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Don't miss #BTSonLSSC tonight on @CBS at 11:35/10:35c!! @BTS_twt

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No te pierdas #BTSonLSSC esta noche en
CBS a las 11:35/10:35c @BTS_twt

Video: Esta noche en The Late Show el supergrupo global BTS, les preguntaré si buscan un 8o miembro que les ayudaría a lograr un pacto con los de +50

"오늘밤, 레이트쇼에 글로벌 슈퍼그룹 BTS가 출연합니다. 저처럼 50세 이상을 공략할 수 있는 8번째 멤버를 찾고 있는지 물어볼 거예요. ."
ARMY, in less than 3 hours @BTS_twt will be appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

While we wait, let's keep streaming "Boy With Luv" & 'MOTS: Persona'!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #.BTSonLSSC in your tweets when the show starts, to make it trend.
[TRAD] Não perca #BTSonLSSC, essa noite, na CBS, á 00:35 AM!!

Trad do vídeo: "Essa noite, no Late Show, o super grupo global, @BTS_twt. Eu vou perguntar a eles se estão procurando por um oitavo membro que os ajudaria a alcançar a demografia de maiores de 50 anos."
Solo faltan 2 horas y 30 minutos exactamente para poder la entrevista de BTS en Late Show .
#Jungkook focus
tonight at 11:35 EST@BTS_twt #BTSonLSSC

Love how his right👉, left 👈and L/R together👉 👈sync with B!T!S! pic.twitter.com/x85tCtMP2h
Every time I see Seokjin next to Namjoon in a TV show I can only think in when Namjoon said that Seokjin is his support to don't be nervous ; ;
[16.05.2019] The Late Show Twitter Güncellemesi

[TR] @CBS'te (TR Saat ile) 06.35'de #BTSonLSSC'yi kaçırmayın!! @BTS_twt
[190516] The Late Show Twitter Güncellemesi

“Bu gece #BTSonLSSC’ı kaçırmayın @BTS_twt
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Look at him!! He's so gorgeous and he's happy 😊 Thank you @colbertlateshow for this 💚 #JHOPE pic.twitter.com/uK9C5Pc0jL
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Wow Jungkook sat in front for the first time pic.twitter.com/3k5Y0eefn7
i am responsible for approx 15K views because i cant stop staring at all of the hand movements going on
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Jimin's reaction to Colbert acting cute is a mood. Can't wait for your interview tonight! West Coast BTS ARMY are in for a treat.
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Another jimin's stan coming 1..2..3..
Hate to tell you Stephen, but they already have a lock on the 50-and-older crowd. I’m 50, and there’s plenty of ARMYs older than me. 💜 @BTS_twt
In reply to @BTSGalaxyTurkey
[190516] The Late Show, Twitter hesabı üzerinden @BTS_twt’in bulunduğu bölüm için bir tanıtım videosu paylaştı. Bölüm bugün saat 6:35 (TSİ)’de yayımlanacak. twitter.com/colbertlatesho…
This is also amazing because this was the retake of the introduction.
If someone don’t get joon 😭
In reply to @colbertlateshow
I like how he calls them a global supergroup. I always knew Stephen Colbert was an intellectual 👌 So excited to see BTS!!!!! pic.twitter.com/CrZJySL54x
좋아 죽는 박지민ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 리액션의 신.. 리액션을 의도한게 아니지만 웃음 장벽 개낮아서 강제로 리액션 킹이 되어버리는 사람
And just when I thought he stopped wearing the watch. The captain of this ship never dissapoints me😂😂 #vsoo
In reply to @colbertlateshow
I see jimin stealing hearts again
In reply to @colbertlateshow
[TRAD] "Não perca #BTSonLSSC hoje a noite na @CBC às 00:35 horas (horário de Brasília)".

In reply to @ArabRM_twt
19.05.16 [🎥] إعلان ظهور @BTS_twt على برنامج The Late Show اليوم! #BTSonLSSC twitter.com/colbertlatesho… pic.twitter.com/gycQKqyVVE
In reply to @colbertlateshow
That elegance Hoseok👌.. Omg, that look! We have forehead!! The man that you have always been and that smile 😭 #제이홉 #정호석 #JHOPE #Hoseok @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/pfX0tFzNjz
In reply to @colbertlateshow
so everytime i see jin next to namjoon i remember when he said that having jin by his side in interviews makes him confortable
160519 | تويتر
تحديث حساب The late show:
لا تقوموا بتفويت #BTSonLSSC الليلة على @CBC في الساعة 11:35/10:35!!

(الساعة 6:35 بتوقيت السعودية)
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Taehyung looks likeHarry Potter whaaaahahaha💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #BTSonLSSC
Who's gonna tell Stephen that they already have that demo on lock too?! 🤣🤣 Kings of a diverse fan base!
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Hate to break it to you Stephen, but these kings already broke the 50+ demo and then some. Kings of a diverse fandom.
In reply to @colbertlateshow
DO IT STEPHEN!! You're the perfect member!! You got the moves!! 🤣 pic.twitter.com/GQDZOe1tFr
In reply to @ArabJungKook
📹🌟 - ترجمة | تحديث حساب برنامج 'The Late Show' الرسمي بڤيديو تشويقي للحلقة مع أعضاء بانقتان: لا تقوموا بتفويت #BTS_على_LSSC الليلة على قناة @CBS!! twitter.com/colbertlatesho…
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Lol I’m so excited. Can’t wait.
eles estão lindos demais mds

In reply to @colbertlateshow
I look forward to the 8th member 😉 What’s your stage name gonna be? 😎💜 @BTS_twt
OMG IM READY 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Stephen - you don't look a day over 49. @BTS_twt+ Stephen, can't get much better than this - that's truthiness! 💜😅
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Look how him so cute with glasses 💜😭💕😍 pic.twitter.com/mdt9zDRHVV
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Kim Taehyung, you're the most gorgeous,charming, beautiful man in the world! #뷔 #BTSV #V #taehyung  #방탄소년단뷔 pic.twitter.com/1KSBpXNDNc
In reply to @colbertlateshow
They already have the over 50 demo as evidenced by my mom pic.twitter.com/5RO76k5Kvl
😁 Ya saben falta poco! Cuantas emociones en un dia!

Aquí debajo les dejamos algunos links! 👇
.@BTS_twt seront à The Late Show ce soir à 11h35 sur @CBS et @GlobalTV! Ne manquez par leur performance ainsi que leur entrevue!

@BTS_twt will be at @colbertlateshow tonight at 11h35 on CBS and Global! Don’t miss their performance as well as their interview! 🤩
In reply to @colbertlateshow
I love how jk is confident now and sitting in the front :(
puede ser que sean DIOSES
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Mis bebés estan hermosos 😊💜
It 6 am and i have to sleep but look at that happy bub at the back 😭😭💛💛 #Jimin #SerendipityByJimin100m
So excited for this. I trust Stephen is gonna get a good wholesome conversation outta them 🙌🏽
before i say “omg look at tae :(( “ LET ME SAY WTH DJDJDJ WHAT ARE THEY DOING
Hey there @KobeOnTheRadio! We're getting prepped for @bts_twt on The Late Show! In the meantime, would we be able to listen to Boy With Luv on @Kc1013 please? :D
In reply to @colbertlateshow
LET ME JUST SAY. TAE WITH THOSE GLASSES pic.twitter.com/b3gn4iOH7l
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Sus reacciones, son tan preciosos 🥺💜
will jimin collect yet another man on american national tv tonight?? Find out on cbs at 11:35/10:35c!! #BTSonLSSC
Look!! at Taehyung’s glasses!!! 😳🥺 he looks so good
jimin con ese pañuelo en el cuello literalmente el epítome del trolo
everytime a late night talk show host offers to be the new member of a boy band a butterfly dies
Wow my worlds are colliding. I'm already losing it from this one clip, I'm not going to make it through tonight 😭
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Taehyung in glasses? 😍
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Look at V's lovely gesture💜😍😍 #방탄소년단뷔 #태형 #Taehyung #BTSV #BTS #kimtaehyung pic.twitter.com/YIcPPfoPIu
Lollin - after Namjoon said he'd be doing a lot of talking, he actually did the least talking he's ever done in an American interview💜😂
Istg I can't tell if they're helping him or trolling him, like Yoongi broke out a whole English speech after Joon said they don't speak it.
they look they going to church🥺
NamJoon à, bữa nay sao high vậy em. Còn SeokJin nữa, ngồi cạnh thì tém e nó lại, cớ chăng 2 đứa lại hùa chung vs nhau thế à.
Jimin's reaction to the Colbert's aegyo 🤣🤣

Thanks for inviting @BTS_twt and treat them so well @colbertlateshow
We purple you 💜
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Jimin be snatching hearts again
In reply to @colbertlateshow
Everyone looks so SO happy in this picture, I can’t wait! 😭💜 @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/arGQwd59rp
ai, caralho, o tae tá de óculos. fudeu muito pra mim. pqp.
why bts be like
👌😏🤙 ✋😦👍 👈🤪👉

👋😃🤚👏😳👌🤘😛🤜 🖐🤨✊
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