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Take a minute to read this. It’s maddening. We are regressing.
Children of LGBT U.S. citizens may be stripped of their birthright citizenship due to a policy that de-recognizes their parents’ marriage trib.al/8vhjo3h

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In reply to @ChrisEvans
me to everyone who doesn't appreciate chris evans' political opinion pic.twitter.com/K97VvuNQmv
In reply to @ChrisEvans
thank u for using your platform like this ❤️
In reply to @ChrisEvans
To think what kind of miserable existence it must be to be anti-equality...
In reply to @ChrisEvans
This is absolutely disgusting and dehumanising. America, you need to do better. Why are we forgetting about each other’s humanity?
In reply to @ChrisEvans
I am so worried about the future of this country with all the lifetime appointments Trump has been able to make.
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Thor : God of Hammer Spiderman: God of Insect Iron Man : God of Suit Captain America : God of Shield Black Panther : God of Cats Loki : Puny God
In reply to @ChrisEvans
thank you so much for using your platform to amplify the voices of the oppressed as one of those voices i cannot express how grateful i am
In reply to @ChrisEvans
chris evans took his popularity and said "im gonna do something with this" and that is exactly what he's doing and he's doing it brilliantly
I know I allude to us heading towards a Gilead-esque dystopia all the time, but this ACTUALLY HAPPENS IN THE HANDMAID'S TALE AND NOW IT'S HAPPENING IRL UHHHHHH...........
In reply to @ChrisEvans
King please become president so we don't have to worry anymore!
In reply to @ChrisEvans
If no one is mad by this point, they aren’t paying attention. This is a prime example of what is going to push people to the polls to take back our country. pic.twitter.com/HIG95IZO7O
In reply to @ChrisEvans
jfc this article is ridiculous. how do people have the time in their day to focus on criminalizing sexuality and would rather pass laws on such matters than actually do some good for once and work on introducing laws that help people or the environment or legit anything else
In reply to @ChrisEvans
You support the murder of Babies, the is regression.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Regressing is a very polite word. We have allowed our progress to be excised and replaced with what we fought so hard to overcome. We are becoming a country of fillers with no substance.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
It appears that it is this administration's mission to undo every bit of social progress made over the last five decades! This is sick! He (#TrumptheChump) is sick! And those that help to forward this bigoted, backward agenda are sick!
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Between this & stripping women of their autonomy, the US isn't a place of freedom & joy, but of pain & fear. Women are again objects, anyone who doesn't fit the conservative image is less than human. The 21st century was to be better than before, not worse. #NotProgressRegress
siempre hacemos la coña con "yas viva el capitán américa" o "chris for president" pero es que realmente chris evans es de las pocas celebridades que usa su plataforma para concienciar sobre lo que ocurre en su país, es una bellísima persona
In reply to @ChrisEvans
This plus the draconian abortion bills being passed by multiple states in effort to overturn RoeVWade... Yeah, we’re regressing.
If you’re not mad at any of the bullshit happening: this, the abortion bans, the irreversible climate change, treatment of migrants, racist undertones everywhere, lack of support for good education, ETC YOU are part of the problem and YOU need to wake the fuck up.
So thru a combo of discrimination against LGBT spouses & parents of children born thru surrogacy, "children of U.S. citizens are put at risk of deportation or even statelessness." This is mindbogglingly bad #citizenship policy. #twitterstorians #BirthrightCitizenship
Dude. Does this apply to all kids born out of wedlock? The fuck? This doesn't make any sense at fucking all.
This is why “gotta hear both sides” does not fucking work.
Captain America is loving his retirement tweets. Nothing can stop him now!!
Again, HOW WOULD THIS MAKE SENSE IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT! People agreeing with this are the same ppl that say "I don't hate gay people!! <33 I just don't think they deserve basic human rights 😔 or citizenship for their devil children🤭. God loves us all <3 "
usa su posición para exponer todas las mierdas que el gobierno hace, es único
Y'all heard Captain America, now fuckin act right 😤😤😤
In reply to @ChrisEvans
It's amazing how to use your voice for this, thanks
But you agreed to a movie that legitimates Israeli occupation... Who’s defending the children of Palestine?
Chris, he is doing this to decrease the votes for the Democratic nominee. Take it from someone who campaigned for Trump.
captain america is FED UP w y’all shit
In reply to @ChrisEvans
let’s start a revolution
트럼프 정권이 대리모를 통해 출산된 아기가 미국 시민권을 받지 못하게 막는 법안으로 동성커플이 절대다수일 수밖에 없는 그룹을 타겟 억압하고 있다.

대리모를 통해서라도 아이를 얻고 싶은 사람들에게 '백남다운 짓'이라며 욕하던 당신. 백남의 아이콘 트럼프와 참 사상이 비슷하시군요.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
The current republican party is self destructing, and in the time they have left in power our society is slipping backwards SO FAST. If you don't want to see us regress to the stone age, stop voting for the republicans doing this and put your country before your stupid party.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
i love u so fucking much thank u
I've seen this and been mad about it privately several times, but I'd like to point out that we, the Gay, have Captain Freaking America on our side.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
I tweeted this too but had about 169,000 less likes haha! Thank you for having a voice and for being a decent human being. It feels good to have someone like you to look up to.
y’all fucking up so bad captain america had to come back to life then come out of retirement im sick
In reply to @ChrisEvans
In reply to @ChrisEvans
this country is a fucking disaster
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Ohkay wth? You want to separate children from the prospective of being in a protective and safe environment with a nuturing family, only bcz they are LGBT? Thats the most rotten thing anyone can do.
Captain America, ally of the LGBT community, has spoken, guys. 😍
In reply to @ChrisEvans
heart of gold. love you
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Hola Chris acá mi amigo @GonzaFer7 nos hizo esta obra de arte retratando cuando nos casemos. Nos casamos? pic.twitter.com/HZOj0rfOPm
This is a fucking disgrace. Many thanks @ChrisEvans for bringing this to my attention. #LGBTQ
Fun story. When I was super young I wanted to move to America cos I thought you guys were like land of the free and shit but you out here living the handmaids tale and Yikes.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Love that you’re speaking up in the face of injustice! Now can u explain why you are taking part in a movie which glorifies the IDF DESPITE knowing full well that millions of Palestinians are dying and suffering under Zionist occupation/ colonisation. We are waiting xxx
Captain America is out here calling America out for regressing. Captain. America.
TLDR Verison: They didn't have the paperwork they needed to enter the country and decided to do so anyway...then they were shocked there were consequences...Next!
In reply to @ChrisEvans
You are one of the most important people on Twitter, we love you❤️
не, крис, это конечно все плохо, но что ты слышал о нашем захолустье?
Just when I think we hit bottom, this administration surprises me that we can go lower. Maddening is the absolute right word for this.
if only he had this energy to condemn zionism but instead Chris Evans remains complicit in it
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Between this, the Alabama abortion ban, and Trump the US is getting worse by the day!! 🤬
In reply to @ChrisEvans
as a trans bi guy, i'm heavily offended by just that headline. when i have kids, this better be abolished or i will literally beat people half to death. dehumanizing CHILDREN? ridiculous. absurd. i hate this. i hate everything.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
i love that you use your platform for things like this
In reply to @ChrisEvans
yeah we’re goin to shit
Are you pulling your hair & cursing the air blue as the saltiest of sailors because I sure as fuck am today?

Where do we throw our efforts when so many attacks on rights keep exploding every news cycle?!? Today’s top 5 worries may pale beside tomorrow’s, cascading weekly.
This is the kind of shit that should be all over the media instead of James Charles and what certain celebrities had for lunch. This country is going backwards
What the actually fuck is happening. I am appalled at our country. Fucking disgusting.
really pray for this country cause this is sickening.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
How can some people have so few dignity that they rather take innocent children’s rights away than accepting LGBT+ couples ? it’s beyond my understanding
In reply to @ChrisEvans
It is disgusting that people are being punished for simply being in love and wanting to have a family. I have many dear friends and family memebers that have to struggle with this. Thank you for showing them support.
didnt you shill for the IDF--nvm
He may be done *playing* Cap, but he’s not done *being* Cap.
Anche Chris evans finalmente ha capito che stiamo regredendo

Ma dal 2012, non da adesso

È inutile, stiamo messi malissimo e i vecchi uomini cishet non fanno altro che peggiorarlo
this is disgusting and cevans is the only man america can trust anymore no wonder he’s captain america
qué ganas de que se vista de capitán américa y empiece a partir cráneos con el escudo pero de verdad
Let someone tell my child some dumbshit like this, I dare you bro
This is humiliating to read as a US citizen
In reply to @ChrisEvans
I can't believe this shit, this is so fucked up😒😒😒
In reply to @ChrisEvans
"The Kivitis are each biologically related to their children. Under the policy, however, children born via gestational surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) are considered to be born “out of wedlock,” Wow.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Stop the ride. I want off.
In reply to @ChrisEvans
Yes we are...@realDonaldTrump is destroying America!
In reply to @ChrisEvans
I’ve always wanted 2 live in the USA. I’m persuaded my arts will receive their full attention from the American people. I feel like I was born in the wrong part of the world. I just have to be in the right place for everything to work well. Sponsor me, plz amazon.com/-/e/B076MWGMP8
In reply to @ChrisEvans
That's the only way Trump voters will think that America is becoming great again - if they reinstate segregation, put their boots on the throats of women who want to control their bodies, keep LGBTQ folks in fear of coming out, and force their religious beliefs down our throats!
In reply to @ChrisEvans
You’re pissing off Captain America! This should be a warning!!
esse tweet do Chris representa o brasileiro
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