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Bagel Guy vs. 7/11

The legend continues.

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In reply to @barstoolsports
Living in his car? My guess? Mini Cooper.
In reply to @barstoolsports
Anyone else have an issue with him putting his donut straight on the counter no bag or wrapper? No? Just me?
In reply to @barstoolsports
Aw shit now I鈥檓 kinda rooting for him
In reply to @barstoolsports
Wow this POV camera footage really gives you a perspective of what it鈥檚 like to be that short. Rough life.
In reply to @barstoolsports
to think this man one day became the president of barstool
In reply to @barstoolsports
Bagel guy is the most electric person of the summer #bagelguyvstheworld
In reply to @barstoolsports
All jokes aside, this guy is a prime candidate to be the next mass shooter.
In reply to @barstoolsports
I think he should just start skipping breakfast all together
In reply to @barstoolsports
I鈥檓 around 5鈥4鈥, can I fight him at rough n rowdy!!?
the underrated part of this video is short dude asking the cop, 鈥渋f i ask a woman how big her 鈥榯its鈥 are, is that harassment?鈥 and the dickheaded ass cop says no lmfaoooo jfc, man
In reply to @barstoolsports
Guy's like in his mid 40's and still can't ride any of the good Rollercoasters
In reply to @barstoolsports
He wouldnt reach 7'11s knees chief
In reply to @barstoolsports
This reboot of 鈥淔alling Down鈥 sucks.
In reply to @barstoolsports
Honestly this went from funny sad to SAD sad when he said he was living in his car and institutionalized for depression about his height before, someone get this guys some help Also yes I鈥檓 short too
This guy again. They gotta cast @aaronbergcomedy when they make the movie.
In reply to @barstoolsports
Bagels and donuts. Dude only eats round foods with holes and wants to know why he's not taller.
In reply to @barstoolsports
The cop: why am I here 馃槀馃槀馃槀
In reply to @barstoolsports
Here is his YouTube channel. He鈥檚 got a shitload of them. youtube.com/channel/UCdDBT鈥
Come on guys you're better than this. This guy stinks. It's a terrible bit. Nothing about this is real.
Saw this earlier, just another dude trying to hack @JERKYBOYSJOHNNY 鈥淔rank Rizzo鈥 gimmick.
In reply to @barstoolsports
needs to hire this guy
In reply to @barstoolsports
I鈥檓 starting to feel bad for this dude, but ... pic.twitter.com/b5nKFrvdou
In reply to @barstoolsports
The camera angle being so low is the funniest part of this video 馃ぃ
don鈥檛 let him make a career off this it ain鈥檛 even funny no more
Someday this guy鈥檚 gotta learn to be the bigger man
In reply to @barstoolsports
At least we got an answer to the age old question pic.twitter.com/Xh0Kbej3Ue
I鈥檓 really weak son is from LI If I ever see him I鈥檓 cuttin his ass
In reply to @barstoolsports
Dude is about to get hired & get his own barstool podcast. Amazing rags to riches story.
Y鈥檃ll think it鈥檚 a joke ands it鈥檚 funny until he shoots something up. He needs mental help.
Therapy is so important people! Lets work out those internalized issues with a professional and stop harassing retail and food service folks! please god/your father/your boss!
In reply to @barstoolsports
Alexa play Short People by Randy Newman
Oh shit, every short white giy sounds like Scrappy-Doo
In reply to @barstoolsports
This dude must鈥檝e lost his shit at the DMV when he got his license
honestly starting to feel bad for him
In reply to @barstoolsports
I'll pay $3.50 to anyone who finds this guy and posterized him pic.twitter.com/PUnSBZlG3F
Lmao I just know he short by the position of the video 馃槶馃槀
Whatttttt! This man is terrorizing NYC
He has a good point. No one should just ask him that when he鈥檚 just buying a coffee.
In reply to @barstoolsports
It鈥檚 like strapping a go pro to my dog
In reply to @barstoolsports
The first cop wants doesn鈥檛 give a FUUUCCKK about this guy I love it
Bro... why is this so funny
The cop is like 鈥渨hy am I here鈥 LMAOO
At this point, it's time to realize this guy is all an act. Can't believe anything on social media anymore.
In reply to @barstoolsports
Lmao he got asked that question at two different places.
He鈥檚 gotta be Joe Pesci鈥檚 long lost brother or something lol
This guys a fucking lunatic.
This munchkin with anger issues needs a deep breath
I can't believe this guy is real.
He's every reddit thread about angry manlets rolled into a single person.
I'm just...
I'm just so happy he exists lol
The Long Island legend grows
Omg he鈥檚 so fed up lmaoo I feel bad but he鈥檚 also a menace to society
By the end of the week, Bagel Bitch is going to have a internet TV show. The show will be canceled in week 4 after he drops numerous racial slurs at a movie theater in Harlem.
In reply to @barstoolsports
The guys behind the counter should've taken away his doughnut and given the dude a mushroom. "Here Mario, eat this."
Bro it would be Long Island 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
In reply to @barstoolsports
I kinda feel sorry for this guy. He feels harassed & ridiculed for being 4鈥11. Instead of laughing at him & fueling his hatred of himself & the world at large, maybe we should try & understand his plight. Being that much shorter than the average guy can鈥檛 be easy on a man.
Napoleon Bonaparte meets Long Island
Imagine having to reach up to put shit on the register counter
In reply to @barstoolsports
Someone should make a SHORT FILM about this.
I need his official height and I need it now.
In reply to @barstoolsports
It鈥檚 tuff out there for the little guys
This is how I鈥檓 acting for the rest of my life everybody
I wanna know now how tall he is lol
Lmaoo I鈥檓 rooting for him, fuck it
This guy GOTTA be from pequa.
This shit funny and all but he probably been going through it forever about his height
鈥淚 was in Stony Brook at one point for my height...鈥 馃槼

Good news, bagel guy: children get in free at LaValle!
I love the fact this dude is from Long Island 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Man leave the Indian store owners alone lol
This is too good to be true
Dawg this man is A MENACE LOL
Don't turn this guy into some celebrity, please
Can y鈥檃ll just stop making fun of short people? You can tell this guys been dealing with this shit for years. Stop bitching when the bullied finally blow up.
鈥淚f I ask a girl how big her tits are, IS THAT HARASSMENT鈥濔煒傪煒傪煒傪煒
Buddy got a short temper
This is the funniest thing I have ever witnessed馃槀馃槀
I鈥檓 already tired of this midget
In reply to @barstoolsports
I could watch this guy all day
This guy is ELECTRIC
Long Island people are really just a different breed
That Long Island accent strong
In reply to @BMS_Billy
LOL "jerky boys" do social media 馃ぃ
This man been spazzing 馃槶馃槀馃槶馃槀
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