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My last photos of our beautiful Notre Dame 🤧 mon cœur est brisé
Inside before the fires. Taken on 4/15/2019
Hi Brooke! We'd like to help. Could we have your permission to share this photo on all platforms and with our news partners?
Hi Brooke! Would FOX 17 News be allowed to use this photo online and on air? We'd like to help spread the word!
My great grandfather’s pictures. July 1900.
This is going to become THAT photo.
y’all better find the arsonist before @AncientAliens gets involved
Someday that little girl will recreate this beautiful picture with her own child in front of a freshly repaired Notre Dame Cathedral!
RT SVP : A la recherche du père et de la fille sur cette photo, prise environ une heure avant l'incendie de Notre-Dame
#NotreDame #NotreDamedeParis
Also: I RT'd with a French translation, in case it's relevant
A paint-ograph of my wife, taken in summer 2018
I want to see this as a feel good news story within the next 24 hrs that this picture makes it to that family 🤞
Have a feeling this will blow up so I’m just here in the comments reminding you that regardless of your situation, life is good and it’s only going to get better
les plus belles choses dans la vie ne sont pas choses. ce sont des moments, des sentiments et des lieux qui nous font la joie
Allez, Twitter : essayons de trouver le papa sur cette photo qui a été prise 1h avant l'incendie...
Offrir ce moment de joie capturé quelques instants avant un tel drame, ça serait une belle histoire.
I hope twitter does have some magic, that is a great picture.
Did anybody notice that the dad had a doppleganger with little bit more beard 🤔🤔
Hi Brooke! What a beautiful moment. In case it can help to broadcast on air — Could WISN TV have your permission to share this photo on all platforms and with our Hearst, CNN, ABC station affiliates?
🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I was just there too 💔
Post in French - J'ai pris cette photo alors que nous partions de #NotreDame environ une heure avant qu'elle ne prenne feu. Je suis presque allé voir le père et lui ai demandé s'il le voulait. Maintenant, j'aimerais avoir. Twitter si vous avez de la magie, aidez-le à trouver ceci
You're going to find this daddy and his little girl. I just know it. Beautiful photo.
This photo is not only a keeper, it’s historic.
This was just a few days ago. So privelaged to have been able to experience this amazing place. 💗
Perhaps @TheEllenShow could help by RT as well? 🖤
So sad to see the building looking serine and safe in the sun. Just before this dreadful disaster.
Let's look for that dad and the beautiful little girl #notredame #DaddyDaughter
We gotta find this Dad. @Twitter, help?
What a magical photo!
เจ้าของทวิตถ่ายรูปพ่อลูกรูปนี้หน้ามหาวิหาร Notre Dame ก่อนที่จะกลับ ประมาณ 1 ชม. ก่อนที่ไฟจะไหม้ เขาเกือบจะเดินไปถามคนพ่อว่าอยากได้รูปนี้มั้ย ตอนนี้เขาอยากให้รูปนี้กับคนที่อยู่ในรูปนี้มากๆ เลยอยากตามหาผ่านทางทวิต

เป็นรูปพ่อกับลูกที่ดูอบอุ่นมาก และที่สำคัญภาพนี้หาไม่ได้อีกแล้ว
a beautiful photo to celebrate, which helps to soften the surge of inevitable sadness that follows.
I'm sharing with French TV twitter feeds.
La photographe a pris cette photo 1h avant l’incendie et regrette de ne pas avoir proposé aux personnes sur la photo une copie sur le moment.
Alors je partage aussi, en espérant que quelqu’un les reconnaîtra et pourra leur transmettre ce joli moment immortalisé. Merci Twitter 🙏
the power of social media is unreal
Help find this father and daughter in this pic - retweet below
Maybe he will see this and find you. Using some majik
OMG! This beautiful photo. Twitter, do your magic, everybody please retweet. #NOTRE_DAME #PrayForNotreDame
این کاربر نوشته که این عکس رو یک‌ساعت قبل از آتش گرفتن کلیسای نوتردام گرفته. میخواد از طریق توییتر این پدر و دختر رو پیدا کنه تا این عکس رو به دستشون برسونه.
Let’s do this, Twitter-magic.
20 years later this photo will be shown on history textbooks as “The Photo Taken An Hour Before Notre Dame Burned Down”. Folks we are witnessing history in the present
I deleted my last tweet because it gave credit to the wrong person.

Please RT this one
The inner photographer in me is screaming... FEET!
He will be found and grateful for this candid moment . 🙏🏼
When I first visited France, I thought to myself. Why are they maintaining this old crap? Roman walls ect... (I'm an idiot) Then I visited and read the history. And now I see the importance of keeping our past in our minds and remember where we came from. Everyone has a story.
I only have a dozen or so followers, but I'll retweet since, well, you never know. Go good people of Twitterverse! You can do this!
We need @rudygobert27 to retweet this photo.
I’m now crying at the bus stop. Please find Notre Dad!
Bu fotoğraf, Notre Dame Katedralinin önünde, trajik yangından sadece 1 saat önce çekildi. Fotoğrafı çeken kişi, artık çok daha anlamlı hale gelen bu fotoğrafı, fotoğraftaki tanımadığı bu baba ve çocuğuyla da paylaşabilmek için Twitter kullanıcılarından yardım istiyor:
La personne qui a pris la photo, 1 hre avant que l'incendie ne se déclare à Notre-Dame, s'enquière à savoir si le papa - celui qui s'amuse avec une petite fille, à l'avant plan - désire recevoir une copie de la photo. #notredameIncendie
Must’ve been awful to know you saw it in its “original form” before it was completely changed forever. That’s just heartbreaking
Don't worry, we will do the best ! (Reims)
Please Twitter World. Retweet this photo, with the hope that someone will recognize the man and little girl and provide them the gift of this captured joyful moment. My caption - Joy before the fire. Joy that will return again.
Nobody is asking how his twin is also right behind him taking a selfie with his chick at the exact same time? Slight glitch in the Matrix!!😳😳
As a father FIND THIS DAD!
help find the dad and daughter in this photo so this stranger who snapped it one hour before the fire can get it to them!
This a beautiful photo as it is, but I tried to fix some of the perspective distortion just because... well, it's just what I do. Please take it in the helpful spirit intended. Ultimately it's the moment that matters - and you captured that iconically!
Hi @brookeawindsor I'm from CTV News in Canada. Are you the owner and creator of this photo? Would you give CTV News permission to use it on our online, broadcast and social platforms with credit to you? Thanks!
Lets help find this dad. Iconic picture. Retweet!
A sweet moment captured an hour before the Notre Dame fire...… - shared on our @GirlsLOVETravel public fb page & within our community of over 750k womxn travelers! Fingers Crossed 🤞 this smiling papa is found xoxo
The evening spring light on that stone—stunning.
This is incredible! Anyone know if they’ve found the people in the picture yet?? #NotreDame
Let’s help find this dad!
This is beautiful. Let’s help find this dad. ❤️❤️❤️
If there was ever a time for Twitter magic 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
The happiness on the faces of this dad and little girl is so pure.
What an incredible capture.

Where there is darkness and sadness... there is also beauty and light. I hope they found them!
Please, Family, retweet this photo far and wide so the subjects of the photo can find it. It captures a sweet, touching moment the world will never forget, and they may both welcome receiving it.
Hopes he or someone that knows him sees this photo is able to connect to get the hi-res version. That captured a special moment in time, great photo! 📷
Here’s the photo I mentioned on-air. Make it happen, internet.
Beautiful, father and child in joy, #NotreDame
Kent iemand toevallig deze mensen op de voorgrond? Foto gemaakt om 5:57 lokale tijd. Fotograaf is op zoek naar ze...
Ok Twitter, do your thing. This is important.
That's a keeper! Amazing photo. Could be historic too.
This is AMAZING! Hope they find him, I’m sure they would love it x ❤️
Also the lady taking selfie behind the dad.
Hi Brooke, I'm reaching out with @NBCNews. Did you take this photo yourself? If so, may we have permission to use it across all of our NBCU partners and platforms? Also, would you mind sending me a message? Many thanks.…
We must have been right near you. There at same time.
this is all i want to have happen today
Here's the photo we're talking about

i gotta follow you to see how this ends!!!
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