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In reply to @kinglrg_
After the fifth “I got you” and they don’t ever got me back then I start asking for my money THE FUCK
In reply to @kinglrg_ some extend😂 who? for what? and how much?
and that’s why I’m broke:/
In reply to @kinglrg_
It depends on the amount and who it is!
this is me as fuckkkkkkkk, you can ask my friends. If I’m eating, we all eating. 🤷🏾‍♀️
In reply to @kinglrg_
But they the ones saying “pay me back”
In reply to @kinglrg_
That’s why my ass broke now 🙄
In reply to @kinglrg_
That don’t mean you gotta take me for granted though
For my 18th birthday, I was that "I got you" friend. I paid for me and 3 friends to go to italy for MY birthday. They completely ruined my time there and abandoned me in the airport. Not the only example either, so ngl I'm in the middle now. Won't be that naive again
I felt this. But then when I have no money mfs say “oh okay! maybe next time” 🤨
and i be broke as fuck because of it
man but people take advantage of that
In reply to @kinglrg_
That’s crazy cause I’m the type to show up to your house and ask where my money at
gotchu but if u was raised right you would know the principle is to still pay them back especially if you in college bc none of us got it like that. AT ALL. lmao
always been this way, especially to my day 1s who dont always have money, we both eatin tf
Till people start taking u for a dick head
this why i be broke all the damn time 😂
this was me until they started taking my money for granted 😗😗😗😗😗
I’m both just depends on my bank account 🤢
“you owe me 10$ from last time” lmao i never ask anyone to pay me back, if i say i got u, i got u
Some of us are poor, Lance.
ALWAYS my money is my friends money
then they start taking advantage of you
Real friends got you when they can and don’t expect anything back.
if i made people pay me back 😂😂 id get soooo much money
i used to be like this until i realized not everyone has this energy to
SAME..but friends really do take advantage when they know this🙄
If you’re going to be a “I got you” friend, imma do the same to you. If you’re a “pay me back” friend, imma do the same to you.
& people really be taking advantage of that smh
Alright but don’t take advantage of the “I got you” friend. 😉
Them days overrr with. Mf don’t appreciate shit. We matching same energy now
Always been a “ it’s okay leave it like that “ not a “ you owe me $2.41”
Unpopular opinion: it depends on the friend, some people will start take your generosity for granted
In reply to @kinglrg_
everybody says this but everybody complains about them nothing having friends like this🥴
this mentality gets u plenty "friends" + plenty broke.. DONT be the "friend" who takes advantage of THIS FRIEND 🗣️
In reply to @kinglrg_
Never did I say “pay me back” once to a friend
this all fun and games till you broke and nun of the friends you spot wanna spot you lol
In reply to @kinglrg_
It's forsure I got you, but if you say the borrow word I'ma hold you to that and I need my chip.
In reply to @kinglrg_
😂i lost alotta friends being this person. most of yall dont know how to respect people who constantly do things for you out of complete generosity and kindness🤷🏼‍♂️
I’m this friend ask anyone
I would buy my friends the world if I could because they mean more than anything to me :’)
your happiness comes before me, simple.
Until you start expecting me to pay for everything and not offering a dime.
In reply to @kinglrg_
Me too, til I started to realize I always got everyone and nobody got me. So now I'm a "damnnn that sucks" friend.
Yeah until they started taking advantage of that ..
Until you start taking advantage of it
I will never press a friend for coin- if I pay I got you. I would die before ever charging someone on venmo for something lol
ALWAYS😬😬 if you know me you know I’m like this and I never Count favors hate that shit ..
Can’t stand them “ you owe me £2.50” niggas
This is why I’m extra frustrated when I feel like I gotta tell people you owe me. I’m generous, but when you keep taking I just start shutting you out completely
If you know me at all then you know this me 💯
For the people in da back 🗣🗣
i simply can’t be like “pay me back” to my friends who’ve given me nothin but love and support. that’s like 100x more valuable than money 🥺
I used to be this friend but mfs like to take advantage
In reply to @kinglrg_
the friend that doesn't get invited to stuff
Y’all act like it’s not possible to be both
I’m the “I got you” friend but I always get the “pay me back” friends 🙄
!!!!! I don’t even like to ask for my money back that shit feels rude asf, idc how much I need it I just won’t
Unpopular Opinion: Being a “pay me back” friend isn’t a bad thing. Y’all just be wanting too much.
On everything if I’m rich we all rich
Nahhh run me my money back
In reply to @kinglrg_
Must be sad to be a “pay me back” friend
“ I break bread with my brothers “ type of friend
“How much was the show ticket?”

“Ahhh, just buy me a coffee on Monday”
Same but I’m tired of that shit. I want my money back
Nah them hoes gonna pay me back
if you are a “pay me back” friend. you are not a true friend. i gotchu no matter how much money in my name. i’ll go broke to cover you. i don’t care
Helll yeahhhh everyone of my friends know that for a fact‼️‼️
This is the reason I never have money lmfao
And this is only facts!!
Facts because if I got it you got it.
In reply to @kinglrg_
I was too, til people take advantage. LITERALLY why i have no FRIENDS.
Only to my real real ass friends
ALWAYSSSSSS W ANYBODY!!! porque el dinero va y viene y ami me vale madre
ON fucking everything
I eat you eat. Idc pull out a plate and take half my food bc you are not about to watch me enjoy shit if you can’t either.
Now my broke and friendless ass regretting that
If I ever tell you to pay me back it’s bc you took advantage 🤷🏾‍♀️
You still have to pay me back I'm just not in a rush to collect😬
Only when I receive the same type of energy back. @danton5danton and @OhhThatsZee the only ppl I do this with
In reply to @kinglrg_
Yall say I got you untill u got them for the 5th then its like
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