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Getting ready for tonight! What’s your favorite #BTS song? #BTSonLSSC

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In reply to @colbertlateshow
I love their entire discography, but right now, it's Epiphany. Imagine a stadium with 60,000+ people singing lyrics like "I'm the one I should love in this world" It's really beautiful @BTS_twt #BTSonLSSC pic.twitter.com/2P8FwgaxUs
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Spring day - a tribute to the sewol ferry incident. Not today - evoke sense of self control and stop suicides. Dope - asking abt the current generation issues. IDOL - love yourself. Tomorrow - don't give up hope even if times are hard. 💜💜💜💜
今日は5月16日、お昼の12時半頃(日本時間)からアメリカの番組、The Late Showに BTSが出ます☺️
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Mic drop - heck the haters. Be yourself. No more dream - turning students into machines. Robots to the society. Fire - live your own live. Sea - overcome adversities. Magic shop - so show me I show you(evoke feelings of not alone, BTS always be there for us when we are sad)
[TWITTER] 19.05.15 #TheLateShow

¡Preparándonos para esta noche! Cuál es tu canción favorita de #BTS? #BTSenLSSC

Trad Esp BTS México Alianza Latina

These are the most fabulous microphones we have ever seen @BTS_twt , but no purple!? 💜
[TRAD] Nos preparando para hoje à noite! Qual é a sua música favorita do @BTS_twt? #BTSonLSSC
imagine Twice having microphones according to their own official colors too @JYPETWICE
oh cmon power rangers
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Spring Day, because it has such a beautiful meaning and story behind it. It references literature, is a tribute to the families of the Sewol Ferry Accident, and has great lyrics "The Morning will come again because no Darkness or season lasts forever" pic.twitter.com/Toc8gga3Sp
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Sir, I'd need a 3,000 word essay to fully discuss that.
[INFO] 📝
Preparándonos para esta noche! Cual es tu canción favorita de #BTS? #BTSonLSSC

📍Orden de los micrófonos de arriba — abajo: JK, V, JIMIN, JIN, JHOPE, SUGA Y RM.

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Sea! It's a song that encapsulated the journey of struggles BTS had to go through just because they were the group from a small company pic.twitter.com/tCXbCGn43q
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❤💜 🎤🥰 I can hear them singing🎶 ah I love you I love u I LOVE YOU🥺💜❤🌸🌧🌸🍀🌷⚘🌻 pic.twitter.com/VY4Ua9ylAB
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I’m looking for Jungkook’s mic. It’s a magical mic. It keeps on changing colors from purple, to pink and purple, to black. Has anyone seen it? @BTS_twt #BTS #BTSonLSSC 🐨 - Blue 🐹 - Pink 🐱- Black 🐿 - Silver 🐥 - Gold 🐯 - Green 🐰 - Purple to Pink&Purple to Black? pic.twitter.com/KYNXQjRQvh
In reply to @ARMYFRANCE_
[TWITTER] La photo a aussi été posté sur le compte twitter @colbertlateshow 😊twitter.com/colbertlatesho…
I love how you can just tell the personalities of the members by these colors

I am getting the impression that this is a band of actual Power Rangers.
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Its a tough question BTS has songs for every mood and its always a different song for each mood Now I'm into Mikrokosmos ; a song about exploring one's universe that's inside of him/her open.spotify.com/track/5hnbE5BF…
I'll never get over these luxurious mics. Jin's mic is so him it's unreal.
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namjoon's blue mic 💙
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There is no favorite song when you have a discography like theirs. We could maybe give you a favorite song per album or Top 5-10... at best. pic.twitter.com/sqye3WPv80
[FOTO] "Ficando prontos para esta noite! Qual é a tua música favorita dos #BTS? #BTSonLSSC "
19.05.16| تويتر

تحديث حساب The Late Show:
نحن نستعد لليلة! ماهي أغنية بانقتان المُفضلة لديك؟

"تم إرفاق صورة لـ مايكروفونات الأعضاء"
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to be completely honest, it's impossible to choose a favorite 😖 they're all amazing, and you have a song for every mood or moment
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It's hard to choose but these are the ones that i never skip: Dionysus Boy with luv Pied piper Trivia: seesaw Outro: tear Fake love Blood, sweat & tears Butterfly prologue mix Jump + moonchild by RM #BTSonLSSC
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I love all their music and they have a song for every mood. But there’s one song I always go back to, and that’s Spring Day! Check it out! Even the video is so special! 😍 ▶️ youtu.be/xEeFrLSkMm8 @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/uRRI9QR28z

"Nos preparando para hoje a noite! Qual é sua música favorita do @BTS_twt?" #BTSonLSSC

190516 || تويتر :

تحديث حساب برنامج The Late Show بصورة مايكروفونات @BTS_twt تاركين تعليق :
"نستعد حالياً لأجل عرض الليلة! ما هي أغنية #BTS المفصلة لديكم؟ #BTSonLSSC" .
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My favorite will always be Spring Day. It helped me get through the deep grief of losing my best friend. I will always be grateful to Namjoon & BTS for this song and it's the reason I will always be an ARMY. 💜
Nobody tell thanos
joonie's mic color is so cute 🥺🥺🥺 makes me think of trivia:love immediately 💙 pic.twitter.com/BQDqjr7qGe
ddaeng but that aint never getting performed
¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de #BTS?
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Hard one tbh, they have seriously amazing tunes but my favourite from the latest is definitely Intro: Persona. Amazing intro to the album by Namjoon, aka RM!
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134340 and Home reign supreme 💜

⊹ 📸 ⊹ @BTS_twt

Un vistazo más detallado a los nuevos micrófonos de los chicos 💜 ¿Cuál elegirían ustedes?



💮 MeowCalicopity
#BTS #지민 #JIMIN #방탄소년단
so in order we have:
- the normal one
- the hulk
- the 24k gold
- sharpay and ryan evans
- the goth
- the mermaid
TRAD: "¡Preparándome para esta noche! ¿Cual es tu canción favorita de #BTS? #BTSonLSSC"

[INFO📺]#BTS #Suga #방탄소년단 #슈가

Recuerden que hoy @BTS_twt estará en TLS con Colbert 😺 los micrófonos de los chicos están listos🎤


© colbertlateshow
Suga MEX | Agust뷔🖼 pic.twitter.com/Yf5RvFof3Z
yoongi would think he's the baddest bitch, but that's actually seokjin and hobi
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Butterfly, Make it Right, Mikrokosmos, Magic Shop, Young Forever, YNWA.. I think the list is too long 🙈 Also, thanks for giving us a pic of their customized mics, it is oddly satisfying 🙈💜
[15052019] The Late Show @BTS_twt ilə bağlı paylaşım etdi:

“Bu axşam üçün hazırlaşırıq! Ən sevdiyiniz #BTS mahnısı hansıdır? #BTSonLSSC
Just curious, why V’s mic doesn’t have name tag and JK’s mic is black? (the black one without name tag) It used to be purple right?
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Take care of our boys, we trust you Stephen 💜
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Spring Day, Answer: Love Myself, Tomorrow
کراشای جدیدم عی وای😭
خدایا 😭😭
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We would like to listen all songs but.. "Home" would be something classic.. To make ur night Rich !!! To make night turn on ur Switch !!! #MTVLAFANDOMBTSARMY #MTVLAINSTAGLJUNGKOOK #MTVLAKPOPBTS #PremiosMTVMIAW @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/dAmRITNA5H
📝 TRAD |
#BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
Preparándome para ésta noche!
Cuál es tu canción favorita de #BTS? #BTSonLSSC
these mics carrying the entire music industry on their bare backs 😤🙌🏼
今日はお昼12:30からThe Late Show💕私は見れないけど見れる皆さん楽しんで〜💓お昼休み中だから丁度いいね!#BTS #バンタン
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Solo song- singularity Bts song- spring day
In reply to @colbertlateshow
sir, one does not simply ask what's your favorite BTS song but it's TOMORROW thank you
The fact that they take their fancy customized mics literally everywhere
Аааааа, их микрофоны такие красивые😍
Теперь наконец мы можем их рассмотреть💜
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Baepsae for the savage socio-political lyrics, but I really can't claim it because when @BTS_twt performs it live they are BOYS GONE WILD! I mean, J-Hope, you should be ashamed of yourself! 💜🤭🤫😆🥳 #BTSonLSSC @colbertlateshow @StephenAtHome pic.twitter.com/hZCard05X6
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Wait i thought jk has a purple mic color?
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Mic Drop (Remix) Wait, no it's Idol It's Spring Day Actually Save Me Nope, it's Mic Drop (Original) It's Make it Right Or it's Run For sure it's Serendipity Wait, it's Fire Actually the entire Agust D mixtape Except it's Not Today But.. Promise or DNA No, it's Persona #BTSonLSSC pic.twitter.com/aHtMxb2K6F
Top to bottom:

Black - Jungkook (pero 💜 talaga mic niya)
Green - V/Taehyung (💚)
Gold - Jimin (💛)
Pink - Jin (💖)
White - Hoseok/J-Hope (❤️)
Black - Yoongi (🖤)
Blue - RM/Namjoon (💙)
Jk et tae ils veulent ps leurs noms sur le micro ou quoi fnfnfn
In reply to @colbertlateshow
That is a loaded question. You have to break it down a little more to favorite song from favorite album era. #BTSonLSSC
In reply to @colbertlateshow
One song? ONE?! Impossible! Maybe I could pick one song per album, but I'd even struggle with that. 😊 I can't wait to see the show tonight! 💜 @BTS_twt #BTSonLSSC pic.twitter.com/FLqmkGYhCd
ขอนับเป็นโมเม้นเรือ #kookv ได้ไหม
ในฐานะเรือแห้งก็ได้ 😂😂😂
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