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Antifa is here!! Enjoy this video of the neo-KKK stalking and harassing me as I try to invite a group of peaceful black students into my event at UPENN.
The Democrat’s domestic terrorist arm strike again!


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This is frightening.

Where are all the usual voices screaming "racism" and "sexism"?
The white students hiding beneath masks screaming at @RealCandaceO is NUTS

Does a young conservative Black woman deserve less protection and less freedom because of her political views?
White Liberals harass a black woman (@RealCandaceO ), yet the Democrats tried to deem her as the White Nationalist. The real White Nationalist KKK who considers themselves as Antifa is harassing her so why aren't Democrats condemning them since the hate is coming from the left?
What is the difference between Antifa and the KKK/Neo-Nazis? All are a bunch of white people who feel their views are so superior that black people should be controlled by them. And there are black people who will agree with this because she is not liberal. #BLEXIT
This unacceptable. This is not ok. She is entitled to her view and her right to believe what she does. You cannot seek solidarity for #IlhanOmar and then subject Candace to the same BS. Black have the right to speak their minds wether you like it or not.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
The Democrat Party, then & now: Black people peacefully walking to exercise their right to speak are harassed by a group of white Democrats. The Democrat Party has not changed one bit. Free thinking black people they can’t control is what they fear most pic.twitter.com/slPNYyEc9m
Here we go again! The white liberals showing their racist head again.

This reminds me of the 60s when they did the same thing to black folks.

They try to silence us and tell others how to think.

Well yall got us F'd up. We ain't falling for that crap this time.
The Left has become a hate-fueled band of violent bigots.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
My guess is this didn't get as much play on @CNN as did the black out game at Covington High School. #EnemyOfThePeople Its time media did their job. This needs to be condemned so it stops. @JakeTapper @brianstelter @donlemon @ChrisCuomo
God bless @RealCandaceO. These protesters are pathetic.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
These people are deranged. I hope you have good security and carry
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Where’s @tedlieu when you need him?!
If this harassment was done to any black female leftist, there would be massive outrage from the Left.

But becuase its @RealCandaceO it’s allowed.

Why isn’t the media covering this blantant harassment?
In reply to @RealCandaceO
You are awesome 👏so proud of you! - keep up the great work, please stay safe.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
thank you for always unapologetically standing up for the truth. You have a huge impact in the black community, so people on the left are trying to sabotage the #BLEXIT movement. Myself and many other people support and look up to you. Keep up the great work!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Love your work! Keep going girl. I’d love to collaborate ideas. God be with you and keep you safe.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Unbelievable, no words, thank you for your bravery and all you do to help people see rationally..
Socialists, Radical Muslims, Antifa ALL Want FREE SPEECH But ONLY IF THEY ARE TALKING!
“Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.”
— Archbishop Charles J. Chaput PROTECT 1A RIGHTS AT ALL COSTS #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Stand your ground, you noble, free and leader of a revolution.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
@RealCandaceO Is One Of The Most Courageous Patriots Ever! She Will Not Back Down. She Will Fight For Freedom And For Everything That Is Right, True, and American! God Bless #CandaceOwens
Watch These Punks😡

@RealCandaceO calling the ENEMY by its name. The Fascist Left is the Modern Day KKK.

I challenge the #MainStreamMedia to produce a single clip of a "White Nationalist" MOB publicly harassing an African American.

Who's Feelin Me?
In reply to @RealCandaceO
You make me so happy. Thank you for being you.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
God Bless you Candace! I am praying for your safety. I admire your courage and voice to keep spreading the #Truth #MAGA #KAG2020 the new #NAZI’s #ANTIFA
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Do leftists realize how dumb they sound? They're calling a black woman a Neo Nazi and a whit supremacist 🤣
Only two words. “They’re Scared” 😈.. As you see in this video. The White Liberals are terrified of this movement. They will do anything at all cost to slow this movement down and/or stop it. People are waking up. Don’t stop fighting for your nation! 🇺🇸 #Blexit I Love America‼️🇺🇸
In reply to @RealCandaceO
God Bless you Candace! Please STAY SAFE! We NEED your strong voice speaking Truth loudly & clearly as you do! I am so proud you are a Fellow Conservative fighting for WHAT is right! #BLEXIT
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Sad to hear the language and see the disrespect shown by the party of inclusion. We don't all have to agree, but let's treat each other as humans. Keep fighting @RealCandaceO
In reply to @RealCandaceO
this is what BRAVERY looks like -- you are awesome, Candace!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Psalm 59:1 "Deliver me from my enemies, O God; be my fortress against those who are attacking me." Heartbreaking. The KKK has shapeshifted into @PhillyANTIFA
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Why do they hide their faces?
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Im Waiting for the day someone goes over and rips those masks off their faces. It’s ridiculous that these morons are allowed to walk around like this.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
The way these people treat their fellow human beings can be found in Nazi literature. They think they are doing this for a higher cause, but all they accomplish is showing their hate. Race shouldn't be an issue but they make it so. Well done for being brave by standing up to them
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Why are masked people allowed to stalk anyone ?
It’s far past time the media did its job and asked EVERY single elected Democrat these questions:

• Do they support or denounce the behavior of Antifa?
• More specifically show them this video of @RealCandaceO and ask them to comment on the tactics employed by these Democrats.
Wow. Imagine the strength it takes Candace to continue spreading the hope of MAGA surrounded by these liberal fools. democrats are ruining everything they touch. Thank you Candace! #BLEXIT
Kijk hoe #antifa een zwarte vrouw intimideert en stalkt. Ze hebben totaal geen respect voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting en diversiteit.
These White Liberals HATE seeing a Black Woman not depend on them to be Her White Savior!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
@RealCandaceO Being Called Vile Names By Antifa/Protestors & Harrassed & Stalked As She Tries To Invite Black Students Into An Event Where She Is To Speak At UPENN▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn #DigitalArmy @AP
@BreitbartNews @gatewaypundit @NBCNews
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Stay strong! We’re all right there with you!
Leftist antifa children need their little asses spanked. They needed them spanked years ago, but their daddies didn’t care enough to teach them any manners - and who could blame their daddies? Look at what cowardly assholes they are.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Love Candace. Hope she runs for office one day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍
Paid Antifa tries to stop Candace Owens but she is not easily stopped and she remains cool and professional. She will win! God bless her.
this is true. The democrat-created KKK is now the democrat created antifa. They should all be exposed.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
The World has gone mad. Violence against people for speaking is NON-Christian, UN-Constitutional, and IN-Human.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Democrats once again proving they are the party of the KKK. Disgusting.
I can’t believe most democrats aren’t totally embarrassed by these mob attacks. 🤦‍♂️ Candace is #winning and they can’t stop her.
God blessed America with this AMAZING, strong, passionate, intelligent & patriotic young lady...

May God bless her tenfold!

In reply to @RealCandaceO
Can’t have a civil conversation with people who have been indoctrinated to believe something that has no facts to back it up..
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I know you’re spitting facts to the kids you’re talking to Candace! Stay strong sis WE GOT YOU‼️
You want to see who sews division in America...
Look no further than the far left.
We are going to get to a breaking point of being pushed around by extremists. You don't like America? GTFO!
Eyes wide open! #WWG1GWA
Black woman goes to speak at a college campus.

White people in masks threaten and intimidate her.

How is this not national news?

(Oh yeah. Because she’s a conservative.)
I'm not the world's biggest fan of this woman, but somebody really needs to explain how this crap isn't racist.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Candice, you handled it excellent. 👍 #Blexit
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Wow, that's would have really ticked me off at how annoying they were being. You invite fellow students who just happen to be POC to just consider what you have to say and these other students just have no curtesy or respect in letting people make their own decisions.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
You are such an inspiration and example of how to battle with dignity using only the facts and one hell of a never back down spirit!!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I blame their upbringing.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
This is insane. I'll pray for your safety. Please be careful out here.
Look, a bunch of white Democrats screaming at some black kids just trying to enter a university. Re-run of the 1950s and 60s. Sad
In reply to @RealCandaceO
If these would have been white students verbally attacking a black Democrat supporter than the media would be all over it but it’s funny how when it happens to a black republican it gets ignored so who’s the real racist I think the left
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I love how these thugs with weapons and masks covering their faces, are dumb enough to call other people fascists. They are the modern day KKK, and they can’t even see that.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I want to punch that antifa coward bitch more than anyone i ever wanted to punch before in my life!!!!!!!!!!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
These people have no shame, no morals, and no value to society. Thank you for your courage
In reply to @RealCandaceO
This is scary, please stay safe
Fastest growing pro-Trump movement @RealCandaceO #BLEXIT
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Be safe! You are doing a great thing. Thank you for your bravery!
Good for Candace Owens! This is the army of the far left! You are not allowed to opposed radicals of the left! Antifa is literally the left's version of white supremacists that Liberal accuse everyone of being who do not support them!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I told you before... I will go with you for free to these places.
This woman deserves some serious props for putting up with this harassment. Who would have thought the Left would slip into Fascism so easily, so quickly and so blindly?
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Exactly Correct Candace O ! This IS the Democrats foot soldiers. But then again, they have always had them! pic.twitter.com/o1Bd5s7Pby
In reply to @RealCandaceO
You can literally hear the black young man with the red shirt say “Oh my god” after one of the leftists' screams.

This is the left in 2019.

Screaming at those who have different opinions, and threatening violence.

Candace now needs security because of these people.

In reply to @RealCandaceO
The problem with Antifa (one of many problems) is they do not want dialogue, they want violence.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
God be with you and your voice be heard.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Please be careful and stay safe, but give them hell! The left has always been intolerant to the tolerant. You're a very strong and independent Woman and admire your passion for the truth. God Bless You and your family 🙏🙏🙏
.@RealCandaceO is not afraid of what could go wrong, she only thinks of what could go right. Great things never came from comfort zones.

God bless you, @charliekirk11, @TPUSA
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Nobody changes their minds because people are screaming obscenities in their face and being obnoxiously noisy. It turns people off! This is why antifa continuously fails. Most people actually like reason and decency. This is also why @RealCandaceO is so successful.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Any other time a group of white people in masks would stalk and yell at black kids, it would be called a lynch mob.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
If they are so proud of what they stand for, why do they wear masks? Keep it up Candace.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
candace you are a brave and stong woman and many guatemalan conservatives and libertarians admire you very so much!!! God bless you for your bravery and your intelligence and courage!!! God bless you very so much!keep up the good work! dont let any of those idiots silence you!!!
Love Candace, her tenacity and dedication are awe inspiring.
This is a scene from somewhere in Dixie 100 years ago right before a lynching. Oh...it is from the campus of @Penn (@realDonaldTrump's alma mater) in Philadelphia 2019.

Mayor @JimFKenney, Frank Rizzo would never had allowed this in the City of Brotherly Love. @LaSalleUniv
In reply to @RealCandaceO
I guess it takes real courage and bravery to hide behind a mask
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Lol... they are -so- threatened by her. I love how hard of a fighter she is. #swoon
In reply to @RealCandaceO
FUCK ANTIFA. Yeah I said it. Nothing more than a bunch of petulant children, making noise because they don't want to hear an adult speak.
In reply to @AOC
@AOC @SpeakerPelosi @RandPaul
First They Came........

You see this is what that looks like! You stifle the voice of those you disagree with. For years we have been silent but spoke with our vote. We would condemn those who spoke ill against YOU!
Now it's your turn.🇺🇸
The Far Left really aren't fans of freedom of speech are they?

Guess what... If you aren't showing your face and are screaming abuse at a political rival. You have NO RIGHT to call THEM a Fascist!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
All I can say is keep up the great job your doing it takes lots of courage and dedication I applaud you 👏🏼
So many weaklings...wont even show their faces due to the shame the bring to their families. #bullying #cupcakes
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Stay strong and be safe Candace!
In reply to @RealCandaceO
The way they're showing this kind of absurd attitude..Trump will win again.😀
The left still has the KKK. The left still employs brown shirt and SS Nazi tactics to shut down free speech and free thought. Watch the racists / misogynists as they try and FAIL to shut up @RealCandaceO. She is a real patriot showing real courage.
In reply to @RealCandaceO
They got nothing so they act out. Weak, intellectually bereft! Keep going Candace pic.twitter.com/VaVfPAizdL
In reply to @RealCandaceO
Candace keep at it! They are cowards!
Reminds me of the day when a black schoolgirl tried to enter an all white school for the first time. The left is pure evil.
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