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ANY competent public corruption prosecutor would bring obstruction charges against Trump/and win. Only reason Mueller did not was because of the flawed DOJ restriction against indicting a sitting President. He said so (below). Congress now has a constitutional responsibility.

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Agree. So I hope people stop saying Mueller didn鈥檛 indict on obstruction because of lack of evidence. Only Barr said that and his analysis was flimsy. Mueller felt constrained by DOJ restriction.
Eric Holder was a Judge in DC, was the US Attorney for the District of Columbia and the US Attorney General. And HE IS RIGHT.
鈥淚mpeach the mother f鈼硷笍鈼硷笍cker.鈥 @RashidaTlaib
Impeachment, even without a successful prosecution in the Senate, (because of the corrupt & cowardice @GOP), is a must.

It puts a * by Trump's name/presidency for eternity.

It says America won't accept a Traitor as President.
#ImpeachTheMFTraitor #ImpeachTrumpNow
Hey @HouseDemocrats: This is @BarackObama鈥檚 Attorney General telling you this.
From the 82nd Attorney General of the United States and former judge.
In reply to @EricHolder
An indictment against Trump would have only lessened his time and ability to watch cable TV, tweet, and golf. It would not have burdened his ability or capacity to govern in any way
Please, Democrats, do what the corrupt blowhard @EricHolder recommends. You will lose both House and Senate and Trump will be re-elected.
Another criminal with zero self awareness. Obama鈥檚 wingman was held in contempt for obstruction while Attorney General
Says former public integrity section prosecutor and attorney general of the United States.
Here it is. Congress, it鈥檚 your move.
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The bar has been lowered for sure. Or should I say, Barr.
Democrats now have a choice: Appease their base by impeaching Trump, or focus on issues and try to remove him from office at the polls in 18 months.

馃憠馃徎 politi.co/2UpUBCt
Go ahead and bring a civil suit 鈥渨ingman鈥.
The discovery will be epic 馃槵
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"Guy with history of obstruction has hot take"
In reply to @EricHolder
Exactly. Which is why the FIRST THING we do is hold hearings to definitively answer this question: Are we a nation of laws... or of Justice Dept "guidelines"?
What he said. X 1000
In reply to @EricHolder
Exactly because the DOJ policy is not the policy of the Unite States Constitution
In reply to @marcorubio
馃搶A 3rd clear takeaway came out of the Mueller Report & past US Attorney General @EricHolder seems to have a clear path to what needs to be addressed鉁 Hope you see this path as well. #impeachment has to be initiated regardless of party affiliation. twitter.com/EricHolder/sta鈥
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May I introduce you to the Southern District of NY?
So the only bar (pun intended) against trump being charged as the criminal that he's proven himself to be is his status as president. There's something really messed up about that.
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But that DOJ policy is not etched in stone and can be changed. Mueller should have just defied the policy and indicted Trump even if the indictment had to be sealed. Further, an indictment can be superseded as new evidence is discovered. That policy leaves Trump above the law.
In reply to @EricHolder
Makes no sense. If you can鈥檛 indict a sitting president, then the president is, in fact, above the law, which the Constitution clearly says no one is. Why is policy law? I thought laws were laws.
In reply to @EricHolder
Robert Mueller is an outstanding public servant. His lifelong contributions to this country warrant a Medal of Freedom. His Report is an indictment that points the way. Sadly, our elected representatives may well fall short of their sacred obligation in this moment of truth.
this is true but the same competent corruption prosecutors seem to have a helluva hard time convicting banksters and other white collar criminals like after the 2007 market crash how many did you send to jail?
In reply to @EricHolder
Coverup-General* Barr lied about why Mueller did not 鈥渕ake a traditional prosecutorial judgment,鈥 too: twitter.com/page88/status/鈥 twitter.com/delavegalaw/st鈥
Statement from AG Wingman.
In reply to @brianstelter
Naw. I disagee with Mike Allen. It's time journalist get out of the bubble & travel to become better at there read of the country. twitter.com/EricHolder/sta鈥
In reply to @atrupar
Mitt is basically admitting he didn't read the Mueller report.
This our last attorney general with integrity, making it clear what the Mueller report is.馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎
In reply to @EricHolder
For the American majority who feel they don't know what to do at this point: Close your eyes & invision the President as a POC. Eureka! Solution is suddenly very, very clear. Your welcome. Signed, All POC
When nefarious actors attempt to frame someone for a wrong they did not commit; pushing back is simply mounting a rigorous defense on one鈥檚 own behalf. Any attempts to cast fending off fraudulent incrimination campaigns as an 鈥榦bstruction of justice鈥 is intellectually dishonest.
In reply to @EricHolder
Mueller should have challenged the restriction. That's what we needed him for.
But that flawed DOJ restriction isn't new. I wish you had done something about it when you were the A.G. But yes agree now Congress has the constitutional responsibility.
Follow the Mueller Report
Follow the Mueller Report
Follow Follow Follow Follow
Follow the Mueller Report
If ever O ever
A case there was
Then Individual 1 is thus
because because because because because
Because of the terrible things he does

In reply to @EricHolder
It seems to me the DOJ directive makes a President above the law. So a President can continually break the law including defying our Constitution in extreme ways and he gets away with his actions. Amazing. Trump is clearly Guilty!
In reply to @EricHolder
AND, if memory serves -- it's policy not law & Barr could have changed it, correct? cc: @UPonMSNBC @amjoyshow
In reply to @EricHolder
In reply to @EricHolder
It is clear Mueller expected Congress to do it's oversight and I expect he's prepared to help them by testifying before them.
In reply to @EricHolder
Says the kettle calling the pot black. You and your buddy Obama are the instigators of this whole scam. You both should be in jail!
In reply to @EricHolder
This is also clear evidence that AG Barr should be impeached for lying to the public. He is acting as #Trump partisan hack, not as the chief law enforcement officer of US (a position he clearly shouldn't hold). Did AG Barr not read this section? Or is he simply a #TrumpToady? pic.twitter.com/KjuWBKjjyL
True story...which is why he gave them a road map more clear than google or Apple maps could have...馃
In reply to @EricHolder
Congress can walk and chew gum. Do the job that's required of their duties of oversight, checks and balances of the Executive branch and address the needs and concerns of the American people. It's not rocket science... just common sense politics. GET busy!!
In reply to @EricHolder
Mueller 199 indictments is one short of 200. He left that one for Congress to bring forward. That weird but it鈥檚 reality.
In reply to @EricHolder
A terrible irony is that anything that burdens this particular president鈥檚 capacity to 鈥済overn鈥 is actually a good thing.
honestly he should've of brought charges and let the courts figure it out. Oh wait, Trump stacked the federal courts with his judges. No worries, the supreme court will save us. oh wait.

This was doomed the minute white people decided in November 2016 to elect trump.
No reasonable way to interpret below paragraph from Mueller other than how @EricHolder does.
Congress can begin impeachment process, or not do its job, there is no inbetween.
In reply to @EricHolder
The whole "cannot indict sitting President" thing needs to be denounced. The OLC opinion is in direct conflict with established law of the land. Trump has already undermined the executive branch and refuses to perform its constitutionally assigned function.
In reply to @EricHolder
Yes they do and they better act sooner than later the people are getting restless!
In reply to @EricHolder
I believe he would have challenged the OLC opinion if he thought we had more time... this is a Hail Mary to Congress to handle before Trump damages more of the government.
This is the ONE BEST TWEET about the #MuellerReport & what the #Democrats need to do ASAP. Thank you, @EricHolder.
In reply to @EricHolder
I wish he would have tried to kick over that barrel but understand that it could have risked the legitimacy of his entire investigation.
Not just the former AG, @EricHolder got his start in the public integrity section of DOJ and spent years as a line attorney prosecuting public corruption cases 鈥>
In reply to @EricHolder
Remember Brian Terry.
In reply to @EricHolder
it's time to lead the country
In reply to @RawheaD
In reply to @EricHolder
There it is in black and white. The only reason he's not indicted is he's the President.
In reply to @EricHolder
Someone show me in the #Constitution where it says that the President cannot be charged with crimes and is above the law for duration of elected term. I've read it 20-times & I still can't find anything like that.
In reply to @EricHolder
I think the law needs to change. Not just for now but for the future. No one is above the law. And worrying about 45 being indicted while in office? He doesn鈥檛 work anyway, it wouldn鈥檛 matter.
In reply to @EricHolder
Mueller has forced Pelosi鈥檚 hand. If she does nothing and loses 2020, the party is over. If she impeaches but doesn鈥檛 convict, then she was thwarted by charlatans. Russian interference shows elections are unreliable. Pelosi cannot rely on 2020 anymore.
Congress do your job! Begin #ImpeachmentNow @TomPerez @SpeakerPelosi don鈥檛 ask me for another dime until you begin #ImpeachmentHearings
I have to Agree!! The DOJ needs to change the Restriction! Needless to say it will have to be done after Trump is gone!!馃槒
In reply to @EricHolder
That鈥檚 rich! Eric Holder speaking about competent! Now THAT鈥橲 funny.
In reply to @EricHolder
How would you recommend that flawed DOJ policy be reversed so US laws can be carried out when a criminal like Trump can be indicted.
In reply to @EricHolder
As soon as possible that DOJ prohibition MUST BE DELETED. No United States Citizen is above the laws of our Country! Thank you AG @EricHolder and @Zac_Petkanas for your excellent work. Meanwhile we need Impeachment.馃嚭馃嚫
In reply to @EricHolder
If @SpeakerPelosi/@senatemajldr/@HouseDemocrats/@HouseGOP/@SenateDems/@SenateGOP allows @POTUS to get away with his officially documented CORRUPT-IMMORAL-UNETHICAL-UNCONSTITUTIONAL-UNPATRIOTIC behavior, then the President IS above the law. THIS IS A CROSSROAD IN OUR COUNTRY.
In reply to @EricHolder
The OLC's reasoning does not justify placing one person above the law in the US. Their argument contradicts American values. P1.If a sitting president cannot be indicted, then he is above the law P2. No man is above the law C: therefore: the president CAN be indicted.
In reply to @EricHolder
It is a stunning report and rebuke of Mr. Barr's summary. He must face impeachment.
In reply to @EricHolder
In reply to @EricHolder
Would the SC regulations require Barr to inform judiciary of his disagreement with the SC about Barr's prosecutorial decision that there was No Obstruction of Justice when the SC decided that there was to be no exhoneration of POTUS on obstruction of justice? pic.twitter.com/ebINIv1HN6
In reply to @EricHolder
Barr is now part of that obstruction.
In reply to @EricHolder
Soooo then a known proven criminal can occupy the oval office and is shielded from indictment? HUM! That鈥檚 WRONG in soooo many ways.
I agree with my favorite former AG. When a federal officer violates the oath and endangers the republic, the legislators' calculation should not be "will it help my party?" no matter which their party is.
In reply to @EricHolder
Thank you, AG Holder for the civics lesson! 馃嚭馃嚫 I see EXACTLY what you are showing us here. Bob Mueller sent this report to Congress. Chain of command dictates it go to Barr first. Barr abdicated HIS responsibilities by becoming a willing asset of DJT/Putin.
In reply to @EricHolder
Yes indeed, Mr Holder. Yes indeed.
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