why say many word when few word do trick

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In reply to @40ozPapi
Didn’t think this was gonna blow up I seen this tweet a million times I was just being stupid lmao y’all be safe now fuck cops and trump
In reply to @40ozPapi
luv that don’t make no cents
In reply to @40ozPapi
When me president, they see.
In reply to @40ozPapi
LMAOOOO i love a good Office reference
In reply to @40ozPapi
This tweet is golden but I’m still upset the line is wrong
simple only no follow instruction cannot graduation

si sir bernie kanina HAHAHAHA
if you know where this is from your hella cool
if u don't what this is from we can't be friends 🤷‍♀️
This is incorrectly quoted from @theofficenbc , should be “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick”
In reply to @40ozPapi
I thought this was Homer Simpson
In reply to @swigart_mason
@swigart_mason & @sethsturg u guys every single day in the dining halls
Am I the only one who speaks to their significant other like this 😂

"Need kiss now why go make me sad"
In reply to @40ozPapi
When me president, they see
FALSE!!! its “why waste time say lot word...” 🤦🏽‍♂️
Didn’t Kevin from the office try this one time to save time or some shit lol
If you don’t know where this is from then we can’t be friends
it’s definitely “why waste time say lot word when few work do trick” but go off...!
If you don’t watch the office you won’t get it 😂😂
Literally watched this episode of the office last night 😂😂😂
If you’re gonna quote the office at least get it right
In reply to @40ozPapi
Who the fuck wrote all this, Hulk??
In reply to @40ozPapi
"why say lot** word when few word do trick" actually...
In reply to @youthfull_og
@Schase72 I feel like this is something you’d say 👀😂😂
katelyn sent this to me cuz i deadass text like this lmao i ded
HOOOLLLLY shit I am laughing so hard lmao
Pictured here: Mr Clean wishing for the cleansing fire of a large meteor.
this is me and kat
this shit has me geeked 🤣
Oh my god this is @nscruz14 🤦🏽‍♀️
How do you fuck up a classic Office quote like this?????
if you don’t get this you a hoe
Lmaoooooooooo any Office reference is my favorite
Lmao Kevin when he thought saying less words would save him time @theofficenbc
In reply to @40ozPapi
why say lots when little work
In reply to @40ozPapi
you deserve to see this
In reply to @40ozPapi
In reply to @40ozPapi
Me do few word make talk less
I love this so fucking much!
On both ends lol
This is how I have to talk to my dad😭my friends know 😂😂
it took me way too long to read this shit lmao
Lol see this is how I text sometimes @ViancaaWonkaa 😂😂😂
Why did this remind me of @AlexLafave1 😂
If you don't know where this is from we can't be friends
Hahahaha if you get this I HIGHLY RESPECT YOU
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