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The camera moving so damn much can’t really see anything tbh
i home he’s fine! :( my dad recently got robbed Friday at gun point in sw Houston lucky he didn’t get shot but they did beat him pretty good. I hope they find the guy
Yeah I think I know that pixel
Houston, how much of this are we going to tolerate? Help put this (I’m not going to call him a man) behind bars. Best wishes to you and your boyfriend. God Bless.
Y’all please be careful, it’s literally robbing season... my car window was busted in downtown Houston last weekend & someone tried to rob my grandmother & held her at gun point in our SW home driveway.
Call me paranoid but this is why I ALWAYS check to see if someone is following me when heading home at night.
Oooh shit this how you gon do me?! this how you gon do me you gonna rob me when I’m trynna get inside my house? Lemme grab the spare key from the pot.. GUN COMPARTMENT!
Crazy man .. My dad went through the same in Sw Houston Friday But my dad didn’t get shot but he got beat up pretty bad 😥 Be careful guys.
😳 people are so desperate for a buck this is unacceptable. I pray he has a speedy recovery
Don’t leave anywhere without the strap, best believe I’m gonna carry when my ass get to Houston :)
be real careful out there houston, I think this is the same dude that followed me home a couple days ago...
So he knew he was being followed and still pulled up to the house ? Couldn’t be me
What part of north Houston
You give lame niggas a gun and this happens
Omg why are people like this ‼️ I pray a speedy recovery & I hope they are found smh .
I can’t stand people. WORK FOR YOUR THINGS! I can’t wrap my head around how they think this is okay. And then they’re little babies when they get to jail.
This is why you should carry. Criminals are always gonna have guns, no point in taking them always from law abiding citizens.
sorry this happened but this blurry asl, they finna try and get any black man out there. innocent or not.
I ain’t never been with this type of shit .. average person walking round with a few hunnits it ain’t worth shooting or killing somebody
Wish him quick recovery
Houston...smh. Glad he's ok.
Niggas in Houston starting to act real pussy , shit making us look bad
That nigga better not look familiar to nobody I know
This is why you stay until your friends go inside the house
This is no joke.. there is literally EVIL in this world. I feel so blessed every time I see stuff like this 🥺
Praying for you and your boyfriend
Yooooo omg your boyfriend deadass let him run on him like that and fuckin didn’t do shyt not even grab the gun or anything, I swear to got that nigga would’ve been dead now omgggggggg ya nigasss are s8 pussies out there I’m done bro shyt makes me sad 😢
This why I always be checking if someone be behind me for a long time when I be driving anywhere
This why I always check my surroundings before coming home and make sure no one is following me
Prayers To This Lady’s Other Half 🙏🏽 #WhatsWrongWithTheWorld
I hate seeing shit like this. Lazy ass bastards who don’t wanna work hard to make a dollar smh put a bullet in his head when he’s found.
Did you get to see what they were driving I’m looking for someone that look like him
Man yo mans probably set that up so he didnt have to go half on the bills this month😂
It’s Eric holder and no I’m not being funny
Mother fucker ask for my wallet and gonna get shot in the mfr stomach
I hate this , why do people have to resort to this shit . This is so wrong, i hope someone catches this guy .
I don’t understand why guys are such pussies & complete stupid to pull this shit on someone smh. Shit makes me mad man
THIS is why I pray so much over my loved ones, people are ruthless.
Pull a gun on me my whole family gonna make sure you regret it.
That’s why have to keep that hammer on you! Realize you’re never safe
This need to end we killing each other
Keep your 🔫 with you at all times. My fam thinks I’m crazy because I always carry it but they just don’t know.
This what them Louisiana people be doing to Houston smh
Did your boyfriend not comply or
Mann everyone in the comments talking bout this scary buy a gun tell ya pops to buy a gun n shoot these niggas back
Pray he’s ok... I’m sorry to hear that..Prayers to him and your family
Praying for a speedy recovery 💘
Prayers up for him 🙏🏾
This is why I carry a gun Wherever I Go . I even have a gun on me in my home
Are you alright? I hate this happened to you 😞😪😢😥
Just move from there.
North side filled with to many bums. That’s why I stay on the West with the pimps and whores oh and business ppl
Getting my concealed handgun license once I turn 21!!!
Then people ask me why I keep a gun on me 🤦🏽‍♂️
Worst fear smh I hope he recovers quickly 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
This just broke my heart😞😞😫
Sad ppl rather rob then get they lazy asses a job
Ask neighbors for surveillance video
What I think of when ppl say they wanna go to Houston...
People do things like this for a single dollar. Unbelievable.
I wish a mf would. Keep that thannggg on you at all times 😤 🚫🧢
Smh. Texas an open carry state.
Why tf he lacking in north Houston at night y’all tripping
want us to snitch? nah b not how that works
Yikes I’ll never step a foot on the north.
Cant be lacking out here
Smh , this why you gotta keep it on you 😤
sorry to hear this but if he realized he was being followed why would he go home...
if a car been behind me too long i’m pulling over or pulling in the gas station ain’t no way in hell im pulling up to the crib
I hope they find him. Senseless af.
I swear bruh whoever this nigga is 🤦🏽‍♂️ he lame asl , niggas would kill you & shoot you for any little thing blood , Hope he recover fast 💯 🙏🏽
Wow. What the actual fuck ???? Prayers for him.
This is the reason why I’ll always carry my strap with me/on me wherever I go at all times
Damn what is wrong with Houston nowadays
if you rob someone, you a bitch. you can’t buy your own shit??? you can’t go find a job to EARN your money?? fucking lame ass
Why the nigga shoot him tho he was scared or something
I knoww like 5 black dudes that look like this fr fr
Sad to hear this. Is your Boyfriend alright? I pray you find the demon!
This exactly why I always keep that thang tuccd, praying for cuz
If you could keep the camera still Just MAYBE we could see what the guy looks like. Hopefully your bf is ok
damn what in the fuck
Got damn man im sorry to hear this!

Is he ok?
It’s a cold world, smh I’m not saying he’s right but some people get it how they live.
damn das fucked up.
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