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openly sharing who i am with the world is my choice; a choice i will never apologize for. i love what i do and who i am. today i was taken back a little bit. homophobia is a real issue still in 2019. please just be kind to everyone you meet.

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In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Holy shit. 1. You are so much nicer/more professional to that shit human than I would’ve been 2. You should charge more- your work is bomb and $115 is way too low for both hair and makeup.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
facebook.com/Makeup-Hair-by… here’s the link to my facebook page, along with a short video of work i’ve done! :) pic.twitter.com/VaP5FIqX1o
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You: “Okay well have a nice day!” Them: “Can’t have a gay person doing my make up.” You: Them: “You know it’s a sin right?” You: Them: “Listen you’re going to Hell. I just can’t condone this.” You: Them: “You won’t convince me!” You: Them: “GET AWAY FROM ME HEATHEN!”
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
I don’t even believe this person was getting married, just pretended to open the line of communication to shame you.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
“if you at any chance change your mind” !!!!! WHAT
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to everyone messaging me on all my social media, i promise i’m seeing y’alls messages. i love all the support y’all are giving me😭 don’t be afraid to message me and tell me your story, words of encouragement, or anything you’d like. i’d love to hear from you♥️
“If u change ur mind about being gay let me know” 💀💀💀
This is such a poor representation of how the church is supposed to look. Does this woman think her response is going to draw the girl to the Lord? You dont have to agree with their lifestyle but there is no need to condemn them. Kindness is what leads to repentance,not judgement
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
what they thought would happen if u walked into that church pic.twitter.com/Stjxuo1szl
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
You should ask if they have had sex before getting married, and just nicely mention that if they have they probably shouldn’t take a step in that church either.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Omg smh! I’m so sorry you had to go through that! You are amazing
juro que eu não consigo acreditar que isto é a sério ahahhaha é só completamente lunático
“if you change ur mind about being gay” lmfaooooo
what’s their number, I just wanna talk
“change your mind about being gay” lmaooooo ma’am that is not how it works
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
this hurt my heart. 😭 proud of you for how well you handled that love!! my God loves you beyond belief.🖤
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
I love how you were still polite even after the blatant discrimination, but then she continues to press. Holy shit and people wonder why we've given ourselves a month for pride. Sorry you had to deal with that 😰
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Hi, Darby here!! If you could do me a quick favor and reveal their number, I’d appreciate it. I just wanna talk 🙃
Let’s be clear, God did not put one single person on this earth to judge his other children. Love each other, do better.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
I think the most interesting part is her asking you to let her know if you ‘change your mind’ about being gay so she can book you. ‘change your mind’. what
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
As a recently baptized Catholic (raised Catholic my whole life just never had the education), I want to fly you to Pittsburgh next year and have you do all the hair and makeup for me and my fiancée’s wedding!
“the wedding is in a church and I don’t want you walking into my church.” these are the type of Christians that make us look bad... God would never tell someone of any other religion, race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity they can’t come in. disgusting. this isn’t Christ-like.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Girl if I ever get married I’m booking you for my big fat gay rat wedding
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
I love how the comments under this thread are all positive! For every hater there are 100 people ready to love and accept you. It’s crazy how far we’ve come just in the last 5 years. Soon dumb people like that will be extinct
Lmfaooooo this bitch said “if u change your mind about being gay let me know so I can book you” 😂😂😂 girl fuck you! Tf is wrong with ppl
How are there people out there that are actually like this
ya, dizia-lhe que tinha mudado de ideias quanto à minha sexualidade and then, trazia a minha dama comigo e mm ali na igreja I would make a scene
“The wedding is in a church and I don’t want you walking into my church.” 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️


And neither should the church!! I’m sorry this happened to you!!
Send the addy. These hands are rated E for everyone. And anyone that’s discriminating can catch them.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
“If you change your mind about being gay let me know please so I can book you” Wow that was an extremely ignorant combination of words 🤦🏽‍♂️
115$ for a full face? AND HAIR?????? Sis
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
You’re BEAUTIFUL!! Keep shining keep standing up for yourself and your rights. We’re with you 🏳️‍🌈
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
omg I would be like “okay I change my mind I’m straight now” and then when I get to her wedding I beat her ass and give her the worst make up job ever
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
change your mind, tell her you're straight then use bootleg sidewalk makeup on her
“if you change your mind about being gay let me know” EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME????
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Just another good ol' Christian spreading the love and acceptance of Jesus. I'm so sorry you were exposed to that nonsense.
“If you change your mind about being gay” I’m sorry WHAT 😂
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
EW OMFG! I'm sorry you had to experience this 😭 Your work is BEAUTIFUL 😍
“if you by any chance change your mind about being gay” good LORD
PSA: being part of the church doesn’t give you the right to judge people for not having the same views as you. it means you should be a representation of love and acceptance ALL THE TIME. NOT THE OPPOSITE.

be 👏🏻 nice 👏🏻 and 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 people👏🏻 just 👏🏻 how 👏🏻 they 👏🏻 are 👏🏻
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Lol I woulda lied and said I was straight then told her once I was paid that I lied Hahahaha
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Also pls do me and my wife’s wedding??? Pls?? Come to CT in January?? Thx
How to love like Jesus.
Step 1: Don’t do this.
I’m sick. When I do get married YOURE DOING MY WHOLE WEDDING
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Wow it’s really funny how so called Christians or homophobes can determine where us lgbtq will end up 🙄 like give me a break god only loves , continue to live your life in happiness 💕because I’m proud to be apart of a beautiful community with my wife in the lgbtq 🌈🌼
Did she just... "change your mind about being gay so I can book you" there are billions of non-homophobic people in the world, that woman needs to open her eyes and leaving homophobia behind her .. you're doing great kristian
“If you at any chance change your mind about being gay let me know so I can book you” ma’am what?
bc of people like this is why the christian church gets so much hate...to all christians who have this mentality, you’re doing it completely wrong , spread love not hate ):
letting someone know they aren’t welcome in your church is exactly what’s wrong with the church. even if I didnt agree, you’d always be welcomed at mine where we would love you just the same. We’re called to love, not to make people feel unwelcome, I’m sorry this happened to you
everyone pls hire her cause sis has talent and gays supporting gays 💞💞
“If you at any chance change your mind about being gay” 😂
if you at any chance change your mind about being gay please let me know so i can book you
I hate people. I hate people. Who tf?!??
“If you at any chance change your mind about being gay let me know please so I can book you” WOOOOW I LITERALLY HATE PEOPLE
As a Christian there's so many things wrong with this.... It really makes me sick to see those with twisted perspectives hurting others, everyone deserved love and equality ❤
nigga said if you change your mind about being gay lmk 😭😭😭
Y’all want to know what pisses me off? she ended the conversation, & this bitch wanted to come back & still continue the conversation!? BITCH YOU JUST SAID YOU DONT WANT MY SERVICES, SO STOP TEXTING ME ABOUT WTF IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE!!!
sorry. I’m just really passionate.
So she don’t want you to be gay anymore so you can do her hair and makeup ... lol tf 💀💀💀 the ignorance is real
this is why we have pride. u still don’t need ur straight pride parade Bc I’m 99.9% sure you’ve never experienced this
if you claim to be christian & treat anyone this way, you might wanna get your priorities straight because this is definitely not “love your neighbor as yourself”
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
You should have told her Vanity is a sin too and she should walk down the aisle in the church natural like god intended! 😤😂🤷🏽‍♀️🏳️‍🌈
This woman said “If you change your mind about being gay” like what. It doesn’t work like that.
Personal opinion: if you do things like this, this is not you fulfilling some Christian duty. In Matthew, Jesus says the second most important commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Using Christianity to rationalize your hatred is not right.
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Wow this breaks my heart. Your reply was the height of classiness, I’m honestly so impressed. I would have had a hard time staying that professional and kind. Many good things are to come for you ❤️
mano a gaja foi totalmente educada. disse que wra noa boa e para ela twr um bom dia e a estúpida em vez de se calar nda continuou? fds ha pessoas sem noção mm
“If you at any chance change your mind about being gay let me know so I can book you”

Some Christians love to play the “gay is a sin” card but spew hatred like this. Isn’t having a hateful heart a sin too???? Or does sin not apply to you ?
so glad I’m not religious lol this shit is wack
“If you at any chance change your mind about being gay” 💀💀 i can’t stand people
People are disgusting 🙃 it’s 2019 if you can’t love everyone and treat them with kindness because of their race, sexual orientation, sexuality, or religion then you have some reevaluating to do
“I don’t want you walking into my church”
I don’t believe I serve a God who would send somebody to hell for LOVING SOMEBODY. Are you kidding me? Who are we to judge, and who are we to say who can step into a church? Absolute embarrassment for a “Christian” to act this way
Homosexuality is not a choice, homophobia is.
THIS is why Pride Month is a thing. THIS is why your favorite shows and movies “have to have gay people”, because representation normalizes it.

THIS is what we don’t have to deal with as straight people. Instead of bitching about the LGBTQ rep on screen, try opening your mind.
leak her name and number it’s for science
This is the OPPOSITE of Christianity. Telling someone not to come to your church is the most un-Jesus-like thing I’ve ever seen.
She said I’ll hire u once you cancel your gay subscription
Gay people: being talented and kind

Christians: being mean as... well. Hell.

Seems like the “hell they’re going to” is just living on earth with Christians.
“if you change your mind about being gay” WHEW WHAT IS SHE SO BOLD FOR?? so ridiculous
You should hit her back up and be like “your prayers worked! I am straight” and then fuck her makeup up lmao
“i don’t want anyone gay at my church” regardless of whether you think it’s a sin- shouldn’t the correct response to someone who you think is living in sin or needs to change be “you’re always welcome here” ??? I am jus-
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
Honestly I’d tell her I’ve changed my mind and I’m straight then done her makeup and after the wedding told her I’m still gay just to ruin her wedding memories
“If you change your mind about being gay let me know” BITCH WHAT😂😂😂😂
I’m sorry but if you claim to be a Christian or be so involved with church, you shouldn’t be or act this way to anyone. Not only are you representing the church you go to but you’re spreading hate which God does not do.
Look man unfollow me if you want but THIS IS NOT HOW CHRISTIANS SHOULD ACT. Idk how it’s 2019 and people STILL claim to be a devout Christian yet stay pushing people away from God, and THAT AINT IT
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
What the fuck lmao go at her wedding and ruin her fucking day
In reply to @Kristiantayyy
“If you at any change change your mind about being gay..” pic.twitter.com/S4bMED2rmX
okay but how the FUCK can you just “ change ur mind about being gay” literally fuck off
Now we’re all gonna follow you on your pages and get you customers. Twitter do your thing
Why are some Christians so messed up man:/
“I don’t want you walking into my church”... wow. I want EVERYBODY walking into my church. I don’t care who you are!!! Come learn about Jesus with me!
this makes me so sad
Christians seem to forget that Jesus was all about love and acceptance
THIS is how christianity get links to homophobia. the Bible tells us to accept any and everyone into our church bc thats supposed a safe place. a home. THIS is not christianity. this is not how the Bible tells us to treat one another. so disappointing.
someone being gay does not affect you!
someone being gay does not affect you!
someone being gay does not affect you!
people really need to learn to accept different beliefs and live with it smh 🤦‍♂️
lemme say it straight: you are NOT a Christian if you are openly hateful against others. rather, you’re using your “faith” as a tool to justify prejudice & close mindedness.
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