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This is Antonio Basco.
His wife of 22 years, Margie, was murdered in El Paso.
Mr. Basco says he has no other family so he’s inviting anyone, who wants to come, to attend his wife’s services in El Paso:
Friday, August 16th
Perches Funeral Home Northeast 4946 Hondo Pass

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Oh Lord have mercy on us all.
EL PASO — you know what to do #ElPasoStrong
El Paso, do your thing
This wrecked me. Hug your loved ones today. And if you’re anywhere near El Paso on Friday and you have the time...
Fucking heart wrenching and all because of some racist little prick with a gun 🙄😭
Heartbreaking. Here's hoping some good folks near El Paso will be able to attend in support of Mr. Basco. 💔😢

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To die alone is tragic. To mourn alone is unfathomable. This man deserves an outpouring of love and respect.
Love to Antonio & Margie
Fellow Texans in El Paso, please pay your respects. It would mean the world.
My heart just dropped. 😢
Antonio loves Margie, and he doesn't want to be alone when he has to say good-bye.
To Someone who likes to hurt people or plans on being the “next” killer. I pray you see this and know it’s more to life than the brief killing spree you go on that’ll hurt you and others longer than the spree. I pray for a better world! We need it
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Thank you for sharing.This is so sad.. i remember seeing him in this image. pic.twitter.com/0OzxKKaQAJ
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My heart just shattered. 💔💔💔
Texas will get this done.
This is heartbreaking. If you or anyone you know will be close to El Paso on Friday, please try to go.
El Paso will embrace them.
This is immensely sad. #ElPaso we know you’ll show up for this man who lost his “angel” when she was murdered by a racist who should not have had access to a weapon of war.
May Margie Basco’s memory be a blessing and comfort to her husband. Antonio Basco, we grieve with you.
Ok Texans, y’all know what to do. #ElPaso #ElPasoStrong
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Every D presidential candidate should attend.
If you're in or around El Paso this Friday…
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If I lived in El Paso, I would definitely attend services for Mr. Basco's wife Margie. Breaks my heart. 💔 (link: pic.twitter.com/KK4wE9d2vx' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>pic.twitter.com/KK4wE9d2vx) pic.twitter.com/KK4wE9d2vx' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>pic.twitter.com/KK4wE9d2vx
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I hope the State of Texas or funding can be provided to pay for the Funeral. At least Walmart should pay ALL the costs. Definitely will send flowers - we are AMERICANS - no matter what Party, Religion, Culture, Color or Lifestyle - WE STAND TOGETHER!
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I cannot imagine losing the love of your life & being left with the feeling that you have no one 💔 I cannot make it to Margie's service, but I am sending much love & light to Mr. Basco & his late wife❤ I hope her service is filled with a loving community & outreach to Antonio
Teammates in the El Paso area please see below.
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Does anybody know if there's a way we can have some meals delivered to him in the coming months? I wish I wasn't so far away. 😢
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This is heartbreaking.
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I hope the locals wrap their hearts around this grieving soul, America’s won’t let you down! And people like me who can’t make the journey, we will be there also in prayer, spirit and love 💕
If you are in the area, please pay your respects
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Is there anyone raising money to send flowers?
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💔🙏💔🙏💔🙏💔 My heart is breaking... So wish that I could attend... 💔🙏💔🙏💔🙏💔 cc: @BetoORourke pic.twitter.com/wW9rJaGMtR
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RIP Margie. Is there a charity he would like donations for in her honor or a go fund me for her funeral expenses?
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I hope not only that attendance at the funeral overflows, but also that at least a few people reach out to Antonio to share kind words and meals in the coming months and years. Don’t let him spend the rest of his life alone.
If you ever wondered about America's heart and soul, read the beautiful comments in this thread.
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Oh how heartbreaking. I wish I could comfort this man. So much grief. So needless and senseless. 😐😔
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That poor man 💔 if I was in the country, I would definitely be there. I hope plenty people show up.
I have run out of words - but abound with feelings.
I will cry for you, Antonio - for you and Margie.

#GunControlNow #GunControl
Recently, Twitter lifted me up during a particularly dark moment. I did not have words to express my feelings then, but I do today....If you are near El Paso on Friday, please consider supporting this husband as he burys his wife. No one should face this pain alone. ❤️
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Beto will be ther sir.. no thumbs up like an idiot we all saw
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I wish I could be there for him. This world can be so damn cold when you're all alone.💔
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This is heartbreaking. I'm retweeting to spread the info and I hope as many people as possible show up to support him. 💯
It's been a while since we've had a Wayward project, but this one is worthwhile. Please check out this heartbreaking thread (containing info for how to attend services or send flowers!) twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/s…
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can you please help Antonio lay his beloved wife to rest?
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I just realized this is the guy @BetoORourke was praying with. I remembered the shirt and hat. I saved the photo because it was so moving. pic.twitter.com/1bwYOMzFcl
No one should EVER have to go through this! Let’s show Antonio that he’s not alone & has the whole city right there for him ! 🙏🏻 #ElPasoStrong
Just wait until you see how many people turn out for this funeral. El Pasoans take care of each other. Always have, always will. #ElPasoSTRONG
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Dear God protect this man. Hold him up during this horrific time. Bring people who love to the funeral to show this dear man that despite the hate in out world love trumps hate.
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It would be good to think of all the families 6 months from now (send cards, letters, gifts) when grief can be crippling as everyone else moves on while you are still in unthinkable pain.
Come on #Houston, do you know someone in #ElPaso? Mr. Basco needs our help. If you can make it, pls go #khou11 #htownrush #four11
mera se me parte el alma
Hey NY friends, we can’t be there but we can do something. Send some flowers, maybe a grocery gift card. My heart is with El Paso, Mr Basco, and all the people who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy.
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Hey, @AMarch4OurLives -- is there a branch in or near El Paso that could help with this?
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
I’m in Houston and El Paso is a 13 hr drive, but please send my love as otherwise I would attend to honor his wife. I’m so very sorry for his loss.
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
Oh, someone send me a plane ticket. I’d certainly be there. 💔
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
I wish I could attend or send some flowers or something so he could just know that there are people that care. I might have to put my pennies together and send a condolence card, which is literally all I can afford.
Please, Texas. Please go. Please. 😞
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
Also mark your calendar, & send Mr. Basco a card or small token on Thanksgiving & Christmas. Those will be terribly hard holidays for him; knowing that others are thinking of him will help. I am sure the funeral home, who is being so kind in donating services, will forward them.
my hometown.
i know i have a lot of #elpaso friends and fans out there reading this right now. go be there for this guy. spread the word. #elpasostrong
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Please go to this funeral and then “adopt” this man and make him apart of your family. Invite him to dinner in your home and all Holiday events. He shouldn’t be alone.
Hey #TeamPete
I know we can't get to the funeral. Let's flood this man with cards in care of the funeral home.
If you are in the El Paso area please take the time to attend the memorial for Mrs. Basco. It's tragic and my condolences to Mr. Basco.
The outpouring of love 💗💗💗
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💔💔💔💔💔 senseless death. This needs to stop.
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
Bless this man. Bless him.
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Maybe Trump will show up with his internet nudie wife and they can give him a big , smiley thumbs up?
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This picture made me cry. He looks broken.
People of #elpaso: This man has no other family. Don't just show up for the funeral ~ show up for the rest of his life. #ElPasoTerroristAttack
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Evil touches people's lives in so many unthinkable ways. So does love.
Inviting anyone to come to the wife's funeral since it is lonely in Dystopia 😥
Can this world get any sadder? Don't answer that.
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Antonio Basco's wife Margie was murdered in El Paso. Mr. Basco is inviting all to attend his wife’s services: Friday, 8/16, 5-9 pm Perches Funeral Home, 4946 Hondo Pass Drive @abc7breaking @CBS4Local @KFOX14 @KTSMtv @ElPasoInc @elpasotimes @epheraldpost @UTEP @utepnews @AlamoEP
I live 4 minutes away :( hell, why not?
If you are in El Paso on August 16th from 5-9 pm. Mr. Basco could use some support at Perches Funeral Home. #ElPaso
#ElPaso 💔Hope you can attend.
Just heartbreaking. 💔
Dear El Paso, please wrap your arms around this sweet man and check in with him next month too. It’s the months after the funeral that can be the hardest.
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
My heart is with him. If I lived closer I'd absolutely be there to celebrate his wife.
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
I am in tears. @BetoORourke can you bring the community to him? May she Rest In Peace. #ElPasoShooting
In bed at 3 am crying over this. Makes me so fucking angry that this man has to mourn over his wife alone bc someone decided they had the right to go in and take others lives in such a terrible way. This country makes me fucking sick.
This is the part where your humanity is supposed to kick in, and you ask “What can I do PAST thoughts and prayers?”
El Paso peeps, won’t you do what you do best and come together? ❤️
This is absolutely heartbreaking and I sincerely hope that the good people of El Paso will come out and support this man and honor his wife who was killed. 💔😢🙏
In the El Paso area? Feel like helping a grieving man honor his murdered wife? Might be a good way to spend the day.
In reply to @DavidBegnaud
I will be there in spirit and will say a prayer for both of them. I hope everyone in #ElPaso that can be there to support this family will do so. 💕
or if you can't be there in person, send flowers...address them to Margie Reckard at Perches Funeral Home, 4946 Hondo Pass, El Paso, TX 79924. #ElPaso #ElPasoStrong #elpasotexas
If you know anyone in the El Paso area, please encourage them to attend.
Please, if you leave anywhere near El Paso, please consider showing up for this on Friday. 🙏🏻😢
I have a feeling she will have a beautiful service based on the response. Info as to where to send flowers in the comments. But more importantly, I hope the good people of El Paso take an active interest in Antonio’s remaining time here on earth. He will need many friends.
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