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10 year old me
explaining why i need
a club penguin
membership to have
different colored
igloos and puffles: my mom:

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I would give anything to have one more day... I never got to tip the iceberg... never met rockhopper.... pic.twitter.com/KE81jVbiHP
In reply to @voguetony
girl my mom listened and bought that shit fjdsfsd
In reply to @voguetony
This was me with Habbo Hotel
this was me for wizard101 🥴
In reply to @voguetony
The pink igloo + the puffles were my dream pic.twitter.com/dpuI13hB2s
In reply to @voguetony
club penguin online got free memberships now my dreams are a reality
In reply to @voguetony
Dude I was the queen of Club Penguin I forced my parents to buy me the membership I didn't care if they said no I was getting it. Long story short I quit after they deleted all my items 7 year old self was ready to SUE
Me with gaiaonline monthly donation rewards lmao. Pls mom I can’t miss out on the Kiki kitty you already made me miss out on the seal slippers PLS MOM YOU DONT UNDERSTAND
bueno cuento esto pq el crimen ya ha prescrito pero yo era todo un hacker a mis 9 añitos. no sé si el club penguin sigue abierto pero os voy a contar cómo bamboozelé a toda la comunidad de pingüinos +
10 year old me explaining to my mom why i need 67 different webkinz
My dad paid for my membership then ended up getting mad a year after “ano ba yung penguin penguin na binabayaran ko buwan buwan? Pa-cancel mo yan” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
The way I just HOLLERED
10 year old me explaining what bakugans are and why i need all of them:
me but with a stardoll membership😔
yo pidiéndole a mi mamá que me pague un pasaporte en mundo gaturro
"Mas mãe eu só posso ter esse puffle vermelho e iglu feio"
me when i would try to talk my mom into taking me to fayette pharmacy to get more webkinz
me except with Nexon for maplestory lulz
ya so my mom finally gave in when i was like 9, my penguin was lit.Was decked out wardrobe,igloo,parties.I was 14 n mom asked why she was still getting charged for club penguin.I had to call and cancel the membership.Had no info,said the purple penguin with the name glamgirl13😭
Me but when I got banned forever from club penguin and was so upset so my Dad inquired and they emailed him a complete list of all the swear words I said and I tried to convince him that I was hacked 8 separate times...
this hit too close to home
i think i peaked when i had club penguin, runescape, and habbo hotel membership all at once
* ser superstar no stardoll
Y'all don't understand. Flexing your Igloo and your puffles back then is like the hypebeasts of today
No señor, yo abandone el juego al minuto, pinche cosa aburrida
my sister asking my mom for another webkin
Jajajajajaja 100% verídico. No fake. @mariauuu111
10 year old me explaining why I need 30 different webkinz
Me but with runescape
Persuading mama to pay for my in-game purchases was the hardest thing I had to do back then LMAOOOOO
One time I stole my moms debit card and upgraded my membership simply to have a party in my igloo and make sure it was cool enough for my friends. But then when she found out she took away my computer rights so I guess it all came full circle. Don’t steal kids.
12 yo me when explaining to my parents i need Nexon cash to buy cosmetics for my maplestory char:

My mum to 10 year old me: One of your friends called today
Me: Who?
Mum: I don’t know but he wanted to know when you were getting on Club Penguin
why did I read the left side in broken up fragments like it was a rupi kaur poem
10 year old me trying to explain why I needed the Stardoll membership so I could unlock new hairstyles and shoes
No lie, this was me af 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
In reply to @voguetony
Me but with Webkinz
In reply to @voguetony
Me convincing my parents to buy me Neopets Premium in 2006
Lmfao yo the accuracy is unreal😂😂
When I was little I had to get blood drawn. I told my mom if I didn’t cry, she had to get me a membership
this was me with webkinz
Pro tip: Club Penguin Rewritten is a new website that supports Club Penguin and it’s entirely free and full access- you get all the same perks as if you had a membership and its running RIGHT now
I hate how close this hits to home..
Nunca vi nada tão relatable na minha vida
I didn’t know @xxlauren99 10 years ago but I do know she was that kid
Loool why was this me
y nunca me la pagó @mama yo no me olvido
This was wayyy too specific I’m dying😂
& it worked 🤪🤪
this hit me hard 😂
i was salty that i never had a membership so i used cheat codes to break into members’ igloos and steal/rearrange their furniture
Me and my sister explaining why we need to fax in my parent permission form to Neopets to access the forums
This was me trying to get a stardoll membership lmao
This triggers my burden of being the oldest child. I would NEVER ask my mom for something stupid like this but my baby sister is really bold though.
Idk if it’s because I’m tired, but I really have tears coming out my eyes 😂😂😂
10 year old me explaining why I need a moshi monsters membership
I use to invite people over to my igloo with no furniture
me but with pixie hollow 😪
I asked my mom for 99 cents for StarDoll and you woulda thought I was asking her to pay my college tuition .
after explaining didn’t work i called 911 and said my mom won’t let me have a membership
me trying to explain to my mom why i needed the rainbow dog for my webkinz collection.
In reply to @voguetony
you mean for card jitsu...? that fire dojo hit different
LMAO this so accurate
This is way too accurate
para ni verga le rogué tanto a mi mama, ahora todos pueden ser socios y sin pagar ni turca 😡
Eu a explicar á minha mãe que precisava de ser superstar no stardoll
us convincing Dada to buy us Stardoll superstar memberships periodically @amirupy
me begging my mom for the vip membership on meez 😭
Y’all I would deadass hack Alma’s club penguin account bc she had a membership n I didn’t 😂😂😂 I was that jealous 💀💀
In reply to @voguetony
as 20 something year olds
I can’t believe you conned mum into this @nadiarameh
This was me but with gaiaonline
In reply to @inexcused
and she paid for it every timeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭
This was me to my mom about her trying to keep my tamagotchis alive while I was at school
nah but this was me asking for a pixie hollow membership LMAOOO
10 year old me explaining to my mam why I need a runescape membership to get all the cool gear, play more quests and i can travel the whole world
This was me with build a bearville😭
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