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Yachty in the studio laying down verses for the city girls

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😭😭😭😭😭😭 What’s this boy IG? I love him.
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“lemme do mine mine is not cussing” pic.twitter.com/16qYJufSp4
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The teacher in the background saying “no, no, no” will always take me out 😂😂💀
In reply to @polodrawls_
“ I eat my Rithe thand cabbich “ 😂😂
In reply to @polodrawls_
Encore un ivoiri.. bref
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“Lemme do mine! Mine is not cussing” 😂😂😂😂
I hope Rice & Cabbage is doing well!
Lmao the fact this blew up and it was at my school 😂
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The funnier part is how the dude in this video is now "delivert!"
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Ima do this lame mess Follow my ig: @ dvwson
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Bithh i eat my rice and catfish
Ms brooks in the back lol
Stop retweeting this he thinks he’s too good for me now
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I wanna hear the rest tho
This man has a whole girlfriend now
Really thankful this vid is back on the timeline
Lamar Jackson blocked me on twitter when Louisville played UH and I told him this was him
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I think we all need a full version
Teacher wasn’t having it 😂
“ mine is not cussing. it’s not dirty!” takes me out every time 🤣🤣
I’m actually crying.
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Why the girl in the back sound like Gypsy Rose?
I know this a joke but its really telling how many of these jokes out telling on people. You know how many men write hits for women?
The Dream
That’s all
Lmao I’m deceased 😂
J Hus after all them prison showers
me next time I’m in the studio trying to cook up a verse for @diirtygirlz
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This shit was funny a few years back and even funnier now 🤣🤣
Lamar Jackson was wildin in High school 😭
I'm yelling 😂
Zion Williamson 2.0
Dawg!!! I am DEAD!!!! 💀 HELL NAH! 🤣
Lemme get some clout
tray wylin on the tl again
lennard got kicked out of class after they recorded this
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The teacher 😂😂
Idc if he not gay nomore I can’t Unsee it
Lmaaaaoo fuck
Cut it out 😂😂
Lamar Jackson gotta chill
Twitter is on a roll today!!! Lmaoooo
Yachty is JOKES😂💀💀
Shorty recording said “LeT mE dO MiNe, mINE iSnT cUsSiNg”
Props to him for gettin them a hit but forrreeeaalll, that session was prolly funny as fuck 😭💀
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Lamar Jackson’s pregame warmup
This mans is straight now. 😭
How much to hire you to be a tweet writer? Venmo? Cashapp?
Talking bout No Homo before I hop in the booth 😂
Chillllll he said “no homo” 🤣💀
This one of my favorite videos ever
I used to love this video 😂😂😂
Me rapping/singing all the wrong words to a song I thought I knew!!!😂
This is who I think write they shit anyway.
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this took me ouuuttt. Rice and Cabbage
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LMFAOOOOOOOO this video is iconic
My guy wanted to finish his rap ☠️☠️🤣 @Neena_Nicole @chloecreightonn @izuhbelleS
Mannnnn 😂😂😂😂
this shit was funny when it first came out 😂
😭 oh this made me snort
yooo the teacher in the back got me rollllinnnn
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