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A huge revelation in the report that's not getting nearly enough notice.
This is criminal. Soon after July 22 WikiLeaks release, Trump told Gates 鈥漨ore releases of damaging information would be coming.鈥 Put it in context of June Trump Tower meeting w/Russian spy (coinciding w/Trump speech on big Hillary news), and July 27 鈥淩ussia if you鈥檙e listening.鈥
Mueller's report unveils some blatantly illegal activities committed by Trump with the help of Fox News. Fox News is Referenced in the Mueller Report Four Times, and Each Makes Trump Look Worse
鈥淲ikileaks is not my thing鈥 :)
OK, maybe there was some light collusion.
Flagrant cheating is one thing that comes easy to him.
How the shit is this part not collusion?
As infuriating as it is unsurprising.
Presumably, if Assange is extradited, it will now have a chilling effect on assclowns. Actual journalists, however...
they had advance notice on mueller report too
I don't understand how that's not coordination.
Hopefully, journalists will stop linking and equating a partisan ideological group led by an unapologetic, former convicted hacker who weaponizes state secrets while leaving his sources hanging out to dry... with actual journalists. It doesn't do them justice.
The campaign knew it was illegally sourced and instead of reporting built their campaign around it. And when confronted, lied.
They did. That鈥檚 why the 1st dump came when Access Hollywood Tape was released.
How is explicitly not mentioning this information to the FBI at the time, or when they came to brief the campaigns or anytime thereafter not aiding and abetting a crime?
Nothing to do with Russia. Nothing.
And did NOT call the FBI
i am getting angrier and angrier as the day goes on
Remember Trump telling everyone in Helsinki that "Putin says it wasn't Russia and I believe him?"

Trump knew all along it was Russia.
Voor de mensen die nog denken dat WikiLeaks journalistiek is. It is not.
Not calling the FBI in these circumstances is traitorous.
I鈥檓 old enough to remember when Trump said he didn鈥檛 know anything about Wikileaks.

Hell, I鈥檓 old enough to remember when Trump said he loved Wikileaks before that.
No one should forget reading this redacted version of the Mueller Report, that Reality Winner is sitting behind bars for trying to warn everyone about what is in this report.

Fucking Think about that Bullshit. Trump's walking free, but not her.
this jumped out at me immediately. this was BEFORE the election took place. trump KNEW Russia was helping them and WELCOMED their help.
Infuriating on top of all the lies...
But Donny just said Wikileaks wasn鈥檛 his thing.....hmmm
I work exclusively on the basis that if Trump is talking, he鈥檚 lying. Flip anything he says 180 degrees for the truth Trump鈥檚 people/family = same story. Everything they say is utter BS, flip 180 degrees for truth Of course they knew what WikiLeaks was up to. #ImpeachTrump
hello Roger Stone
What infuriates me are the Republicans still supporting Trump. Can he really shoot someone and they wouldn鈥檛 care? Beat a puppy to death? How deep does the con go? was just last week that the President said WikiLeaks wasn't his "thing." Surely, that can't be untrue!
The fact that the trump administration had advance knowledge of the contents of #Muellerreport is infuriating
These redactions sure do seem designed to protect Trump, doesn鈥檛 seem to be just names but subjects.
This, and the rest of the report, remind us that there is SO much more still being investigated that will bring down the wannabe dictator.
How about #campaigntrump providing the other third of the triad, Russia, with internal polling data?
Duh? what's wikileaks, never heard of them ...Wish the President could lie better
Apparently we have to be patient. Where's the news on all the sealed indictments?
Wow. To me, that except reads like a conspiracy with Trump coordinating.
From my perspective Assange is a Russian Asset that has culpable deniability. Trump & most of his family members were acting stupid to the public while trying to make House of Cards deals. He may not have colluded with Russia but he colluded with Wiki-Leaks which is just as bad!
did all 3 of you miss this. Even a simple minded fool would think this is nothing, you鈥檙e not fools, just cheap political hacks that are there to fill their pockets with special interest money.
The fact that he celebrated and LOVED it is even more so
Wouldn鈥檛 this be coordination?
problem is, you seem more worried about what wiki had, than the fact Hillary had an unsecure server in her bathroom with secret info on it, and Obama knew about it and sent emails to it.
What鈥檚 infuriating also is that there are over 14 ongoing and open investigations. Why would Mueller wrap this up when there will be more to come; that鈥檚 if Barr doesn鈥檛 shut them down. Did Barr shut this down? Barr must step down immediately! Mueller must testify!
Still having trouble squaring "harm to ongoing matter" redactions in very, very key parts of Trump-Russia collusion narrative with Mueller team's decision to close up shop before answering those questions.
Wikileaks was definitely his thing
on removing Bill Clinton from office: 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role.鈥
Trump and Hillary were both briefed about Russian interference before the election.
Trump has seen the classified info and still Helsinki happened because he knew the truth would put the 2016 election results in question.
He's an illegitimate POTUS!
did say he loves Wikileaks.
Sounds like collusion from the tippy top. Kinda makes you wonder about redactions here 馃憞 #ImpeachBarr #ImpeachTrump @SpeakerPelosi
And Assange was arrested AFTER Bigass Barr got his hands on the Mueller report. They want him extradited on old non related charges so he CANT be charged with any of this
So still not a crime huh? It鈥檚 like knowing someone is going to rob a bank (they rob the bank) and then you go spend the money with them (then tell everyone nobody robed a bank) and yet somehow this isn鈥檛a crime? 馃馃馃
鈥 the summer of 2016, the Campaign was PLANNING A COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY based on the possible release of Clinton emails by Wikileaks.鈥 JFC!!!
That Assange was the launderer between Russia and Trump is not a Get Out of Jail Free card for #collusion.
Can McConnell be impeached? He鈥檚 the one that blocked the public from knowing all this.
and, seemingly, proof of conspiracy. @jheil
Agree this needs more emphasis
yeah, all the people who were defending Assange a few days ago need to take a seat.
Infuriating is a nice way of putting it. Me, I'd call it 'treason'
If one knows of a crime & doesn鈥檛 report it, is then an accomplice, no?
Thats the attempted collusion right there
The Trump campaign showed ample evidence of "collusion" which isn't a crime -- and the Mueller Report reveals the conclusion in ample detail (but doesn't charge the crime of conspiracy).
Complicit GOP needs to stop this shit, and remember, it鈥檚 鈥淐ountry before Party鈥!
The fact that the media has completely ignored the DNC collusion with the leaked debate questions tells everything you need to know about them
Do they still want to lock up that e-mail lady, though? That seemed like a big deal .....
"no collusion" just heads up collusion.
Wikileaks publicly announced it would release more Hillary emails. 鈥淲e have emails pending publication, that is correct,鈥 Assange told U.K. television on Sunday. The Wikileaks founder was speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy
How did Trump know that more damaging information was coming?

More fine 'journalism' by #Assange.
So if Trump 鈥渒nowingly鈥 knew about the email dump coming and how this email hack was getting done and by whom isn鈥檛 this a crime by him accepting and allowing this? He can鈥檛 claim he didn鈥檛 know it wasn鈥檛 legal, it his his job to know this. This is impeachable
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@maddow @MaddowBlog
It was Obama's job to protect us from Russia. They failed and/or looked the other way.
This needs to get more coverage. @CNNPolitics @MSNBC Roger Stone is under those black bars.
I've been out most of afternoon and haven't gotten to read this yet - is there any mention of the communication between Trump Tower and Alpha Bank??
"we colluded with Russia THRU WikiLeaks, so it doesn't count, wasn't direct". I don't even blame the GOP at this point, Schiff, Hoyer, the Dems, they're the ones giving this a pass right now.
How the GOP can support a President who GLEEFULLY accepted the help of a foriegn power attacking our country to win an election is UNPATRIOTIC AND IMMORAL #RedactedMuellerReport
How is this not collusion, conspiracy, or whatever? Clearly it's coordination ...
Wikileaks didn鈥檛 exactly make a secret of it. 馃檮
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