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kju writes big beautiful letters saying nice things about our president so it’s all okay everyone can feel much safer there is no longer a nuclear threat check out those oceanfront lots on the sea of japan wouldn’t that be a great place for a trump hotel no collusion maga
North Korea says iKim Jong-un supervised the test-firing of a new type of tactical guided weapon, but does not specify what type of weapon was involved in the test, leaving it unclear whether it was a missile. ⁦@choesanghunnytimes.com/2019/04/17/wor…

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MAGA is supposed to be in all caps.

Followed by an exclamation point or three.
George, your wife’s on your phone
Here's a great idea while we're waiting -- turn the report into Mad Libs.
Boom you nailed it. Trump just wants them to build a casino with his name on it.
yep, they fell in love!
Stream of consciousness George is my favorite George.
Thank God DJT & KJU fell in love or this might present some kind of threat.
What could go wrong? It’s the greatest love affair in the history of the world.
You forgot "her emails".
I got mad love for you GC
Their giant crayola hallmark posters they sent to each other right? 🙄
Not too late to get your HISTORIC US–North Korea Peace Talks commemorative Challenge Coin! whitehousegiftshop.com/product-p/summ… Always the grift. pic.twitter.com/xjU58kS3eX
Kim is the alpha male in this bromance.
they are in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve.
Question to Americans : is Trump more similar to fictional characters Brad Wesley or Boss Hog ?
That's big of Kim Jong Un considering Donnie @realDonaldTrump acts like a toddler! No wonder Donnie likes Kim Jong Un so much! "Kim Jong Un Talks To Trump Like He's A Teenager!" #NorthKorea #PatheticTrump cnn.com/videos/politic…
Trump probably had Kim do it as a distraction from the report
I guess KJU dumped the humpty tRumpty. I wonder what the Dear John letter said.
Every day gives me a new reason to want to gouge my eyeballs out with a rusty salted fork. Almost all those reasons are Trump related. OK, all of them.
I never stayed at the No Collusion, but I have heard that it is overrated and full of maga.
That’s all he’s doing is pimping out the United States for his business for when he gets done playing president. Loving on Putin, loving on the Saudis, loving on Kim J-u He is always in dealing mode never for the US. It’s for him his family. He just enlarged his Rolodex.
"...unclear if it was a missile." It wasn't a sling shot. I guess he's not in love with Trump anymore.
🎶 Welcome to the Hotel No Collusion.... What a nice surprise for your alibis.....Mirrors on the ceiling and golden showers the vice....and Trump said “you are just prisoners here of your own device.....”🎶
Tremendous letters, everyone is saying it. Our love is the best love and the covfefe
Trump should go live there
Trying to imagine a time when this would be the biggest news story of the evening 🤔
Has anyone from @GOP grown a spine yet? You @senatemajldr? You @LindseyGrahamSC? Anyone else want to call out the selfish, infantile nincompoop currently occupying the Oval Office?
What if only Fox showed up at the Barr Press Conference?
Who the hell didn’t see this coming🤦‍♀️
Quit making me like you! Your wife's defending all this shit (although I could see even she almost choked on "alternative facts")! It breaks my brain to think of what your lives are like at home. You HAVE to be playing us. How could the two of you not be playing us!?
Someone needs to leak that report.
Yet you're married to his biggest loudest mouthpiece. You let his biggest enabler raise your children. How can you possibly be okay with that?
is falling in love with 😍 #KimJongUn who writes nice love letters
Dot dot dot, Dot dot dot dot dot Sad!
But, hey, let's crack down on...Cuba. Hard.
This shtick is old, George. You and Complicity Deranged were at the forefront of ensuring that this moronic idiot would be installed in the Oval Office, and everything he's said/done while there could have been easily predicted by anyone paying attention at the time.
You're conspicuously quiet on Barr or on matters related.
George Conway has his fingers on the pulse of the disaster that is the Trump WH. Poor guy.
Kim trolling Trump, “don’t forget about me.”
George, I like your snark.
Right there with you? Cocktails?
It isn't just Trump, the GOP in DC and his staff are clearing his path.
Lover Boys! WTF happened to our love? pic.twitter.com/PyKBGzvys5
This would read better in ALL CAPS #MAGA
You are seriously THE sexiest man alive. Somebody call @people, this year’s vote is totally unnecessary. ❤️
Ha ha ha!!!! You sir are a poet!!! Thank You for this tweet!
Establishment figures taunting Trump into being more belligerent with nuclear powers is dangerous and dumb.
#MAGA Know the truth! Are you feeling safe now?
lol no obstruction no collusion maga
Yes any dictator that flatters our president has him.
I don't see the words GOP or Republican in this tweet. Am I missing something?
bestie is firing rockets. I don’t think Trumps relationship is as good as Trump thinks it is but hey what’s new. More lies, scandals and chaos caused by the worst administration ever
Good impression, but you forgot Random capitalization of Words.
Prove your resolve. Hint: it will require something other than a Tweet.
I will continue to revere and worship the glorious, genius, God-like leader of North Korea up until the point that the glorious, genius, God-like leader of the United States tells me not to. MAGA! 😉
My utmost admiration for your relentless verbal assault on our corrupt, dangerous president. Someday please write a book about your marriage.
And the letters get delivered in a huge envelope so Trump can fumble with it with those tiny hands.
He doesn’t need a real estate deal, he’s working for free, he doesn’t need to colude, get a life
I gave it a like, but it's really missing some words IN ALL CAPS!!!!!
George you really are on target. Kim is only a cheating boyfriend to Trump and is moving those missiles forward. Trump is just an ignorant soul who is damaging the USA . Plus he is as dumb as they come when it comes to nuclear issues. Scary
My sentiments EXACTLY!
Amazing this always happens before bad news comes.
Close. You need to all caps NO COLLUSION and maybe throw in a WITCH HUNT!!!
Guess whose getting played?
All with a lovely view of the Sea of Irradiation.
I swear he does more oral on Kim than Melania
He’s about to get owned by an enemy nation again
Did DJT get control of your Twitter account? Sounds exactly like him.
I thought Trump solves this issue and no more testing from his love Un
What are the odds that Trump’s new buddy Kim timed this for tomorrow’s report release?
But Kim Jong-un promised BFF Don he would be a good little dictator and refrain from firing another missile. Surely murderous Kim wouldn't lie to No45, would he?
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my cellmate for crimes against humanity in The Hague?
This is one of your best tweets , keep it up.
Is this important? I keep thinking of Nixon. This seems worse. WH and DOJ share Mueller report before it’s release as per @nytimes nytimes.com/2019/04/17/us/…
This sounds so much like an @StephenAtHome joke!!
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