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Crowd at North Carolina Klan rally responds to Grand Wizard Donald Trump’s attack on a black woman in Congress with chants of “send her back.”

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I think we should start referring to this guy as #GrandWizardTrump
In reply to @keithboykin
They are only missing their hoods.
In reply to @keithboykin
They’re trying to get her killed. I’m scared for her.
In reply to @keithboykin
So this is what it looks like when our country is dying. Ugly viscious racists ,,,,hooting and hollering the vile disusting lies that this carnival bastard shouts out. I am 23 years old and I will never ever forget this moment in time. What a nightmare we are in.
In reply to @keithboykin
New conspiracy theory and new chant. Someone is extremely worried about Epstein and next week Mueller testimony.
I’ve been crying since I watched this. I live in this city. My life has been in danger since I moved here and I’m just now realizing it.
Predictably, the Fake Media are painting the “send her back” chant as some attack on Omar because she’s black.

No, the reason she should be sent back is because she trashes and spits on the Country that took her in and saved her. #TrumpRally
In reply to @keithboykin
OMFG - See Trump enjoying being Hitler’s reincarnate with his weak Nazi army. It’s disturbing. The racist hate in his rallies is fierce and dangerous. It’s in everytown USA. Stop playing follow the cult leader! Seriously, be safe! Protect friends and neighbors from their hate.
In reply to @keithboykin
Dear children, in schools across this nation, this is NOT what leadership looks like. @splcenter @ACLU #TrumpRacist #hatemongertrump.
In reply to @keithboykin
Don’t retweet him. Stop spreading free press of his hate rallies.
So he’s now Robert Byrd?
In reply to @keithboykin
It's not hard to lead fools.. they rarely work independently
In reply to @keithboykin
I can’t believe this is 2019
I don’t know why, how or where but somehow, somewhere…I believe in a world where things like this do not happen. It is horrifying and heartbreaking. At least that’s not where I chose to live today. Don’t get confused, people: This is what racism, hatred & bigotry look like. 💔
In reply to @keithboykin
Look at hid smug face as he easily manipulates these fools! Amazed that they do not see his whole campaign was built on criticizing America,
In reply to @keithboykin
In reply to @keithboykin
This the same group that’s waiting for him to bring coal mine jobs back pic.twitter.com/iQqotYPHbR
In reply to @keithboykin
This is basically a Klan rally.
In reply to @keithboykin
This can NOT continue. Make no mistake America this is the way Hitler gained power . Look closely . #NoOneIsSafeUntilEveryoneIsSafe This Monster is a danger to freedom and democracy and can’t be normalized . Don’t look away and fight for our democracy and our Constitution !
It’s the Confederacy; it’s always the Confederacy.
In reply to @keithboykin
I think I may throw up.... Sadness and anger .....
If you showed me the transcript of this rally and told me it was David Duke I wouldn’t have a moment of doubt.
In reply to @keithboykin
Just replace the swastika armbands with maga hats and there you go, Nuremberg, 1934. It’s happening now, again, before our eyes.
In reply to @keithboykin
We can longer sit back and watch our friends, families and colleagues threatened by this racism. No need for violence our vote is our weapon- we can destroy Trump and the GOP. Everyone must vote!
In reply to @keithboykin
This is crazy. He’d be ready to sue everyone if someone chanted that at his wife. Such a sad state of affairs.
In reply to @keithboykin
I have tears running down my face as I type this. This is absolutely terrifying and not a place I want my Grandchildren to grow up in. I will fight with everything I have against this. JFC.
In reply to @keithboykin
Trump can't win if he doesn't play the racism card.
This is really hard to hear over the sound of Abraham Lincoln crying at the current state of his party.
This reminds me of the stories my grandfather shared with me of his childhood in the Jim Crow South.

He never forgot how white students would spit at him from their school buses along his walk to school.

White supremacy is alive and well. We cannot rest until it’s defeated.
I’m sick by this... USA is a melting pot & that’s what made us great...this is pure racism regardless of party affiliation 😢
Don’t know how you can call yourself a Christian and support this. There is a reason trump attracts racists (because he is one).
In reply to @keithboykin
It must be too hot in North Carolina for the white robes and hoods... #trumpklanrally #TrumpIsARacist
Chanting that about a US citizen congresswoman is wrong. Calling the president and his supporters Klan members is also wrong. Especially when there’s an Asian American woman in attendance.
In reply to @keithboykin
“Send her back!” I love blatant racism. I would not mind but it puts these four Congresswomen in danger. @JohnJamesMI, if you were there, would you lead the chant? One day, @GOP will see this as a mistake. This is 1964 all over again!
In reply to @keithboykin
Nothing but a kkk rally
In reply to @keithboykin
If something happens to those congresswomen our lying hater and chief will be responsible. pic.twitter.com/EwmXJoUnJ7
In reply to @keithboykin
How come he never holds these rallies in Oakland, or Portland, or Boston? Or even Madison Square Garden for that matter?
In reply to @keithboykin
It won't be long before they start burning crosses at those klan rallies
Disgusting. Don’t talk to me about “issues” any more, it’s fully out in the open now. This is the platform.
Whenever I watch these rallies and see literally not one PoC behind Trump, I know that there are no PoCs in the crowd at all. If there were, they’d have put them behind him.

It’s a crowd of 100% white people.

Just so we’re clear about whose responsibility this is.
In reply to @keithboykin
And the dems don't find white supremacy Impeachable...surprise surprise
In reply to @keithboykin
He’s 👏 going 👏 to 👏 get 👏 someone 👏 killed
I refuse to listen to the audio for this

I had it better than I would say at least 80% of non-white folk, and that includes me being spit on once and being called a "yellow motherfucker" in 6th grade

Not to mention always being asked to be Leslie Chow from the Hangover
In reply to @keithboykin
Why won't the press demand that House and Senate Republicans honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Why do Republicans support such an evil man? What the Hell is wrong with America? Why do we suffer this vile racist? pic.twitter.com/uMf3wKLXUZ
If you stay silent on this, you're complicit in racism. If you continue to support Donald Trump after this, you can't get offended when we say you're racist. There's no plausible deniability anymore. It's hasn't existed for a while now, but this is too obvious to dismiss.
In reply to @keithboykin
He is beyond vile. He has deepened the divide. He brings out the worst in all of us. I call him names, I taunt republicans. I've given up on civility. My situation is dire due to living in Alabamastan. #RacistInChief #TrumpIsATraitor
They don't bother with Klan hoods anymore. They want you to know how much they hate you and then dare you to be indignant.
The one and only time I’m ashamed to be from NC🤦🏾‍♂️🙄
In reply to @keithboykin
They're like a pack of wild animals.
The powder keg fuse is getting shorter & shorter. We MUST fight the lies with TRUTH. This rally is despicable.
In reply to @keithboykin
I don't want to go back to where my ancestors came from, but I also do not want to live in the same country as these evil people that traffic in hate at Trump rallies.
While us in blue states enjoy our lattes and Netflix and pedicures and blow outs -keep in mind - this shit is happening in NC.
In reply to @keithboykin
There can be no doubt about Trumps racial animosity. He is the most divisive President America has ever seen. He continually violates his oath of office.#RacistInChief #SilenceEqualsCompliance #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #RacistGOP #SendTrumpBack pic.twitter.com/1Q1LvdHajk
he's gonna get her killed
In reply to @keithboykin
This man is just so full of hate. He reeks of it..he is slathered in it..he revels in it..he breeds it..he espouses it..he inspires it..he demands it and he is going to get good, loving, decent American people killed because of it. And his base will grow as a result of it.
In reply to @keithboykin
Holy Hell. If that’s not f*’d up, I don’t know what is.
In reply to @keithboykin
First off, she's not black she is Somalian. Secondly she has made various anti-semantic remarks about Jews and others. Thirdly to label someone as a 'Klan Member' should be deemed racist as well. If you're going to start playing these games it's time we start giving it right back
In reply to @keithboykin
At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until he encourages “the base” to ditch the stupid feed & grain caps and just come in sheets and hoods.
In reply to @keithboykin
Its always women. It’s always women he attacks, women he belittles, women he becomes enraged at, women who he has to try to tear down, women that he has to try to exert power over. Does anyone really doubt that this man is a rapist?
America is this really what we want as a country?

The white people in the back. Is this really what we want as a country.

This racism is clear as day. These white people are racist.
This is #HitlerYouth level shit trump is enciting now
I expect nothing less in tomorrow’s headline, @nytimes.
Stay the hell out of my state please and thanks
In reply to @keithboykin
This is gut wrenching! Shameful!
In reply to @keithboykin
North Carolina looked so bad tonight.
Were in a black mirror episode... were all gonna wake up in 2013 and I’m gonna be late for school
This guy! Smh cmon man! Really! Suppose to b leader of this country! This is not what a leader looks like!
Shame on all the people at that rally, shame on those supporting Trump.
In reply to @keithboykin
It's Nürnberg all over again. Does this behavior by our president & his base not terrify anyone else???
In reply to @keithboykin
I haven't seen this many white people in one place since Target announced it would start serving wine.
Trump supports aren’t racist......how?
In reply to @keithboykin
Exactly correct framing. The Republican Party is just a big Klan/Amway rally.
Racism alive and flourishing at these rallies. So many of these people refuse to understand that that belief is terrible. The belief that they come first & others last, that they are more worthy and deserving. This absolutism is and has always be scary but will be fought back.
And old guard Dems dragged their feet calling him racist.
In reply to @keithboykin
Astounding how many fellow Americans are so brain dead they actually fall for and perpetuate this vile trash from the vile trash #RacistPresident.
In reply to @keithboykin
The email lady was right, Basket of Deplorables
In reply to @keithboykin
Call it whatever you want bit I call Evil when I see it and this is EVIL.
In reply to @keithboykin
Question: where is the Minnesota Congressional delegation in all of this? Are the backing their state’s colleague and her right to exist in the United States? This is reprehensible!
In reply to @keithboykin
Someone is going to be seriously hurt or worse before this hate mongering Jack Ass is ousted out of Office. pic.twitter.com/QZMJCflAtJ
So what do u "I dont see color" ppl have to say about a room full of white ppl chanting "send her back" about a black female
Why do black ppl always being up race? Look at this mess & now u know why!
Racism is alive & well in 2019-it never died!
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