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Mr Narendra Modi has enjoyed unstinted loyalty from the business, financial and investing community. They are miffed now. What did they miss? A lot. My piece in @bsindia today

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This is a hard-hitting, must-read piece by @Moneylifers
The karmic wheel has brought the consequences home....
And then they came for me.... It is now the turn of the business, finance & investing community to take the hit.
.@moneylifers: For five years, fund managers, analysts and businessmen believed every flaky promise of change and cheered every socialistic move of the Modi government as a step toward a new India. Those false beliefs now lie shattered.
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Alternate title: “I told you so, but you just won’t listen.” 😊
Fantastic piece... but those people supported Modi only because of Hindutva agenda. Period.
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Expectations ran too far ahead and expected miracles. Cannot still ignore the fact of the repair work of the system that is ON
Harsh words but every comma and full-stop is true.

We have all been guilty of this, some more and some less

The sudden about-turn in mass thinking can be likened to "Enantiodromia"
when mass love turns 180 degrees
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Enjoyed this :-) @Moneylifers Yes, NDA's socialist leanings were evident from the day they rolled out DeMo and continued MSPs, MNREGA etc.
They were sold a dream thats turning out to be Mirage ! twitter.com/Moneylifers/st…
“Markets have cheered every socialistic move of Narendra Modi.” Really ??? Never before has a neoliberal agenda been implemented so blatantly with absolutely minimum expenditures on health & education & you label it “socialistic”. Wow. Any criticism would sell it seems.
What i was telling my friends in private, everyone is discussing in the open now! 😀

I'm happy, blind followers GOT what they deserved!
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There's no talent, intelligence or calibre in this government. All their energies are channelised to spread fake sense of well being of Indian economy with help from media. And voters, with no functional brains, have been lapping them up.
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They were nothing less than fools to believe him. The writing was always on the wall.🙄
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मोदी ने भगवान् शंकर को भी धोखा दे दिया चुनाव के पहले केदारनाथ जाकर अच्छे दिन का वादा किया था अगर भगवान शंकर फिर से प्रधानमंत्री बना दे तो भगवान ने तो अपना वादा पूरा कर दिया, लेकिन मोदी ने नहीं
They all thought that once Supreme Leader is re-elected, all the troubles will take care of themselves. Bhakts didn't anticipate that things will get even worse in second term.
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The more they thought him as Mandrake the More disappointed they are going to be in 10 years They say you can give Manager Responsibility and Authority but be careful in how he exploits it for the company or for his own benefit
Pretty well written piece. But decline in crony capitalism? 😳 What went awry towards the end? 🤔

In reply to @kirti_sd
A coercive, dictatorial, secretive Govt was fondly propogated as the most democratic & transparent one. (You can't fool all of the people all of the time). A must read piece.../2 twitter.com/Moneylifers/st…
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Modi is thean who had finalized the deal bw telcom taintaied shukhram and BJP, when he was kick out of Congress due to corruption charges . How can people believe modi. He is the thug number one ..
Shortest honeymoon indeed!
On a phoney capitalistic group with strong RW tendencies, I see some people who were earlier ‘andh bhakts’ taking jibes at the PM. Push comes to shove, their wallets matter more than (so called) ideology.
How could they not have seen it coming?
The signs were there for all to see.
Why do we act shocked now 🤷🏻‍♂️
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while the government is bending towards a favoured list of groups led by adani ambani how can we say there is decline in cronyism. The allotment of airports, coal, Pm taking adani to australia with sbi chairman. If this is cronyism then i dont know what.
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The problem is these bhakts were under impression that somehow Congress was bad and if BJP comes they can suddenly change India to a developed country. We just don't have the genes to become developed. We were lucky British came and did some development.
Super piece!! A must read
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Main agenda of Modi is to divert funds into coffers of Adani and Ambani. Taxing everyone else including the dispensable HNI individuals is all he can think of. #Modinomics #NewIndia
Because large chunk of the business, financial and investing community does not really have a problem with majoritarianism?
This is an excellent op-ed on the cost of the business community's pro-Modi hysteria during his first term

"If the market players had paid attention to the government's actions, their devout faith would have been cracked a long time ago."
In reply to @Moneylifers
The issue is those who are impacted significantly aren't a voting block strong enough for govt to rethink it's policies. They were cheerleaders but now relegated to background as new ones have come up.
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Yes the joke was on us.... Something is up and middle class are going to be the biggest losers of this Govt. Enjoi the wasted vote again as always.
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The most outrageous shitty shit announcement of Modi 2.0 Govt is a target infrastructure investment of 100 L Cr in next 5 years. Actual capital expenditure Modi 1.0 Govt could manage in 2018-19 was a pathetic 3.03 L Cr. And industrialists,businesses, opposition,media consumed it pic.twitter.com/3jIOejausq
#Chandrayaan2 Worst online shop in India @snapdeal u could not deliver&So u cancelled order after a month?u increased price&Ask us2ReOrder @Snapdeal_Help worst helpline in the WORLD @timesofindia @BJP4India @Flipkart @amazon @IndiaToday @ndtv @dna @BDUTT
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But does all this really matter. As we Mumbaikars know, come Municipal elections voters will vote based on linguistic, communal and monetary considerations. The same now seems to be happening at the state and national levels. We have started resembling Turkey, we like or not.
Excellent one. Do read this!
I met an private equity General Partner last month. He was high on bhakti & was convinced that nothing could go wrong under Modi.He felt that only attainment left was status of “God Proper”. I rechecked his surname on visiting card & was not amused. Such is the state of affair.
Like mr Basu says the joke was on us
Voters who supported the obvious evil bigotry inherent in an #RSS sponsored #ModiSarkar2 were also wilfully blind not only to the obvious lack of talent in @BJP4India but also to their distrust of gifted advisers and fondness for sycophantic ones.
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One of the most impactful article that reflect the truth ..
Not much to disagree with in this column
#antiMiddleClassBJP #antiBusinessBJP #antiEconomyBJP

Now my belief is confirmed , never give overwhelming victory to One man, Party. We have seen the same with AAP ,Kejri in Delhi and now with Modi.
@narendramodi @AmitShah @nsitharaman @BJPLive
This is such a powerful piece. One thing you read today make sure it's this.
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Many people often look at stock market to gauge the problems/issues. Stock market may not always reflect it as it driven by liquidity and sentiments and not always by performance. Now that market has started nosediving , many are feeling pain as there are personal losses.
In reply to @Moneylifers
True...the joke is on us
In reply to @Moneylifers
, this is for you guys.
In reply to @Moneylifers
In reply to @Moneylifers
In reply to @Moneylifers
I think decision of increase in public stake to 35% is not a bad, only companies run by promoters as proprietorship firms should be worried, promoter wish to keep 75% plus stake may better get delisted, in no Tata Group companies promoters' stake is more than 35%🇮🇳@nsitharaman
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In reply to @Moneylifers
This article is agreeable except two points: 1) It's unreasonable of Rich & Super Rich not to be expected to pay higher rate of tax. 2) Corporations didn't even raised a single objection the manner in which GST was rolled out just after DeMo to crush crores of jobs. #ISRO @dna
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you really need to be with more intelligent people. Enough idol worshipping. Do something which will make the common people stronger and more sustainable
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sir, your column reminds me "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. We were so eager for change that we became blind to see, that they are no different.
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All I want to say is that They don't really care about us All I want to say is that They don't really care about us. - MJ.
In reply to @Moneylifers
Have started following u post this article. And yes an absolute pristine day in Mumbai. Have a good one
Those voted Modi 2 don't care if the market crashes
they keep enjoying minorities and Dalits bashing
In reply to @Moneylifers
The last line....is very true
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In reply to @Moneylifers
Sir, beg to disagree on decline of crony capitalism
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Hi sir, does the new government have a liking for FDI over FII to revive Investment?
In reply to @Moneylifers
You can sell dreams for long . It has shelf life. Just like when it rewards on “expectation” but “expectations only “ are not sufficient there must be some tangible “results” . And surely market is expecting “worst results “
In reply to @Moneylifers
Very Lucid presentation 👌👌👌
In reply to @Moneylifers
The legacy stranglehold of the Cong on institutions including the FM was "managed" by @arunjaitley as an Lyuten insider to his/ party advantage. @PMOIndia & @nsitharaman have to find a way gain control & recreate to have ANY effectiveness.
In reply to @Moneylifers
Yes,the joke IS on us! We pay for whom? For their sops, tours,tamashas, security etc,etc! Still we r on radar. Show me any case where even a BJP councillor have been summoned by IT or GST officials! And,where is the austerity!
In reply to @Moneylifers
I am damn sure that modi 3.0 will win 400 plus seats. We all Air-conditioned people always tend to forget that we make less than 2% of population. Vote is given by other 98% and their support is what modi is seeking
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This one doesn't just got below the belt. It grabs the #bhakts by their ... And asks just what were you not seeing to harbour such hopes?
In reply to @Moneylifers
- this aptly summarises the current situation. Now it feels like Manmohan Singh’s govt was much better.. good days for @INCIndia ahead
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After 5 yrs Modi govt will proudly say tht we got more thn 1 MN middle class people back 2 poverty line by taxing them not giving them avenue 2 earn made share market destroyed MF PPF FD reduced so that they don’t earn and above all no new jobs no health insurance
In reply to @Moneylifers
expect some reaction from you either + or -
In reply to @Moneylifers
Brilliant piece of thoughts!
In reply to @Moneylifers
They were just filling the air in a balloon...but now that the balloon has bursted it can't take the air any more...
In reply to @Moneylifers
In reply to @Moneylifers
Indians are always sacrificial lambs, specially the middle class, the initial euphoria is lost, and lost in our life.
In reply to @Moneylifers
Strong governments are more bad than good, as they tend to have an oversight on everything else but one where they want to put their focus on to. Here it's Socialism and tax terrorism. twitter.com/VikasJain216/s…
In reply to @Moneylifers
Actually here problem is about blind followers. If we are still not understanding real crisis then next five years will be more crucial for us.
You can bankroll a politician into high office.

You can steamroll dissent by buying out the media.

But you can never own the base instinct of the politician you may have paid for.

Harsh truths from the unwavering @Moneylifers
Must read. View the government with open eyes to make sure you can hold them accountable.
The only loyal base of BJP...

Money gamblers in the name of Stock Businessmen are losing it now!
A short-lived honeymoon! How a series of ill-advised measures in #Budget2019 has evaporated the entire goodwill generated by Modi2.0 & dashed the hopes of the biz, financial & investor community. By God, nvr has a Budget generated so much disappointment & resentment. A #mustread
A few unpleasant truths
There is nothing that delights me more than a fascist regime catching its own apologists, collaborators & evangelists by the collar. Thanks Modiji, for making this happen.
In reply to @Moneylifers
@Moneylifers nice read Debashis. Amongst the people I follow, you were the first one to write that Modi’s policies are extension of old congress regime and not business friendly. You have been consistent about it since late 2014 itself. Rest of the industry waking up now. Kudos.
"#Tax officials seem to think of everybody as evaders and themselves as vigilantes! We have filed returns in over 30 countries, but no country treats taxpayers as badly as India does." Said TV Mohandas Pai, fmr CFO, #Infosys and most eager evangelist of #Modi Govt.
How long. It has started hurting them.
Excellent piece by @Moneylifers The joke was indeed on us and it continues.....

@nsitharaman Every honest tax payer abide by this article on how and what they think of present regime...It's a regime against the welfare of common man...@DasShaktikanta
Cc : @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc Hello, Ms. closet communist ! Are you listening? Or still blissfully unaware ?
In reply to @Moneylifers
@Moneylifers well analysed. The increasing dissolutionment of the folks who cheered him the most is more a reflection of misplaced hopes. The signs where evident for those who wanted to see from day 1. @bsindia
Great article, for every indian to understand the false promises and manipulated stats this govt is stating.
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