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.@Google Whistleblower Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ. Alleging serious manipulation of algorithms that could have major repercussions in upcoming #2020Election.

"#Algorithms don’t write themselves."



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The next shoe on this story drops TOMORROW from @Project_Veritas. We reveal the next identity of the Google insider and publish hundreds of pages of internal documents #GoogleExposed
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Time for an EXECUTIVE ORDER to stop this tyranny.
1. as you read Sara Carter's article, remember:
Google, Twitter, Facebook are UNDER #Antitrust INVESTIGATION at the DOJ.

Antitrust means these evil companies will be shattered into 1000's pieces.
There is no other solution.

*please retweet

The next shoe on this story drops TOMORROW. We reveal the identity of the Google Leaker and publish hundreds of pages of internal documents

Get the video as soon as it comes out. SIGN UP HERE: confirmsubscription.com/h/j/EC8A17570A… #GoogleExposed
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
No one has spread more lies or disinformation over the last two years than @TheDemocrats, the "Fake News" MSM and the "Big Tech" industry with their crooked algorithms and blatant censorship - the Russians are the least of our problems! #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG2020
Ooof... Google better watch out. Election tampering and fraud is treason. Head will hopeful roll. Beat down is coming soon to this evil company.
#MAGA #KAG #Trump2020
8/13 重磅⚠️一名谷歌爆料者向司法部递交了950页文件以及电脑,指控谷歌对算法进行严肃地操纵,以对即将到来的2020大选造成主要影响。

#Algorithms don't write themselves!!!
The biggest threat to free and fair elections is Big Tech's manipulation of the public square and the MSN's manipulation of the narrative, not some spooky Russion bots. Their algorithms have created an alternate reality to decive the masses. May God expose it all. #FreeThought
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Well written piece Sara! Election meddling indeed!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Proof this Company manipulates information which means they manipulate elections!😡
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
.@TheJusticeDept Search engines and social platforms online have the influence to become the biggest threat to our democracy and U.S. elections. Bias, censorship and algorithms which artificially control information in order to manipulate users must be eradicated!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Google violates anti-trust laws. They should be prosecuted.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Google MUST BE STOPPED anytime a company has more power than the USA Government and refused to work with US Military,,,, but agrees to work with China's Government is dangerous...Not to mention Google bias against conservatives/Republicans #RedFlag 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
At some point Google will be declared a threat to National Security and they will he ended.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I saw where they already tried to swing the vote in 2016 by 2.6 to 10.4 million votes & Trump still won. We the people are tired of Corrupt politicians and we stand ready to assist in any way possible. Trump 2020.
Time to shine the brightest light we have into the dark workings of the tech giants

We can’t trust our information space to a biased monopoly run by the activist Left
The Anons knew for a long time...

In reply to @SaraCarterDC
This is major! We always dare to hope that someone in Big Tech will have a conscience and expose the bias and election interference going on. @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @parscale @WhiteHouse
In reply to @DocRock1007
7. #QAnon "The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT. You have more than you know. #Q"
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
They don't even tolerate descent of political opinion within their own company yet we're suppose to trust that their algorithms wouldn't be biased.
یکی از داخل گوگل ۹۵۰ صفحه سند و یک لپ تاپ درز داده که گوگل را به دستکاری در الگوریتم ها که ممکن است منجر به تغییر نتیجه انتخابات ۲۰۲۰ آمریکا بشود متهم کرده
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
The Tech Giants are waging their very own War on Democracy by censoring the Free Speech of Conservatives/Cons Accounts They hope that their actions will give the Dem Party the edge they need for the upcoming election Censoring Free Speech is unAmerican. They should be regulated
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I'm not surprised, but wow!

Google Whistleblower turns over 950 pages of docs to DOJ

In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Sara is a rock star. We love you. Keep digging. So few like in the media to do their job. You do. We all owe you a great debt.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Google is a public utility. Make it function like a public utility. You don’t get electricity based on gender, heritage, ideology, etc. Same should be true with Google.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
But they didn't know anything while being questioned and were unaware of any wrongdoing......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Well now this is interesting.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
We better see indictments! Russian interference my ass...Google interference!
#Exclusive Google インサイダーが

In reply to @SaraCarterDC
What Q said about Google and Eric Schmidt 👇 #QAnon twitter.com/cjtruth/status…
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
If Libs believe they have the superior intellect, leadership and plans in general for every issue — why would they need to do this? Psychologically I wonder if deep down they subconsciously know it’s all folly. Real winners don’t need to cheat.
This is explosive.

@SaraCarterDC - will their fall-back response be that "AI" wrote the code?


In other words - 'the dog ate my homework' defense!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
The greatest threat to America is from within!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Sara, how many times is it going to take until somebody removes Nadler from his chairmanship? surely there has to be a form of impeachment against members or chairs in Congress. I'm no expert so i'll have to research it.
Wow - a Google employee with a conscience. Awesome thing to do.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
It's only a matter of time, and when these tech companies eventually lose their governmental protections and/or become subject to government regulation, they will have no one to blame but themselves.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Excellent writing, and a must read. Google is manipulating what Americans see and in what order when they search a topic, especially if it’s political. Their employees said NO to working w US military on AI, but yes to working with the Communist Chinese military. #Traitor
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Cheaters. Google has too much power. I started using Bing.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
As a former computer programmer from Wayback in the day, I can assure you that garbage in and garbage out still applies and you are 100% correct computers can’t do anything without input from humans.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Awesome i hope #AGBarr see it before someone turns it to trash
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
They manipulate the news people are receiving. This is dangerous.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
@SaraCarterDC unleashes an explosive Google bombshell by a whistleblower.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
And that’s what all of us were trying to say. There’s a human behind algorithms
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Election tampering is a felony crime and a national security threat. DOJ, US military, FEC, and FCC all need to bring charges.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
It is incredible that people continue to think something is going to actually HAPPEN as a result of disclosures like this. How many have we had now? name ONE SINGLE ACTUAL CONSEQUENCE IMPOSED by the DOJ. One. Good luck.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
They need to be fined, charged with crimes associated with data manipulation and employees purged who were involved!!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Democrat politicians spend all their time trying to criminally steal elections so they can stay in power, while they are doing NOTHING FOR US! TRUMP 2020
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I think it’s time to step in. Unplug it and let’s start over with new regulations.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Exactly what monopoly laws were written to prevent. CRACK DOWN NOW.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
This could get interesting. We should ALL be concerned about this! Algorithms only do what the people who created them tell them to do.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Thank goodness for insiders!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Well this is great!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Thank you whistle blower. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/xBslBtV9zb
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
We need our own platforms! As soon as Mr.Trumps leaves, I’m gone too! Mr.Trump made Twitter relevant! Without him, they are nothing!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Google and all social media is our biggest threat to our #freedom of speech and self determination, we need antitrust laws immediately to survive as a nation #USA @POTUS @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump we are in very serious danger to lose it all.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I think a whole Lotta people are going to federal prison very soon.
Google Whistleblower May have just blown the top off what has been done to manipulate elections using Algorithms. #BIGTECH
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Heck fire and tarnation this is going to be good!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Q been trying to tell people this for a year or more. But we wear tinfoil hats right?!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
MONOPOLY!!! Google/YouTube is the domestic election Interference headquarters for the collectivist DNC & globalist Deep State. Meanwhile, don’t count out Tweeker or Fascistbook. Russia SM influence has NOTHING on these MONOPOLY platforms abusing our political Free Speech Rights.
These same algorithms and conservative black lists are most likely being used to target conservative #business owners that are foolish enough to utilize #GoogleAdwords or #GoogleAds too.

I see a major #ClassActionLawsuit in #Googs future!
Soplón entrega 950 páginas que involucran a Google en manipulación mediante algoritmos. Como que se trata de una moda, a nivel mundial, que denota que van trás los puestos de poder mediante elecciones.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I’m certainly not surprised!
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
The tough truth of it Is there are more Anti-Trump DOJ officials that could care less about @realDonaldTrump losing the election,and Republicans too for that matter! There’s steps they can take to end all this de-platforming and silencing of conservatives and Rep’s,but they won’t
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Who needs Russia to interfere in elections when you’ve got Google?
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
GOD'S JUDGEMENTS have also fallen on the corrupt giants & if twitter don't stop they WILL also reep what they have sown! This is it. NOBODY WILL get away with ANYTHING in this generation, thank you Jesus!😄
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I guess some of the folks from the old "Don't Be Evil" era have finally had enough of @Google being evil. Can't say I blame them.
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
Too bad, maybe something will be done about this.
This is kind of interesting

I'd say 20% it's what they're selling it as, 80% it's garbage

Fact that it's going through okeefe leads me to lower P(op delivers)
In reply to @SaraCarterDC
I have been emailing (Gmail) my blog to people who asked for it. Last week I got about 50 mailer deamon msgs saying I was blocked by all of them. The people I asked said they did not block me. Google?????
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