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In reply to @THETonyMorrison
No Sir, only love and respect for our president and his delegates
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
If they were really insane...the armys that are next to bts would've been grabbing them and ripping off their clothes rn but they're just respectfully waving at them...that's love passion and respect sir 💜💜💜
[TWITTER] BTS we wpisie Tony'ego Morrisona 190515

#BTSonGMA @BTS_twt

Miyo @ Bangtan Boys Poland
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
You can literally see the diversity of our fandom in the crowd 😌
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
OMG the boys arrived. Looking for another legendary performance from Jungkook. He never disappoints. #BTSonGMA #MTVLAINSTAGLJUNGKOOK #PremiosMTVMiaw

#BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Correction Sir it's PASSION 💜
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
This is a Family reunion sir, there's no "insanity" in this
Es impresionante la cantidad de Armys que hay en el mini concierto!

#BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
yes, so beautiful but dedicated fans aren’t insane. please, there are so many ways to word it...
Dios mio las chicas están super cerca de ellos, se las ve super nerviosas y es que no me extraña! Mirad la de la derecha de todo se tapa hasta la cara, no puede más. dios mio la ilusión de sus vidas a unos céntimos 😍💜 @BTS_twt #BTS
Đủ biết concert nó sẽ đã như nào rồi @BTS_twt #BTSonGMA
No it’s more of Diversity, Passion, Dedication, Respect and Love for @BTS_twt #BTSonGMA
Look at @bangtans_chili in this video! Lucky bitch
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
The reason behind my insanity!! Jungkook can’t wait to see you slay the stage!! #JUNGKOOK #BTSonGMA
Yes, insane. Bots did that. 💜
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Oh no, sir. It's utter love, respect and gratitude towards them. They've helped so many people encouraging them with their lyrics and attitude in life. You have no idea how much they struggled to be what they're now.
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
The crowds look so happy! I wish I was there! Enjoy everyone!! #BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
That's called sheer love and passion
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Can't wait to see #Jungkook. Vocal King
The fact that this isn’t even half of what their stadium shows can hold #BTSonGMA
In reply to @THETonyMorrison jungkook real! He is f*cking too handsome and hot to be real! He is BREATHTAKING! I can't breath...period #MTVLAINSTAGLJUNGKOOK #PremiosMTVMIAW #JUNGKOOK @BTS_twt
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
* passion, love, dedication
Mbok ya jangan rebutan tempat ama hyungmu, kook 😂
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Not insanity. It is passion, love, dedication, support, sharing and caring, and more.... #BTSonGMA. I am 46, a Ph.D., a wife, a mom, a researcher. But my 💜 for @BTS_twt IS REAL!
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Dedicated. Passionate. 💜
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
*passionate *dedicated *devoted
*passion, love, dedication, support*

#BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
Tui thấy bạn bánh nhà tui rồi kìa #JUNGKOOK #방탄소년단 #BTSonGMA #BTSArmy
In reply to @THETonyMorrison are definitely wrong it's pur passion and dedication for our Kings of Pop BTS... #BTSonGMA #ARMY #MTVBRKPOPBTS #MTVBRFANDOMBTSARMY #PremiosMTVMIAW @bts_twt
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
you should have seen it at their stadium tour. what you have is just a slice of it. i was at rosebowl d1. hands down the best concert i've ever seen and i've seen some big name ones. @BTS_twt are at another level with their stage and #Army is passionate because of it.
200x of the amount of these people can kick ppl's ass if they talk shit about bts. Lol
“You have a front row seat for the biggest summer concert ever” #BTSonGMA @GMA @BTS_twt
Teamwork makes the dream work
hey I was there somewhere
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Dedication, love, and passion. A family 💜
[🎥] 15.05 | Mais de 3 mil ARMYs se reuniram no Central Park, em Nova York, para prestigiar o #BTS no GMA (Good Morning America)!
Dê os créditos, tá?
Cr. THETonyMorisson
Cr. ot7_nation
seasun ♡
#BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
Good luck 💪🏾
Correction my dear friend its #ARMY Best Fandom in the World
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
You can call it LOVE or PASSION or DEDICATION sir .... May be all three! 💜
Lol I'm pretty sure the seats ain't even enough for yall like damn😂
this brings me back to the one direction times. i miss them
if it was not for those ticketing system and limited audience ,you’ll see ARMYs climbing those trees
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
No thats passion, love and support......THIS IS INSANITY !!
Ini nih kalau di indonesia kayak2 acara inbox di actv pagi2 ga sih? Cuma beda kelas aja #BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
OMG ... oooo shit..... they r so close... hope our boys keep safety... fighting... @BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단 #MTVBRFANDOMBTSARMY #BTSonGMA #BTSArmy
Olha o tanto de celular....
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
😳😒 don’t really care for you choice of word. & That’s not even close to how huge army is💜💜💜 hope everyone there has a great time and the boys have fun
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
I’m sorry sir, but INSANITY?Here I am, sitting behind a screen watching these beautiful mix of people who’ve come together to show their love and appreciation to our 7 wonderful, talented and hardworking boys and you being present there not seeing the beauty of it makes me sad.
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
Passion - Dedication - Perseverance would explain a lot more sir!! 💜
No just a Princes Of Pop kinda day #BTSonGMA
You see?
Not even half of the fans are attending #army #bts #GMASummerConcert
i love how he calls it insanity and y'all are correcting him in the comments! educate the masses 💜💜 #BTSxGMA #BTSonGMA @BTS_twt
I’m excited and I’m not even there!!! Go get ‘em baby 🐯 show the Big Apple 🍎 how it’s done!! Love you #Tae and your brothers too!! @BTS_twt #TaeHasMySoulInHisPocket 💜
It's armies love, passion and dedication to our boys 💜
So sad that I was so close to be there...
La chica que sale en el minuto 14 con las orejitas de koya me representa ,ademas que tenia a nuestro presidente kim namjoon al lado
In reply to @THETonyMorrison
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