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"Is the microphone really on? Did you hear me? Is my English OK? Because I'm beginning to wonder..."

Activist @GretaThunberg tells MPs action is still not being taken on climate change, "despite all the beautiful words and promises"

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I’m surprised that there are so many negative comments here about a 16 year old trying to save the planet
It’s so amazing to see adults who have access to this same information truly upset that a 16 year old cares about the planet. It’s not even surprising that many of the people in the replies are upset that a teenager wants to help the future not experience a dying planet.
Greta Thunberg is the person I most admire in our world right now.
I'm in awe of her humanity, knowledge, principles and ability to speak truth to power.

Thankyou @GretaThunberg for being the world's hero 🌎
#ClimateEmergency #ExtinctionRebellion
Go to China, India and the USA and moan about climate change there.
This smart and articulate young woman has our white, male pundit class on the run.
What a time to be alive.
How does she know 'emissions are still rising?' Is she a scientist as well? Oh adults have been telling her what to say.....and they have been paying for her travel across Europe as well. Who are her sponsors, The Green Party?
After 6 months of travelling her carbon footprint must be massive
This girl will become one of the most important people in human history, for as long as history lasts, that is up to us!
The microphone is on, her English is excellent but her words are complete rubbish! The UK has cut carbon emissions more than any other industrialized country since 2010. Let's look at facts instead of taking our cue from a 16 year old with no credentials. #ExtinctionRebellion
SIden jeg som ung teenager i slut-80erne havde en @greenpeacedk-trøje med teksten 'No time to waste', er jeg gradvist blevet mere miljø-pessimistisk. Men @GretaThunberg giver mig en smule håb. Jeg bøjer mig i støvet, så sej hun er. #dkgreen #dkpol
She should have learned Mandarin instead of English if she wanted to speak to people who would make a difference. Or she could have gone to the Chinese embassy in Sweden. No point in her wasting our time and trying to harm our interests.
"Nothing has changed. In fact the emissions are still rising."
THIS is what Greta Thunberg is about. It's nice she's mentioned by Obama but what she cares about is climate change. So should everybody else. The point is not who she is, it's what she says.
I hope she gets considered for a Nobel peace prize for changing the world.
This young woman is incredible. She gives me hope.

But she's going to a lot of effort to kinda do the opposite. So let's respect that.

Let's not get distracted by how inspiring she is; let's listen to her message and take it on.
I think the adults need to take over and send this cheeky madam back to school where she belongs.
Says it all.
@Ed_Miliband asked me today “Surely we are reducing our plastic consumption here in the UK? I read all the good news about the plastic bag numbers being so dramatically down”. I’m afraid I had to tell the truth. Nothing is reducing. We use as much plastic as ever.
Good on ya @GretaThunberg make them respond.
Make them show they are listening.
For too long the “Lords” have held sway making their own choices & selfish decisions.
#ClimateActionNow #RenewableEnergy #KeepCoalInTheGround
Greta Thunberg är fantastisk... 👊🏻
She is an outstanding young woman. But unless the entire political world acts in unison, and now, global warming will reach its tipping point and the biosphere will enter a most inhospitable era.
16. Informed. Focussed
Speaks about your #autism being a gift
Addresses large crowds fluently in a language which is not your own

@GretaThunberg I’m sorry that some adults feel threatened by your wisdom choose to humiliate you. Most of us are with you.
Greta: "¿El micrófono realmente esta encendido? ¿me oyeron? ¿está bien mi inglés? Porque empiezo a preguntarme..." @GretaThunberg dice que los diputados aún no toman accione sobre el cambio climático, "a pesar de todas las hermosas palabras y promesas" bbc.in/2ZD3ahk
And will they listen now? Sadly, no. They can’t even manage the short term problems.
Greta är retorikens mästare. Men lyssna på hennes budskap.
Just horrible to watch, Greta looks uncomfortable and vulnerable. This is madness😕
And there you have it.
We aren’t doing a good enough job, not even close. We are failing.
Time for an end to excuses. #ClimateEmergency @ExeCityFutures
Her pause after their laughter is devastating. Can we keep in mind that she doesn't actually want to be paraded around? She - like so many others - wants ACTION!!!
Hard relate. So many times I've been sole disabled speaker in room I've been told what incredible words I've used, what an impact I've made, but nothing has changed & I think "if you've not acted on what I've said either what I said was rubbish or you're admitting you're hateful"
What a remarkable human being, so much clarity, focus and common sense.
There is a lot to learn from @GretaThunberg’s words...

We can agree with someone, but if we do nothing differently, what has changed?

Hollow words and false platitudes are demoralising. They say “I hear you, I just don’t value what you’re saying enough”.

We can do better 💚
listen to how they reply to her in unison. its like one of those cults. or a Scientology meeting. these are people with power over us, in the media and politics!
Remember when democracy meant politicians listened to the people that elected them rather than well-funded teenagers from other countries?
Sometimes I despair about our world when idiots like #Farage and #trump are allowed to spout their nonsense without being challenged. Fortunately we have young activists like @GretaThunberg to help us focus on the most important issues that threaten our world.
Después de 6 meses recibiendo cumplidos de parte de los altos cargos de cada país que ha visitado, #GretaThunberg
se pregunta por qué las emisiones siguen aumentando sin parar. Su respuesta es clara: porque no hay VOLUNTAD REAL de cambio por parte de los políticos.
can we contrast the way this girl and her rich influential backers are treated reverentially with the way the girls of Rotherham and other towns have been snuffed out by our political and media elite
if 17.4 million of us cant get our way why does she think she can change anything?
"Het fundamentele probleem is dat er vrijwel niets wordt gedaan om de klimatologische en ecologische ineenstorting te voorkomen, ondanks alle mooie woorden en beloften.", houdt @GretaThunberg de Britse parlementsleden voor.
I didn't know much about Greta Thunberg until I saw how mad she was making all of the absolute worst people and I decided to look her up. Wow, what a kid. Articulate, passionate, inspiring... And absolutely the hero the world needs right now.
Bravo, Greta.
Something fundamental needs to change in our governments or change will be forced upon all of us.
Our Government is ignoring @GretaThunberg’s plea to,both LISTEN and then take ACTION on climate change.
May tells lies about the impact of Britain’s environmental policies and shows no sign of keeping fossil fuels in the ground
Is she were my daughter I would be incredibly proud.
Oh what she means is that we haven't grounded all aircraft. closed airports banned cars and HGVs. But we have got rid of nearly all coal fired power stations and reduced out CO2 emissions it is a work in progress. BTW how about jogging over to China or the USA.
She's such a fucking legend and she genuinely must be so exhausted. We need real big systemic change and we need it now because Greta must be protected!!!
Mental to think when I was 16 I was getting chased by police up Hednesford Hills for underage drinking and doing shopping trolley races with my friends

This girl's that same age and she's backchatting British politicians and trying to save the world
Good for her.....but if you want to fight climate change you need to go here to a make a real change. All your doing is shifting and increasing the carbon footprint to another part of the world. So, I will give an E for effort. pic.twitter.com/O9K06ytWhB
I am always amazed at the credibility that is given to someone based on an emotional appeal. Though it lacks truth, evidence, value, and is in some cases categorically false, it still appeals to many who should know better. Amazing to me.
Amazing work by an incredible young woman who sees what’s happening to our world and is rising up. And she’s frustrated, rightly, that those in position to influence change are not rising up with her.
Some of the comments about Greta are as sad as they’re vile. I’m full of admiration for anyone (never mind a 16 year old ‘kid’) willing to take to the stage & talk about climate change. In fact, I’m full of admiration for any 16 year old not glaring into their iPhone & grunting.
Greta, I speak French, English, Latin American Spanish, a bit of greek but not Swedish yet, still, via a translating tool, my respects to you: Du hedrar dina förfäder och Familj med ditt änglalika budskap: Du återuppväcker hopp i människor, merci! pic.twitter.com/jM6xxpWh2b
Too many cynics here attacking a brave young girl with values and principles. She does have a very important point.
Government doesn’t really believe in doing anything to save the planet if it might impact on corporate profits. That is why these words are not heard.
May this girl be strengthened in her quest to speak truth to power. Also I love how, in her bio, she owns her Asperger’s as a badge of pride! Neuro Atypicals to save the world!! If you don’t yet follow @GretaThunberg I suggest you start! #ClimateCatastrophe #ClimateAction
Fuck off and go to lecture China and France. We have enough virtue signalling, hypocritical twats already without having to suffer you. Kind regards.
“Emissions are still rising.
Nothing is being done to halt climate and ecological breakdown.”
The microphone is on but can anybody hear @GretaThunberg?
"And the basic problem is that basically nothing is being done to halt, or even slow #climate & ecological breakdown, despite all of the beautiful words & promises."
#ClimateChange #ClimateAction #GlobalWarming #nature #environment #science #politics
We should all be listening. #GlobalGoals #SDGs The true measure of listening: taking action. #sisrocks #issedu
She’s 100% right, but this is the point: politicians can’t do it. Businesses, scientists, engineers all can. Innovation and invention, not legislation, can help to halt climate change. Political hand-wringing won’t (and hasn’t).
What I really really like about this young woman is that she just doesn't CARE about the bile that's being thrown her way by some seriously odd and disturbing characters
It's beautiful to see
The state of the commentsbjnder this. No wonder we’re in a mess. I’m not sure if they dislike her because she’s female, foreign, 16, or speaks the truth
How's her Mum and Dads book selling ?
Are you going to report that Theresa May couldn't be arsed to meet with her, or are you going to let social media do that job for you yet again and so see the BBC's reputation as an honest news organisation slide still further?
Puffles (*notes*) Brexit Broflakes not happy with Greta at Parliament No one forced them to watch the video.
Your english sounds better than @anandasukarlan 😇
Does she write her own stuff or is she just a very strange mouthpiece?
She is wise and inspiring well beyond her years!
She is quite an extraordinary young lady.
This girl ❤️ SHE HAS A DREAM
Precocious little madam. You just know what her parents are like
Send her off to China, that's where her message is needed. Not here.
This girl... 🙌🏻
Are you seeing my retweet? Just wanted to know.
I don't think we need lecturing from a 16 year old kid. Send her back to Sweden.
This kid needs to go back to school and the adults need to take responsibility for the issues. It’s ridiculous this kid travels around to these forums what does that say about the state of affairs?????
God bless you Greta. part of the problem is,"They" the people in control aren't the ones to get there hands dirty... or watch their pocket books get thinner.... its gunna take hard work and smart young ones like you who are patient, and get yourselves into power positions
Love you, @GretaThunberg . Thank you for fighting for our future.💫⚡️⚡️
All the trolls you are so negative about this wonderful young lady, be ashamed. Ignoring or ridiculing the truth does not make it go away. History if anyone is left will see you as the problem.
Let the world listen to @GretaThunberg and make the necessary change 👇🏻 #ClimateChangeTheFacts
Brilliant 😀👇 Of all the leaders around today @GretaThunberg stands head and shoulders above most

Moving beyond the rhetoric about #climatechange towards action is essential. If we don’t value the planet we don’t truly value people.

I could hear her talk all day. So much passion and courage. A hero 🙌🏽
She's right. Vote @TheGreenParty in the EU elections. The Greens are strong in Europe, we have excellent Green MEP candidates, and the EU are good at introducing progressive environmental policies.
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