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👋🏽 I am where I belong, at the people’s house and you’re just gonna have to deal!

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I am in awe of this woman. The bravery it must require to simply *show up to work* in the face of all this is astounding
show this to your kids, talk to them about the world we're living in right now, help them understand bravery
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You have a 9% approval rating in your district.
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You are terrorist sympathizer. A N INGRATE. America took you out of your shithole country and restored you and that is how you thank America #IStandWithTrump #SendHerBack #WomenForTrump pic.twitter.com/t6cHBmdojh
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American people are with you.
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You are a modern day Dr. King. I grew up in rural America and never imagined so many of my neighbors were blinded by bigotry, ignorance and intolerance. God be with you, no matter which one you follow.
#IStandWithIlhan against Trump’s racist, xenophobic attacks as she speaks truth to power in exactly the place where she belongs: Congress.
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You may belong there but your ideology does not belong nor represent the vast majority of Americans.
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#IStandWithIlhanOmar Stay strong Ilhan and know that many are supporting you and the squad. pic.twitter.com/P5NRWtXVYb
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We are at the point where it is an act of bravery for an elected official, a woman of color, a refugee to this country, to simply state that she belongs in the seat to which she was elected
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I seriously can’t believe how strong and fierce you are in the face of all this. Absolute inspiration. #IStandWithIlhan
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👏🏻YOU HAVE A 9% APPROVAL RATING @IlhanMN @Ilhan...aka you’re not liked!👏🏻 You are a divisive racist antisemitic rag who is ruining @HouseDemocrats institution. You cannot get voted out soon enough. ((In Jesus name I pray this Trojan Horse is exiled soon!))
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Well, Ilhan, with that 9% approval rating of yours, hopefully we won't have to 'deal with it' much longer.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Not if you do not get re-elected, get impeached, or go to jail for supporting terrorism against the USA... ;-)
Apologies for our obese, illiterate, pussy grabbing, pornstar raw dogging, treasonous, racist President.
And she won her seat with 78% of the vote. She ain't about to be voted out.

Hear that folks???? @IlhanMN @Ilhan says you’re just gonna have to STFU and DEAL WITH IT!

((Here’s an idea. Make sure she feels that 9% approval rating at THE POLLS AMERICA! Teach her the word ADIOS👋🏻!))
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That is right the PEOPLE's house which means YOU just have to deal. They have every right to criticize you and question your allegiances because you have made it clear they are split. You don't like it, resign #TheSquad #TheSquadHatesAmerica #TheSquadisRacist
In reply to @IlhanMN
Whose paying whom here? You are not there to speak out against America! You are a rouge #antiAmerican #antisemite. You speak of America with disdain & hatred. Americans should never support Traitors. Were you sworn in on the Quran or Bible ? Your Oath means nothing to you.
But why does your religion kill gays like me? That’s very anti-American. How would your brother/husband react if one of your kids turned out to be gay?
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Courage has a name and a face. And it’s Ilhan Omar. Many blessings
In reply to @IlhanMN
Not for long according to your current pole numbers.. 😆😂🤣😆😂🤣 🤡
No, Omar. You are where YOU think you belong to continue your Taqiyya and infiltration. You were not invited into OUR house, you slithered on in. You are right about 1 thing, we WILL deal with you. You are a 1 term destroyer. You & your Fraud Squad. Pro Isreal, & NEVER SHaria.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Because you were voted in by the American people 🇺🇸✌🏼
And the @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr is in the @WhiteHouse.
Exactly where he belongs and you’re going to have to deal with it! 👋🏼
#dealwithit for 5.5 more years
Just remember. Ilhan Omar voted for increased funding for 9-11 first responders. White male Republican Rand Paul killed that bill.

Send Rand Paul back.
Dont get too comfortable. 2020 is coming.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Here’s a List of Racist, Jew-Hating Statements Made By the Democrat Jihad-Squad: Horrible. And neo-Nazi Democrat party refused to pass a resolution against antisemitism. dlvr.it/R8ZxDr
Democrats angry at Omar are seeking primary challenger to remove her from office: thehill.com/homenews/campa…
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I'm glad I am American, I'm glad that I am free. But I wish I was a dog and Omar was a tree.
In reply to @IlhanMN
So proud you are here!!! True American!!! ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹 #IStandWithTheSquad #IStandWithIlhan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/MRxkQSdMY5
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Send @Ilhan back to the House in 2020 and every two years for the foreseeable future.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Splendid. Send us a post card. From Somalia.
In reply to @IlhanMN
In reply to @IlhanMN
We’re not your “people”
You married your brother lmao
The racist Trump attacks and his mobs are truly frightening. I'm grateful for @IlhanMN's courage but scared for her, for minority communities anywhere, consuming that hate. It's a reminder that mob rule politics can swallow us whole unless more of us are jolted into participation
In reply to @IlhanMN
He’s found his new “lock her up to rile his base + as a #distraction from #mueller report, #Epstein, #taxes, #Acosta #debtceiling #census #Subpoenas for #contempt for Barr et al... Isn’t every reaction a chance to re-frame the narrative? @MuellerSheWrote
Not for long douchebag. You can't take our vote away and you will be thrown on the trash heap where you belong....at the ballot box.

Is this an arrogant POS or what?
In reply to @IlhanMN
I don't care what race you are. Coming to America & insult our beloved President Trump. Committing treason by showing contempt, breaking our laws, attempting a coup while in Congress. You don't represent us! You = division, race-baiting & hatred. Go back & fix your own country!
In reply to @IlhanMN
Your “squad” lacks diversity
This is not your House Bitch @IlhanMN ...Get out of our Country...#SCOTUS
In reply to @IlhanMN
Sister @IlhanMN , I want you to know that I support and love you.!! We grew up in the same refugee camp. Young girls like myself look up to you. You inspire so many of us. Don’t ever let anyone silence you. 💕💕👏🏽
In reply to @IlhanMN
We demand you take off your headgear while in OUR house. WE pay your salary. Don't forget it.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Yes, you belong here and were voted to represent your state. I stand with you. #IStandWithIlhanOmar
In reply to @IlhanMN
Are you ready to talk about the marriage to your brother?
In reply to @IlhanMN
If the good people of Minnesota don't wake up to the reality of the dangers of our open border, and socialism, and child trafficking, then yes, they will have to deal with you. But we will still have President Trump and you're gonna have to deal! pic.twitter.com/xv3yoiJBty
In reply to @IlhanMN
You have more patriotism in your pinky than parasite prez has in his entire administration. Keep fighting the good fight!
In reply to @IlhanMN
We’ve got you, sis.
You are one of the reasons I *am* proud of my country. Wish I could say the same about the President.
Dođeš kao izbeglica iz Somalije u Ameriku, uđeš u politiku i nastaviš da se zamotavaš. Uz to se predstavljaš kao feministkinja. Inače feminizam i hidžab su na prst u dupe
In reply to @IlhanMN
Please Congresswoman Omar, you HAVE to sue trump. He blatantly violated our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Anti-Discrimination Laws in the last few days and @ that mob rally last night. It's the only way to stop that lunatic. Please seriously consider this. I stand with the #FabFour pic.twitter.com/SRw1oIKkF1
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Be strong, we have your back.
Rep. Omar has gotta be one of the most brave people in America. She stands for so much important political change. And her treatment by many Americans from both parties has been an illuminating litmus test on just how fucked up we truly are
In reply to @IlhanMN
We’ve got your back, sis!
The sheer arrogance and entitlement of this African is sickening.
Actually...you belong in the @LouisFarrakhan ministry of hate. You fit right in.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Yup, we will. I'm donating to your opponent from MY HOUSE you soulless, arrogant, condescending, America-hating, anti-Semetic, incompetent. Other than the above, you're awesome. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
We will fight ✊🏽 every second to belong in this America 👇🏽 #IStandWithIlhan
In reply to @IlhanMN
This goes out to everyone.

If the Democratic party had any leaders, no one would've jumped on the Ilhan is anti-semitic bandwagon, feeding her to the MAGA wolves. If @SpeakerPelosi + @SenSchumer had a backbone they wouldn't single out these 4 women as pebbles in the DNC's shoes.
Response to TRUMP’s rally tonight, which erupted in chants of “send her back” when @POTUS assailed Congresswoman @IlhanMN, a Somali refugee representing MINNESOTA’s 5th district —>
The people of MN-CD5 will be sending @IlhanMN back to Washington. Just like in 2018!
They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds. 🌱 twitter.com/ilhanmn/status…
I. Love. This. Woman. So. Much.

She’s EXACTLY what this country needs.
She's anti semitic, she has disgusting policies, but she was elected by Americans, she is an American citizen, and by definition, she doesn't belong anywhere but where she is. All who use these attacks on ancestry are acting depraved and are un-American themselves
👋🏽 @realDonaldTrump is where he belongs, at the Oval Office and you’re just gonna have to deal! pic.twitter.com/gmiiAmAzny
No, you belong back in Somalia with your “people” (terrorists).
In reply to @IlhanMN
It’s sad that you take pleasure in the thought that others don’t want you there. It’s as if you got your hand caught in the cookie jar by a jealous sibling & you’re stuffing cookies in your mouth at the same time telling them they can’t have any. Mom & dad will be home soon. 🇺🇸
In reply to @IlhanMN
You’re an elected official - this American People decide where you belong. And based on your latest job approval numbers, I doubt that’s going to be Congress come November 2020.
In reply to @IlhanMN
We need you now more than ever!
Sorry to inform you @IlhanMN

#WeThePeople see what you ARE.

I hope you enjoyed raping our country of its values & your short stay as a Representative in Congress!

You've over stayed your welcome!

Consider yourself Voted out!
In reply to @IlhanMN
Congresswoman Omar, I am an American, I am a Christian pastor, and you have my full support. We cannot let the “master of distraction” bully others and stir up hate among his loyal minions. They can follow him off the cliff, we look to the future.
In reply to @IlhanMN
Estive a ler as respostas a este tweet e é uma incrível barragem de ódio e cegueira. As posições são cada vez mais extremas e polarizadas. Não sei se a América se salva desta desgraça que lhes aconteceu com a eleição de Trump.
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