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Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an evil genius. She said she hoped to “exterminate blacks like weeds” & so began “educating” us about “choice”. She is the author of voluntary genocide.
18 million black deaths later & liberals still defend her dream.

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Any organization that receives Taxpayers’ monies should not be able to make political contributions!! Who’s with me on this? pic.twitter.com/qdpYdD1cbG
What my mother remembers the most about her is she stated that it was ok for everyone else but not her own daughter. That stuck with my mom and she taught me when I was young about double standards using Sanger as her leading example.
Ironic and sickening some women plan sex strike in favor of killing but not to prevent unwanted pregnancy
And let's not forget she's someone who Hillary Clinton admittedly looks up to
1/Let’s focus all those planned parenthood funds on women’s health studies & support. I’ve just buried my mother from a largely preventable & treatable cancer. My daughter was told last month she wouldn’t need regular pap smears since she’s had a single sex partner. Medicine has pic.twitter.com/HiXINNfcbJ
We learned about Margaret Sanger in nursing school. I am so glad you are making her beliefs and mission for planned parenthood public.
Shout it out loud. Please keep speaking up on this Candace! You are the hope!
candace is the best!! i hope u come to connecticut again
This is Sad and Horrible! Genocide is what it is! Sanger was one of Hillary Clinton’s Mentors!
I bet you the #BlackLivesMatter movement won’t march and take a stand against this....
How many great people have we missed out on due to them being aborted? Where are the critical thinkers or are we all to be victims of indoctrination?
Planned Parenthood MUST be defunded. Why are our taxes paying for the racist, eugenic mindset of Sanger?
Candace Owens is the future of what the GOP can be!
The REAL truth. And Sanger was a “hero” for @HillaryClinton.
Hillary Clinton praises Margaret Sanger and refers to her as a role model in many speeches.
Research the eugenics programs she was associated with! She was a piece of work. Black voters ARE waking up, right? We all need truth.
Say it Candace!
This is fact and not hyperbole.
... and idolize by Hillary Clinton.
Terrible woman. Terrible deaths.
Where are the scientists at? How odd is it that naturalists become very strong proponents of the metaphysical when it comes to abortion & transsexuality! I believe we should hold the naturalist 2 their naturalism. Is it human? Would u call that life if it was discovered on Mars?
Candace doesn't know history and what little she does know she uses to tell lies.

Her job is propagandist and she doesn't even make that much doing it.

They just took down a Kate Smith statue because she sang an offensive satire song, yet they praise and worship the queen of modern eugenics....
Makes me sick how they just insert words like "choice" and "abortion" for what it really is...murder. its mind boggling how easily the word murder, has been manipulated into something else that's so evil and wicked.
Candace, this turns my stomach
Planned Parenthood is either 1) abstaining from sex or 2) using birth control pills or 3) the use of condoms. Abortion is NOT PLANNED Parenthood, abortion is a decision AFTER you’ve already gotten pregnant to end a life.
I wish more people new the truth behind the founding of PP
Not sure all women are aware of this. Will continue to try and disseminate. Thanks Candace.
Sanger is hailed as a nursing leader in nursing texts. I am so sorry I taught about her as a leader.
Bill Gates' father was the head of Planned Parenthood and Bill Gates and his wife continue to donate millions of dollars each year to assure a Malthusian catastrophe of overpopulation by "useless eaters" doesn't occur. Vaccines are key to this depopulation effort according to him
One of hillary's biggest role models.
Has anyone overlaid US Census data with the location of @PPFA clinics? Any Planned Parenthood clinics on @marthasvineyard ? 😉@uscensusbureau @SBAList
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood! @HillaryClinton’s Idol! How Many Democrats Knew This? Thank You @RealCandaceO, for Sharing Truth! pic.twitter.com/qUVlKvVy3x
It breaks my heart! God said: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... Hoseah 4:6 We can’t quit teaching & preaching Candace, there’s still hope. You’re doing an awesome job!
TRUTH! Indoctrination of our youth to believe murdering babies is women's healthcare!! How did we get to this point?? pic.twitter.com/KMQRXLOfAs
I'm not sure this quote is accurate. I don't see anything to support it.
I "Liked" this not because of the genocide but because you have exposed the truth about PP.
Finally someone has said the truth! Thank you Candace
Absolutely. Sometimes you have to look under the carpet. To see the dirt.
Another angle: see today's (5/15) @WSJ article on declining US birth rates. Would think leaders saying we need more workers, could be aligned with "less abortions" vs only "more immigrants" in public policy debate? What happened to @BillClinton's "Safe, Legal & Rare" line w/Dems?
my children were the greatest blessing in my life besides the wonderful woman who helped me create them. I don't for the life of me understand how killing children is now considered cool
Hillarys hero is a mass murderer
"Educating" or using "suggestion,auto-suggestion" techniques? She and Hitler often shared the very same podium!!!
The REAL truth. And Sanger was a “hero” for @HillaryClinton.
In my opinion, @PPFA is a huge reason why blacks are only 13% of the US population. Add to that; the glamorization and monetization of the 'ganster' lifestyle through pop culture & music and the fact that welfare $$$ replaced black fathers.....and a clearer picture emerges.
A black woman spewing WS lies and talking points. Yep, it’s a thing.
Planned Parenthood has successfully convinced minorities to murder their children, while claiming anyone who disagrees is racist.

The next Einstein could have been.
Serious question: Have the modern leaders of PP ever bothered to make a statement denouncing the eugenic intentions of their founder?
Leftists try to frame the argument about choice, women choose to have sex, they choose who they sleep with, they are aware of the possible consequences. As with any Democrat argument they frame the issue as something it's not, this is about ACCOUNTABILITY.

#WalkAway @prageru
What do you expect when the left allows the media to do all the thinking for them. Robots!
How unbelievably sickening!!
Democrats (who defended slavery) still defend Sanger's dream. All their talk of caring is just a deflection from what they really stand for.
So sad someone can be so evil
How this information doesn't give more black Americans pause is beyond belief.
💥🇺🇸🇺🇸 Margaret Sanger must be laughing her ass off from hell at all the people fighting for the right to kill babies! They are fulfilling her dream! #Trump2020. Life is to be protected. IFB all patriots.
Hillary slobbering with old Senator Byrd who recruited for the KKK. Do you think Hillary is a racist or just amoral. pic.twitter.com/ko6mjfSyxQ
True. The black community does not know the history of Margaret Sanger, nor that she despised & hated the black community & wanted them exterminated. If they knew what the Dem party was really about--they would be embarrassed & shocked to be supporting them. "Stockholm syndrome." pic.twitter.com/RcARfmeRtG
You have the unmitigated gall to put that lie in quotations! And you claim that white liberals lie are the ones who disrespect black voters by using shameless scare tactics of racism.😂😂 The jokes on you Candi! Hell has a place for you. pic.twitter.com/WMhX6lanVD
This fact can't be shared enough.
100% correct. When will the black community wake up and realize they’re being played like a house of cards.
Over 60% of abortions are performed on Black babies, they are exterminating us, have us thanking them for it.
Great tweet Candice! Grateful to the Lord for you!
Margaret Sanger should be in prison
It was Satan himself behind Margaret Sanger ...it was Satan himself behind Jim crow, Satan behind American slavery itself...the question is...why has Satan targeted black people so much? You try to tear apart what you deem a threat to you.
Such BS!!! Clinton STILL, TO THIS DAY fawns over this woman! She is not a champion of women...She was in with the KKK. It's pretty simple to research for yourself, wake up and walk away
May our Good Lord Bless and protect you as you go about your mission to free people.
Great to see you on #IngrahamAngle. Thanks for informing ppl of the facts about Margaret Sanger and her ultimate goal in establishing Planned Parenthood (PP)- to eliminate those who she deemed “inferior”, specifically Blacks. Yet, Dems support PP. Wonder why?
Thanks for tweeting this, Candace! It seems that those who should know this about her, haven’t a clue. Don’t forget, the Nazis also loved her as well... The Mother of Planned Parenthood. Some legacy!
Wise up!! Do you really want to extinct yourselves??
Yup, b/c white women don't get abortions. I'm glad a black woman who mimics Trump's vernacular felt the need to enlighten us po' black folks to one of the horrors inflicted upon our womenfolk by wypipo.
Brainwashed women are clueless about Margaret Sanger! Meanwhile, the democrats hijacked Planned Parenthood to use as a money laundry outfit for their campaign funding, which includes tax $ paid by Republicans! CRIMINAL!
the Democrat party has been wrong about nearly every issue facing our great country for the past 150 years! From slavery to abortion to school choice, they have been wrong across the board! Just imagine what a mess our country would be in without conservative values!
The Liberal Progressive movement & the Democratic Party that embodies it are completely complicit in the destruction of the nuclear family in Black America & the genocide sponsored by Planned Parenthood located in primarily poor neighborhoods. Couple all with inner city collapse
And over 6 million babies overall
Should be called “Planned Murderhood”
That people on the Left continue to idolize her amazes me. I suppose this is an example of cognitive dissonance.
Can someone explain why any black person would vote Democrat, as the DNC is the largest supporter of Margaret Sanger’s plan? Wake up and be free. #blexit #walkaway #qanon
Tacia Truss says we can't forget the eugenics historically behind the pro-abortion movement. oceanstatecurrent.com/opinion/tacia-… - and which was advanced in the RI House.
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