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Just so we’re clear, now in Alabama, a man who rapes a woman and gets her pregnant will serve less time (if even convicted) than the person who removes the embryo that was forcibly put inside his victim.

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Take a minute to let this sink in. This is an appalling, appalling breach of women’s BASIC human rights. And it’s happening. In 2019. It’s the witch trials all over again. Only with a different face. But the premise is the same. And it mother-fucken stinks.
Imagine being a soldier from Alabama serving in Afghanistan and then finally come home... to Afghanistan.
What organizations can we donate to to help the women in Alabama? Please send recommendations.
How incredibly cruel to women. Is it not clear to the women living there what this means? That they are completely disregarded as a human with rights to their own body?? Is religion that impermeable into the government?? Where is separation of church and state?? I’m spitting mad.
By the way...where are the great defenders of women's rights, Melania and Ivanka???
Alabama, if you're not scared AF right now, I don't know what to tell ya.
How did I end up in the darkest timeline?
Alabama is for rapists. - Roy Moore style state promotion.
Alabama's new law should be referred to as the "Rapist's Bill of Rights". Or perhaps the "Alabama Rapists' Reproductive Rights" bill...
Actually, they likely won't jail him at all because, hey, he's a dad now, right?
That's not a bug, that's by design.
Alabama legislators actually implemented their own brand of Sharia law. Is absolutely gross. I don’t understand why the women there are not in the streets protesting?! pic.twitter.com/M1XeOxAiTE
The @GOP are showing what they have always been. #ForcedBirthers
Someday, after I’ve been dead a decade, y’all will start calling forced birthers instead of pro lifers.

Someday, y’all will let conservatives stop running the narratives
Sounds about right. I mean, it IS Alabama after all.
It hasn't been signed into law yet. The only thing that might keep Gov. Ivey from signing is the $ AL will lose (did you see the check they had to write ACLU for $1.7 mil in 2016?). I live in Alabama, btw. And I've never voted for a single 1 of the ones who opposed, just saying.
This heartbreaking moment reminds me of all the times women told me they don’t want to be called feminists because we already have rights, the movement is over - what could we possibly have to worry about?
Am I the only one who thinks this is a chess move to get Roe v Wade overturned? Someone gets caught, appeals the ruling until it makes it to the supreme Court where they hope to remove the 1st trimester restriction that states can't make abortion illegal during that time...
This is absolutely horrifying 😳
I stand by my point that men should NOT be allowed to make decisions about a women’s body and her reproductive rights. It is not a coincidence that MEN get off lightly in the process whilst women are being stripped of their basic human rights.

Argue with yourselves :)
I fear for my little sister and any future daughters because of what this country is becoming
25 white Republican men passed this. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
hey alabama your blatant sexism is showing
Republican family values. 🤮
Cant hear you over my clean water and electricity 👌👌👌
John Fugelsang Abortion isn't just legal in Israel, it's free. So all the anti-abortion #maga ppl praising Alabama & trying to kill #RoeVWade will probably start demanding we end all US aid to Israel OR ARE THEY IN THE ZONE ? pic.twitter.com/Y6KS2hos5L
Guys, this is the danger we’re facing... pic.twitter.com/AtmMj3eKBM
Simply monstrous.
This is absolutely disgusting.
So.... we just gonna pretend this isn’t backwards af?
I think we just needa disown Alabama at this point.
Ponder this insanity
In what world does it seem logical that a group of old white men get to decide on what a woman does with her body.....shits utterly trash
I can't even put into words how angry I am ab this.

Pro-lifers want to protect all lives (LOL), unless you're a woman (period), a rape victim who is impregnated by her rapist, or a woman/child who is raped and impregnanted by a family member. HOW is this real.
I have honestly never been more upset by the news coming out of America as I am today. I thought I couldn’t be shocked anymore. I was wrong. I’m so very sorry for you all. (Except the crazies that voted for this)
hey here’s, like, a wild idea. let’s fucking burn shit down in protest. anyone feel the same jw
They should come up with a medical device and make it look like a gun. Call it a gun.
Business leaders & employees across the country need to immediately and forcefully reject any association with Alabama and make it clear that the state is a PARIAH and no business will flow to or from that state if this bill is signed in to law. #BoycottAlabama
AND he gets visitation rights or decision making on "IF" she can place the child up for adoption. So does he ALSO owe #childsupport from 6 weeks to 18 years of age. #alpolitics
why does this country hate women so much lmao what did we DO
Just in case you weren’t up to speed on the implications of the Heartbeat bill approved in Alabama.

Incredulity gives way to anger gives way to fear gives way to what the actual fuck?
Companies need to refuse to pay taxes until this is off the table. This is INSANE. Do these law makers have daughters? Wives? Sisters? How can they make these decisions
It has nothing to do with religion or female. The only thing concerns to this people is: they hide behind the religion to get votes from people who can't think far from the fear put into their brain..... They won't try that in higher educated state/courntry.... think about it
I have a great idea... let Alabama secede from the union & make Puerto Rico the 50th state..
Hnghhhh ég hata Bandaríkin og repúblikana og karlmenn og íhaldið og allt þetta kjaftæði 😭😭
Disgusting and shameful. its 2019 folks....this shit is crazy....😡😡😢😢
Alabama condones violence on women and then denies them health care for it!
And she warned us again and again and again. Ask Susan Sarandon if Hillary is still just as bad as Trump
It’s a man’s world...
List of large companies based in Alabama to boycott: @askRegions @encompasshlth @PapaJohns @BBVACompass @AuburnU @OninStaffing @hibbettsports @booksamillion @bonnieplants @chestersch1cken if you use or if you own their stock, sell it. Hit Alabama where it hurts.
Y’all making it real hard to stay in the states.
Alabama is a shithole and that’s coming from someone who lives in Illinois.
Alabama is pure evil! No reason to visit that place!
I’m guilty of scrolling passed news about political situations that don’t closely involve me too, but PLEASE PAY ATTENTION this is directly affecting your mothers, sisters, daughters, best friends, etc. Seriously consider that. This is terrifying. Do your research.
This absolutely makes me sick.
This makes me so sick to my stomach....how
This is just disgusting. Speechless.
And this is bullshit.

Its 2019, we shouldnt even have to be having these conversations or having old ass white men tell women what to do with their bodies. What in the actual fuck.
Being a woman is really fucking scary these days
As a rape survivor and as a woman, I am no stranger to living with fear and dread of further trauma. That dread shot through the ceiling in 11/2016 because I knew what was coming and I felt suddenly powerless and vulnerable. Welcome to that feeling being the new normal.
#BoycottAlabama. Even Pat Robertson said it was extreme 😱so think they will lose. Support the #ACLU #PlannedParenthood if able or the #YellowHammerFund yellowhammerfund.org You can still get an abortion in AL. for 6 mo. Hopefully the ACLU will stop it! Please RT.
This is absolutely fucking disgusting wow
electric chair to every single person who allowed this
As a European, I´m just speechless as to how backward country the US actually is in some parts. The reason for these senseless laws and completely illogical practices is without a doubt the religious beliefs. Religion will hold any society back, if not completely ruin it.
I feel so sad for humankind
disgusting and heartbreaking
This is scary. Ugh I hate the south.
And he can sue for parental rights to the child she's forced to have.
Also, if a woman miscarries and the baby does not naturally leave the body, the doctor who removes the remains will be charged under abortion laws. This, even though leaving the remains to rot could cause severe health complications.
This is appalling.
We’ve already seen the system fail by not putting convicted white rapists in prison. It’s clear the rapists have more value & rights than their victims. Given how many GOPers, including POTUS, have been accused of sexual misconduct, looks like they’re gaming the system & winning
This is F U C K E D.

Please vote in every election possible until we get woman-hating policies like these off the books.
It's 2019. I can't actually believe this is happening in the US.
Rapists and pedophiles have more rights than women In Alabama
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