH
#15Abr Presidente Donald Trump sobre los sucesos ocurridos en Notre Dame "Dios bendiga al pueblo de Francia"
5 MONTHS AGO: Trump ridicules French for losses in world wars, saying the U.S. had to rescue them. Trump is disgusting.
Don’t mind me. I’m just redacting a photo of you-know-who. 😊 pic.twitter.com/1F2iLZ9fpg
According to Jean-Paul Gourévitch, there were 8.5 million Muslims (about 1/8 of the population), including 3.5 practising Muslims, in metropolitan France in 2017. are you asking Allah to Bless them too or are you saying that they are neither French or People?
We are already blessed, we don’t have you as president or fireman in chief.
Signs Being Updated All Through ‘tRump States!’ pic.twitter.com/7px0YXGt3D
God save the people of American (from you)
1) Don’t mind me. I’m just redacting a photo of you-know-who. 😊 pic.twitter.com/xZZrLvNFFq
What about Nigeria?😩
Why? those fucking idiots voted for insanity and millions of refugees when they voted for the pussy @EmmanuelMacron . The French will make very good slaves for their invaders
Yo después de escuchar Daft Punk
So can we get a blessing for the congregations of the three Black Baptist Churches that burnt to the ground right here in the USA? Odd that I don't remember any tweets about that. 3!
#15Abr Donald Trump: Dios bendiga al pueblo de #Francia



France had to correct your idiocy:
🙏✝️🙏 Sending prayers for the people of France! God bless and protect his peole all over the world 🙏✝️🙏 It seems "Some People" are pretty happy with the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral pic.twitter.com/BDRB2qRGxm
Sadly 70% of people of France believe in Allah! France is becoming a #MuslimShitHole!
フランスに神のご加護を!#トランプ大統領 訳

1)Referring to Trump as childish is a disservice to children. Children are, by nature, extraordinary curious. They are constantly exploring and learning about the world around them. Developmental psychologists regularly depict them as natural scientists. pic.twitter.com/REHg57E6dW
Sending our LOVE and LIGHT to Paris and all of France. We are deeply saddened due to this tragedy. Notre Dame is a GLOBAL TREASURE, forever in our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️
Pero tu sí vete muy a la verga
3 vets in 5 days have commtted suicide in VA facilities. How many tweets did you send out about Tiger Woods? The shadow gov of your golf patrons, who are running the VA, are dong a piss poor job. You've said nothing. #FixTheVA
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