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I am not easily shocked. But we are facing an emergency. Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this. This is the face of evil.
this is one of the most terrifying things that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. the actual POTUS is spearheading these acrimonious, vile, and disgustingly racist comments about a congresswoman who has sworn an oath to the U.S. how dare they chant “send her back” #IStandWithIlhan
Some people shouted something. 🤷‍♂️
This is repulsive. And yes, very dangerous.
Remember when a single, old lady said President Obama was a Muslim at a John McCain rally and McCain took the mic away, and it was a huge deal?
The president basking in the midst of a crowd yelling "SEND HER BACK" about a prominent Muslim Congresswoman.

This is white supremacy.

Let’s be clear. Trump’s racist attacks on Ilhan Omar will have violent consequences for Muslim women everywhere.

Please make sure to look out for them in these ugly times.

And sisters — please keep walking with your heads held high. And please also make sure to be safe.
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Acting like a black man is racist.
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This is who the majority of Americans knew he was during the 2016 campaign. This is why we were physically sick and distraught when we learned he “won” the election.
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You’re white pretending to be black. Sit down.
Sooo this is basically a televised Klan rally...
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And he pauses, lifts his head to look down his nose, and soaks in the screams of the little people, whom he wouldn’t give 5 cents if they were dying on the street.
I’ve never been more disappointed in Greenville. To make national headlines FOR BEING RACIST is honestly disgusting and should be an embarrassment to us all. If this is what you think “keeping America great” is, shame on you.
I just wrote: “There is ample evidence that the GOP has suffered a complete moral and intellectual collapse.” Yet more evidence. A new low ever day. In @PostOpinions: wapo.st/2XUHVoY
A most un-American act. Depressing.
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Omar votes yes to the first responders fund. Rand Paul voted no. Which one doesn’t love America, again?
Racism is evil. And it spreads like a disease.
I don’t want to hear any more “it can’t happen here”. It can. It is.
He is deliberately and intentionally putting a target on the first Somali American Muslim congressional member’s back. THIS IS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS & DANGEROUS. #IStandWithIlhan
Mi gente. These aren’t ugly times, these are DANGEROUS times and we MUST stand together and call this what it is: A klan meeting. Racist chants launched by a racist, cheered by racists, promoting hatred and violence to all of us who don’t fit a white nationalist agenda.
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“The single most” until next week. Always until next week. He will keep pushing boundaries until he is finally held accountable. Soon it will be too late!
Fuck every single one of those people chanting. Fuck their families. Fuck everything about them. And fuck Trump in every hole he has and in a few he doesn't.
“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.” #FrederickDouglass
We are seeing 400 years of brutality, inhumanity, barbarity, and cruelty manifested in the mind, body and spirit of the Trump faithful.
Tell me again that Trump is not a facist. That his rally’s do not hark directly back to Nazi Germany. Tell me again that this is Hyperbole and overstatement. Tell me that hearing a crowd chat “send her back” isn’t pure dehumanisation.
She came here legally, as you wished

She worked her way up with the odds stacked against her, as conservatives want

Yet you still want her gone? I wonder what about her is different from the people you want in this country
I hate to say this, but it is just getting started and will only get worse.
A lot worse.
This will become Trump’s rallying cry- he knows exactly what he is doing.
Create an enemy and vilify them.
Play the role of hero.
His base loves all of it- music to their ears.
This is terrifying. This is America.
Wer da keine Gänsehaut bekommt...
This will go down as one of the most chilling and horrifying things to be witnessed in American politics. Don’t be a spectator, speak out against this vile bigotry and racism. Stand with those opposing this hatred. History will remember.
Bull**it! Try using other words beside race, racism, racist, bigot, etc. I bet you can't even communicate without those first few words in the Socialist playbook. Let me give you a tip, that crap doesn't work anymore. You will have to come up with some other misguided ideas!
I‘m Jewish. I‘m American. I’m a Democrat. I’m pro-Israel. I disagree with @IlhanMN on much, but I vehemently + unequivocally stand with her against Trump’s appalling, racist, vile, xenophobic, dangerous, heinous, toxic, incendiary attack on this American citizen + Congresswoman.
A nation's tone and culture is set from the top. Weep for America that this amateur despot has reached its highest office.
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"Donald Trump Is #Radicalizing His Followers." Terrorism expert @MaajidNawaz explains how Trump's political tactics, like rhetoric espoused by racist groups and terror groups, serves to radicalize supporters. @CNN #NewDay 12/8/2015 salon.com/2015/12/08/don… #Terrorism
.@shaunking is 100% right

But also troubling, is that "Send her back" is a call for the government - led by 45 - to banish a US Citizen for having the temerity to have different opinions on POLICY than the President.

DISSENT is Democracy
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Beyond despicable. I was just in Israel and visited the holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. This is exactly how that started. Scary times indeed.
Tell me again how this isn't really racist and how we should not be outraged and how we should be more cordial and how we are overreacting.

Stay woke. Stay angry. This is continuing to escalate. When it's too much for you will it be too late?
This is what #Facism in 2019 America looks and sounds like. The #RacistPresident attacking a member of a visible minority and getting the crowd to chant "Send Her Back, Send Her Back." If #Republicans wish to own this, history will not kind, not should it be.
In reply to @shaunking
It only took one man and one treasonous act to destroy America.
In reply to @shaunking
Indeed. Not being to criticize an anti-American anti-Semite Democrat politician without being labeled a racist shows how totalitarian Socialists have become.
he should be removed from office immediately.
We know there are real life consequences stemming from inflammatory and racist rhetoric. Islamophobia can lead to violence. For Trump, islamophobia is a political tactic. Ugly is an understatement.
Not hyperbole. No exaggeration.

We sink lower every single day, and those who remain silent are complicit.
It gets just a little worse every day. This is how fascism always works.
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It’s certainly not nearly as bad as saying the US is running concentration camps.
Yea this happened because there is irrefutable evidence she married her brother to achieve citizenship status and that is in fact immigration fraud meaning the law of our land says she would be deported aka “sent back”. 👍🏻
Can we spark up a conversation real quick? I wanna know what's the most racist thing that's happened to yall being at ECU/Greenville area...?
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Apparently, it is now a conservative value to demand the deportation of American citizens who are not fans of the President.
A SOMALI WOMEN has these racists so fcking shook I have to fcking laugh. The power in Somali women is insane 😭😭😭
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Anfangs tun Rassisten so, als würden sie missverstanden, hätten sich versehentlich doppeldeutig ausgedrückt oder ihre Aussagen seien aus dem Kontext gerissen. Irgendwann tun sie das nicht mehr und agieren offen rassistisch. Die #AfD ist davon auch nur noch einen Schritt entfernt.
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What’s the problem? Some people chanted something. It’s not like they were praising a domestic terrorist as a hero or something.
I loved history in school. I remember learning about Hitler and the Nazis and thinking 'how did the world sit by and let it happen? How did the rest of the country sit by and let it happen?' and here we are in 2019... #ImpeachTrump
In reply to @shaunking
If you ever thought what you would think in 1930's Germany... here you go.
In reply to @shaunking
I am truly appalled at the way my fellow North Carolinians acted today during his hate fueled stop/KKK rally...not all of North Carolina feels this way or accepts this behavior...
In reply to @shaunking
We're just playing by your rules now. How do you like it so far?
In reply to @shaunking
I know how this makes me feel. I imagine how this makes Congresswoman Ilhan feel and it has to be awful. I also can imagine how the coworkers and neighbors of those chanting are feeling. This is verbal violence and blatant racism and I'd feel unsafe in my workplace and home.
.@ScottMorrisonMP needs to cancel his trip to the USA. It would be both validation of #Trump's racism and appeasement. Morrison will become Australia's answer to Neville Chamberlain if he attends. #auspol
Thank the Democrats and her irresponsible words in many tweet rants.

What exactly did you think the reaction to her anti-semitic and Anti-American views would be?

Grow up
He's literally trying to get her killed.
In reply to @shaunking
In reply to @shaunking
I'm in tears. I'm ashamed of these so called ' Christians'. This is horrible. Every human being should be ashamed of this day. Trump is really & truly an evil person. Wake up America!
Entsetzlich. Der Faschismus ist zurück.
In reply to @shaunking
Becoming *President should not be a way for a criminal to avoid being prosecuted. He’s a rapist, fraudster, deadbeat, sexual predator, obstructor, and serial liar - he shouldn’t be protected by the office of the presidency.
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He’s putting her life and family’s life in danger. He is a terrible person and his followers are just as bad 🤬
Nel caso vi fosse sfuggito, ieri i sostenitori di Trump — sollecitati da una serie continua di attacchi spregevoli e razzisti del presidente — hanno preso a cantare “send her back” alla deputata Ilhan Omar. Che è cittadina USA, ma non ha il colore della pelle giusto, per loro.
Den mand er farlig. Nu. Ikke i 30’ erne. Lige nu. Ikke en fantast i en ølstue. Men en præsident for en af verdens stærkeste nationer. Militært. Økonomisk. Fuldtonet fascisme og racisme. Det er sket. Jeg er bange. Meget bange. #dkpol
In reply to @shaunking
He talks about policies and statements from the mouths of the Dem detractors. Not once does he mention race or ethnicity. Who’s fabricating a crisis now, Shaun?
This will dominate @realDonaldTrump's legacy. The only question yet to be answered is:

Will it also dominate the legacy of the United States? Or, will this period be remembered for true Patriotic Americans putting down this uprising of hate?
Trump isn't saying it to silence or in a vacuum.

He's saying it because he knows an entire auditorium will chant "send her back."

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Den som ikke blir skremt av dette, bør se filmen The Wave.
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HATE is thrilling to Trump. He’s found a new enemy, to fill the Hillary void. To replace “LOCK HER UP!” Now Trump is revving up his hate rally w/ “SEND HER BACK!,” a racist rant targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar REMINDER: Donald Trump is the criminal. Trump is also a vicious racist.
قديما أوهمونا بأن مجتمعاتنا متخلفة وأن المجتمعات الغربية واحات للإنسانية واحترام الآخر فدارت الأيام وتساقطت الأقنعة وإذا بالغرب الإنساني يتعامل بعنصرية ضد المسلمين والمهاجرين وإذا بالرئيس الأمريكي يكشر عن عنصريته ضد كل ما هو غير أبيض ومع ذلك شعبيته في ازدياد!! #تعرية_الغرب
Every. single. time. you call the president racist, you create another Trump voter.

Keep up the good work Shaun King.
In reply to @shaunking
And we have the @HouseGOP ON RECORD WITH THEIR VOTE standing behind him, supporting him, claiming he’s not racist. They own this. They. F**king. Own. This.
In reply to @shaunking
Are you still pretending to be a black man? The President read off a list of @IlhanMN comments. The crowd didn’t like it. They don’t hear the truth from the MSM, now they did. Can you ask your friend why she voted yes for terrorists to be compensated?
Dear God America, wake up to this monster in your midst...
Folks, this is fascism. Full stop.
Fascismo também nos Estados Unidos...
باورم نمی‌شه این همه احمق نژادپرست جرأت پیدا کردن و کله‌های کثافتشونو از تو سطل آشغال دراوردن فریاد می‌زنن نماینده‌ی مهاجر رو بیرونش کن. امیدوارم رای‌دهنده‌های آمریکایی به خودشون بیان و این دیوونه‌های خطرناک رو ساکت کنن.
I don't ever want to hear one more word about how Democrats need to court these votes. This is naked, flagrant evil.
Rasismen som exponeras här är skrämmande.
I’ll be damned if y’all don’t vote against this mf next year
Fuckin disgusting. Just garbage humans.
This is genuinely chilling.
“Send Her Back”
“Lock Her Up”

There is a reason it’s always a “her” in the center of these hate-filled chants.
In reply to @shaunking
Why is MSM airing this crap is the question? For ratings and greed. They are 100% complicit with stoking this hatred.
This is why it’s important we push for black unity on ECU campus harder than ever before.
He is putting her life in danger.
In reply to @shaunking
It’s just a distraction. We’ve seen the NBC tapes of him and Epstein. #SendTrumpBackToWhereHeCameFrom2020
In reply to @shaunking
I’m sure they would chant the same for you.. so.. the fact is.. no.. not racist. Everyone is sick of the drama. grow up. The lies and hypocrisy is endless. the emotional control.. And emotionally abusive media. You guys are bad for people.. This country is doing great right now
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