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how to tell if they’re gettin bad again:

-sleepin to much or not at all
-eatin to much or too little
-being spaced out a lot
-rambling or not talkin at all
-losing track of time
-pushin people away
-avoiding eye contact
-always being shaky
-sounding disinterested in everything

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My dumbass crying for minor inconvenience plus follow me 🥺🥺 pic.twitter.com/q1itoQREKL
mental health is so important. please check on your friends! just because mental health awareness month is over (May) doesn’t mean the conversations should stop. 💚
In reply to @Veedyyy
If what’s getting bad because this is describing me rn.
In reply to @Veedyyy
i feel bad that everyone is saying me in the replies but now you know that this is you so now you can’t get worse (kinda) because acknowledging it is the first step and can be the hardest step so i believe that if you got ‘bad’ again, you can get good again :)
Bitch this is my daily checklist
In reply to @Veedyyy
this is how i am 24/7
maybe im just off a wood bitch Damn
summer sucks for some of us. look out for your pals please
pay !! attention !! to !! the !! signs !! n the people !! in ur life !! who display them !!!!!!!!
In reply to @Veedyyy
It’s def getting bad again. Starting to accept that this is how I’ll be from now on.
Mental health awareness is everyday, check up on your strong friends and family too. The slightest of reassurance that you care about them can change their entire mood.
psa: keep a close eye on the people in your life, it can be hard to ask for help.
this is me as usual so, i’m sorry. im really good im just default insane
In reply to @Veedyyy
For everyone who has someone in their life with depression or anxiety, know the signs! It’s very hard to verbalize how you feel when you don’t know why you feel that way. Help them, help themselves. ❤️
In reply to @Veedyyy
Love it when my posts get plagarised!!! pic.twitter.com/xq2N96S8Zi
Most times, the most depressed people are the ones who actually seem the happiest. So just a reminder to still check up on all your friends even if they don’t do this. You never know.
this is important. pay attention to the people in your life.
-messes keep piling up for a normally clean/tidy person
-having attitude for no reason
-working too much or slacking off at work

i have to remember what patterns i notice in myself before i get bad again... can’t rely on anyone to notice.
these are so important to know bc i promise you so many people suffering through mental illness will not voice when they’re in a dark place, they just silently suffer through it.
how to tell that i need to get my shit together bc all of this applies to me:
what does it mean if i do all of these things all the time
how does one use the incorrect and correct form of “too” in the same statement? I-
Best score I’ve had on an exam in ages
Make sure your friends are okay people
Take care of your people. Sometimes all they need is for someone to listen
Small signs are still signs. Check on the people you care about.
But seriously, check on your friends.
Always take note of your friends
All of these things are just how I am though
Look out for your friends, you might be the only person they have to talk to about their mental health and well-being.
This why i hatee summer. The reason i liked going to school was bc I felt less alone & was surrounded by people that i love /: & now
In reply to @Veedyyy
I'm pretty sure this is me every fucking day lol pic.twitter.com/xgrVdYNAGS
Always ask someone if they’re okay, never know but they may need a friend
please always check in on your friends and loved ones
Important asf, pay attention to the ones you love
This legit why I start my days at 7:30 and set goals for everyday. I never thought I’d hit a point where I didn’t even want to get out of bed everyday and I’ve grown so much since then
please retweet this, more people need to know the signs
i feel attacked. 🙁
In reply to @Veedyyy
Weird flex but this is just the regular good ol' me lmao...which is kinda sad... pic.twitter.com/cMfD1xtx9S
Check on your strong friends.
In reply to @Veedyyy
So important to keep an eye out for these things!
is it bad that im every single one of these
the fact that i’ve been doing all of this for the past week & a half is fucking me uo
this list is very helpful for people without mental illness or people who have trouble identifing when mental health is swinging down,

check up on your friends often, especially when your friends start exhibiting symptoms:
In reply to @Veedyyy
This ain’t even “again” for me. I’ve been living my life lyk dis for 20 yrs and still counting(hopefully??)
things like this are so important. please check in on your friends every now + again.
What if you do all these things always lol
guess i’m truly a baddie????🥵
Should I be worried 🙃
warning signs. If any of your friends start acting like this, reach out.
this is so important
Too real guys. Check up on your friends. Or really anyone if needed
These are some easy ways to identify something wrong with anyone you love or care about!! Please be aware of the red flags!!
This is 100% accurate wow.
!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!
this is ME all the time
this is so important. keep an eye on your friends mental health.
Pay attention to your friends
I’ve lived so long with my depression that I didn’t even realize that I was reverting back to my old ways for the past month now. I feel so guilty for not noticing what my body is trying to tell me.
This is literally my life
I appreciate tweets like this because even I don’t know when my anxiety is creeping up on me
Bold of you to assume I need to “get bad again” to do these
In reply to @Veedyyy
But this is just my personality.... 😖
Bro this is me like every day
Check in on your people
Like they ever care, diorang just belah cari orang lain je takde hal
Okay but most of this is just me in general. If you feel like your friends are getting bad again just ask how they’re feeling. Wether they tell the truth or not you’ll most likely get a hint
when u check off on all these
wtf have i ever been good before ?? cause this is me all the time
so me every day the last 6 months? i need to get my shit together
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