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We got a doorbell for our dogs to let us know when they want to go outside...this may have been a big mistake.😂😂

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In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Hes discovered a sense of power!😆😆😆🤓 "So I push this🤔...an the human comes?🤨..." pic.twitter.com/zgsRkrwKGq
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
He looked back like “nah you comin out here too *ding ding*” 😂😂😂
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Just bought one I can’t wait for all the 🎶dings🎶andhearing🎶dings🎶inmy🎶dreams🎶andwhile🎶ieat🎶andwork🎶wowyayyyy🎶yyyy🎶🎶🎶 nobody tell Julien
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
i think he wants you to come outside with him lol
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
It was at this moment he realized he held all the power pic.twitter.com/JlKrIwAMGJ
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
When my dog wants in he just screams. Like.... literally screams
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anybody spend money on... but um, where’d you get it from sis?? 👀
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
he felt that heat once he got out & he was like no thank you
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
I just got a puppy and he’s a mini golden doodle. They are the best and super cute:)) His name his Tater💙 he looks like a tater tot 😍 pic.twitter.com/KuGD5159vX
We need this @kburton_25 for our kids 💕😍
Something Fendi would do lol
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
I’m going to be one of those people and have y’all follow me on insta lol😂 also thank you for all the love! My dog Koda is the best little boy! pic.twitter.com/eWo5Peprx4
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
I see no difference he needs to stay in or out! pic.twitter.com/x1KYKOrgHi
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Omg this cute boy is just like my baby girl and she just had 4 little bbs pic.twitter.com/D5iQq1eRfb
My funky ass dog will be running in and out like he the dope man
he wants you to come outside you fool
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
We have sleigh bells dangling from the doorknob just on the inside of our house so our dog can let us know. Sometimes when my dog is bored he just hits the FUCK out of the bells and they’re sooooo loud and he just does it to be annoying :/
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
This. Changes. Everything.
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Is... is this the good boy? *presses the button again*
Once that heat wave hit him he was like nah never mind 😂
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
“ I’ve been out here too long for you to have seen me walk out.” pic.twitter.com/jaMxkmWjKb
“so, you not coming?”
Best thing I’ve ever seen man what a good boy
we don’t deserve DOGS
My fucking heart 😭😭❤️
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
My baby koda is officially famous 🤧💕
Tell him he’s either gonna be in or out and stop letting the cool air out.
this is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen
he turned back and rang again bc he wanted to be follow😡😡😡😡
LMAOO this is awesome
My dog would not know how to act
So what I’m hearing is... I’m buying one
me when i convince my anxiety to let me go out and have fun that night vs the realization of how i hate the outside when i’m at a party
the doggy was like “wait, you not comimg?” lmfaooooooooo!!
This is the cutest fuckin thing I’ve ever seen
Go outside with it you dotish mc
How cute is this shit
Naw he said let me out then rung the doorbell and ask if can you come out today😂😂
Y’all must live in Texas
That’s the cutest fucking shit I’ve ever seen
go outside with him he wants to play wtf
if i ever get a dog, i’m getting this
ok but i need this for my dog
Lmaoooo he said “Nah fam, it’s too hot out here. Let me back in!”
He just wants you to go with him dumbass
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Okay but where’d you get it ?
My dog would annoy me on purpose, I know it
Now You Have To Say The Magic Words “Don’t Keep Running In & Out My House Or You Gone Stay In”
He went through every logical situation of being outside alone and said “you know what nvm”
Not to be dramatic but I’d die for him lol
He lookin like; “so you just gon not come out with?”
this is adorable omg
Grand-dog brag moment... he is sooo smart! Proud of my little boo!
I CANNOT BELIEVE how cute it is watching his little paw press the doorbell.
He wants to go outside with you that’s why 😂
But why is this the best thing I’ve seen on twitter today lol
the dog was like “wait hol up u not comin out with me?!? wtf”
He want you to go outside with him🥺😭😭
He wanted you to go with him 😭
Condicionamento operante
Don’t be coming in and out the house, either you want to be in or out
This made my day a whole lot better 🥺
this one of the purest things I’ve seen all day 🥺
start ur day right n watch this video
this is a good idea but my dog will be ringing that shit @ 3am for no reason 😂😂
This the type of shit I like to see on my tl 😢💗💗
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
SO ADORABLE 😍 what’s his breed??
I could already see my dumbass dog tryna bite that shit off!
This is the cutest thing ever!!!!
This is the cutest shit ever
Can I get a dog already 🥴
This is soo cute 😭❤❤
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Koda is going to go viral
Mans was like “wait... I fucked up... lemme back in this bitch” 😂
he waited 3 seconds before he pressed it again 😭 tryna be polite
I would of looked at that dog like “look it’s either in or out!” Like my momma use to do me
this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in long time🥺
He was waiting for you :,(
In reply to @TaytaynmTaylor
Remember me when you’re famous
Be in or out but stop letting all my damn cold air out!
I think he wants you to go outside with him
He wanted yo ass to come too mf
Me an introvert wanting to go outside...

Me when I go outside:
He just asked you to come out and play
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