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While researching my upcoming book “The United States of Trump,” we could not find one example of the President discussing skin color in a pejorative way or promoting Caucasian dominance.

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Mr. Trump’s statements against illegal immigration, Muslim terrorism, and the economic failure of some third world countries are being used to create a racial theory, but theories are not facts and are often wrong. bor.com/n/opdlwq
Google the call for execution of the Central Park 5. Who were vindicated. You moron.
Donald Trump literally wanted to do a blacks vs whites Apprentice...
When paying out $32,000,000 to one victim leaves you no money for researchers.
In reply to @BillOReilly
I guess you didn’t look under Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth curtificate, near shithole countries, or Low IQ Maxine Waters, did you. Fuck you Bill.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Only a racist misogynistic asshole like you would think someone can only be racist if they use the N-word.
Did you read any of his tweets? Go to a rally? Maybe you should hire a new researcher.
I think it might be because—and bear with me here—you're just not a very good researcher?
In reply to @BillOReilly
Let me help you. Trump on his superior genetics & German blood. He'll never denounce Nazis / white supremacists pic.twitter.com/jGeGICjRcw
In reply to @BillOReilly
“While researching my book on Genghis Khan, I couldn’t find a single example of him raiding or invading any area. I accomplished this by not doing any research whatsoever and by keeping my head firmly shoved up my own ass.”
In reply to @BillOReilly
Alabama Governor George Wallace never said, “I’m a racist, y’all!” So I guess he wasn’t.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Oh, Bill. Take your blinders off and look at his actions, not his words. This is simple stuff. You should not have to be told. Unless?
In reply to @BillOReilly
“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that."
“Black people are too stupid to vote for me.”

“I have black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”
In reply to @BillOReilly
When that wasted block of paper you call a book becomes free a week after its release, im trying to decide whether to start a fire in my fireplace with it or use it to wipe my ass.
In reply to @BillOReilly
While researching MY upcoming book “The Sexual Harrassment by Bill O'Reilly,” we could not find one example of him discussing his sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace or the $30M+ he paid out in claims to silence his victims. *But it still all happened.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Maybe if we just got those kneeling sons of bitches off the field & got their birth certificates to prove they are American & that there are fine people on both sides and built a wall around Mexicans & kept Muslims out of America and sent people of color home.. Seriously, Bill.
In reply to @BillOReilly
You might try looking outside of Fox news transcripts? “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” a former employee of Trump’s Castle, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, told a writer for The New Yorker)
In reply to @BillOReilly
While researching Bill Oreilly's past statements I couldn't find one instance of him bragging about all of the women that he sexually harassed and paid over $33 million to silence but we know it happened because you got fired for it!
In reply to @BillOReilly
Dang Bill. Have you not been watching his ACTIONS? They speak much louder than words.
In reply to @BillOReilly
WhIlE rEsEaRcHiNg My UpCoMiNg BoOk "ThE uNiTeD sTaTeS oF tRuMp," We CoUlD nOt FiNd OnE eXaMpLe Of ThE pReSiDeNt DiScUsSiNg SkIn CoLoR iN a PeJoRaTiVe WaY oR pRoMoTiNg CaUcAsIaN dOmInAnCe.
In reply to @BillOReilly
sounds like a pretty poorly-researched book
In reply to @BillOReilly
Old white racist @BillOReilly trying to stay relevant. Here let me help you with your "research" your birther pal Trump on Mexicans, "they're rapists, they're bringing crime"....need more help with your "research", hit me up.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Very scary! Almost everything the left says is projection. They accuse you of exactly what they’re doing. Identity politics is the process of dividing people on the basis of immutable characteristics. They use censorship and threats to keep people in line realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/08/…
When a mook like this came back to the newsroom without the story, we used to say he couldn’t find a hooker in a Block showbar with a fistful of fifties.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Hire better researchers.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Guarantee you Bill has a VHS tape labeled ‘Caucasian Dominance’ sitting next to his VCR with a box of tissues.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Because you were too busy sexually assaulting your staff
Billo reveals that he can’t report his way out of a wet paper bag.

Public record is rich with examples over decades, some documented in books by me and other journalists who actually know how to find — and verify — facts.
In reply to @BillOReilly
How Bill O'Reilly researched his upcoming book : pic.twitter.com/2Yye3vvEue
In reply to @BillOReilly
The housing discrimination case, the Central Park 5 case, and the “Mexicans are rapists” comment will all be part of your book...right? 😉
Bill obviously neglected to speak with anyone at the show Trump worked at for 12 Seasons while doing his extensive research. Trump used the n-word more than a parking lot full of NRA fanboys at a gun show in Alabama. @realDonaldTrump
He discriminated against black tenants. Took out a full page ad calling for the lynching of black teenagers. Called to send non-white Congresswomen “back.” His AG pick designed mass incarceration & thinks the “justice” system is working well “overall.” Actions speak far louder.
**Further, our research yielded that when Trump referred to Mexicans as ‘rapists,’ he meant that as a compliment, given that he himself has from time to time been said to have raped. In conclusion, another whiskey.**
In reply to @BillOReilly
Talking to Fucker Carlson in the break room isn’t research
In reply to @BillOReilly
But there’s no way the Left would ever let that interfere w/their False Narrative of a racist President That, + offering Free Stuff (incl to Foreigners) is how Dems plan to win in 2020 The fact that the 1st stokes racial unrest, + the 2nd will bankrupt us, is irrelevant to them
In reply to @BillOReilly
While researching my upcoming book, "The United States of O'Reilly," we did not find one example of the former Fox "News" host sexually harassing women. We found several.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Bill, Bill, Bill. Half the country is thinking "Go fuck yourself, you rapey-ass fuckwad." And the other half is thinking "Bill the fuck who?" #GoAway #GoFarFarAway
You clearly don't know how to use Google. He wanted to execute the Central Park Five even after DNA evidence exonerated them. Mexicans = rapists. White supremacists include "very fine people." He's engaged in ethnic cleansing. I could do this all day.

By the way...dumb title.
In reply to @BillOReilly
The title of your stupid book should be: “The Birther Said Send Them Back To Their Shithole Countries.” * You SUCK at research.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Hmmm Trump and his father were sued for discriminating against blacks. They refused to rent to people of color.
In reply to @BillOReilly
This isn’t gonna earn you back the $32 mill you paid to not go to jail for your sex crimes.
O’Really?...😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈😈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😘come on!
In reply to @BillOReilly
Go to Twitter dot com backslash realDonaldTrump
Must be hard to read by the light of a burning cross.
In my studies I could not find a single instance of Bill O'Reilly mentioning the sexual harassment of his co-workers, but he definitely sexually harassed his co-workers.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Nazis are fine people. Hispanics are rapists. Muslims are vermin. Build the wall. Muslim travel ban. Shit-hole countries. Do those words ring any bells, Bill? Or do they just not count as racism if you agree with them?
In reply to @morten
Are you sure you did your research, Bill?
"I am the world's shittiest researcher"

In reply to @BillOReilly
Well what the fuck is your research method, bill
In reply to @BillOReilly
Bet a dollar you did not speak with former production crew folks on "The Apprentice." There's some stories...
Because racist people always announce themselves by clearly stating “I think black skin is VERY bad! Also, I’m rooting for white people to win the battle of the races!”
Pssst...that’s why it’s called a “dog whistle.”
"Black guys counting my money! I hate it...And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control…. Don’t you agree?”

-Trump, 1997 O’Donnell interview
Did you see the thing where he was sued by Nixon's DOJ for discriminating against prospective black tenants or where he said five black and brown kids who were later exonerated should be put to death or where he spent years saying the first black president wasn't born here?
In reply to @BillOReilly
An exhaustive search using Fox News archives turned up nothing.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Lol either you're an idiot or you think we're idiots.
It must kill you that, in a Trump era, you would have been poised to experience and enjoy an insane wealth of influence, as commander of a large audience and direct adviser, Thru the tv and otherwise, to the president, had things gone another way.

Look where you are now.
When does your book: "killing my career" come out?
In reply to @BillOReilly
Remember when you wrote in a nationally syndicated column that if your daughter saw two men holding hands, you would have to explain anal fisting to her? I have several questions, but the first one is: how exactly do you think people hold hands?
In reply to @BillOReilly
Really Bill? What’s the buzz on that?
In reply to @BillOReilly
From the guy who said Santa Claus is white.
In reply to @BillOReilly
Look for this book in the fiction section.
You also couldn’t “find” any examples of YOU sexually harassing women, even AFTER you paid millions to keep your shenanigans silent.

So...grain of salt?

Grad students take heart, somebody’s research is going worse than yours.
Boy you’d think this would pretty much take care of yet another blatantly false allegation against the President but...

Unfortunately Democrats “care only about truth and not facts” 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
He wouldn’t rent to black people in the 80’s and was sued for it. And lost.
He took out a full page ad calling for the death of the Central Park 5.
And his daddy was arrested in 1929 at a fucking Klan rally in queens. The apple doth not fall far.
Boy, you really didn’t look hard
This reflects your methodological approach: *Killing Research.*
Remember when Nixon’s DoJ sued Trump for not renting to blacks? Good times @BillOReilly good times
In reply to @BillOReilly
Live look at the research staff...... 😂 pic.twitter.com/E2UxDtu19S
Okay but I gotta lotta people who say your dick is just a bunch of noodles attached to your underwear by a paper clip, so: agree to disagree.
Bet you couldn’t find one case of sexual harassment in your past too.
“”Re casino license: “they don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians.”
Re: Apprentce: “we’ll get a teams of 8 blacks and 8 whites, really strong beautiful people.”
GTFOH Creep.
In reply to @BillOReilly
So you have no capacity to evaluate things except in a very literal sense. If you look at Trump’s behavior, one can not miss his racism. His treatment of the falsely convicted Central Park 5 comes to mind. There is no mistaking the racism behind those actions.
He said Mexicans were rapists but he did not mention how much he disliked their skin color, so that is not racist. I’m assuming that is your brilliant logic here?
Check out this fucking guy who totally doesn’t get how this works.
There's more to being a racist than saying the N-word, dumbass.
Well your researchers are trash
In reply to @BillOReilly
"We were also unable to find roughly $45 million that's gone missing in the wake of sexual harassment lawsuits brought by former female coworkers." -@BillOReilly
In reply to @BillOReilly
You really mean, you could not find anyone brave enough or honest enough to speak the truth.
You kind have to marvel at a theory of racism in which the only way you can say something racist is if you either use the “n” word or scream “white power”
In reply to @BillOReilly
Don't you have a playground to be told you can't stand within 100 feet of somewhere?
Try getting @MarkBurnettTV to give you The Apprentice tapes. @BillOReilly
While researching your broadcasting career, I couldn't find a single instance of nativism, dog whistling or lying by you.
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